2010: You Say You Want A Revolution

Jan. 1, 2010
As the writing team of Lennon and McCartney said in their 1968 hit Revolution 1, We all want to change the world. Back then, it seemed the only way to

As the writing team of Lennon and McCartney said in their 1968 hit “Revolution 1,” “We all want to change the world.” Back then, it seemed the only way to change things was to break with “The Establishment,” grow long hair, drop out, and protest against all the great evils besetting society.

Today, the world changes faster than any of us really wants. It seems that we have a new revolution every day. Yet, change is something to embrace. It creates new opportunities and different visions of how things are.

As we step into the new decade, the staff of HPAC Engineering has taken a step back and re-examined the markets we serve, the impact of all the changes in those markets on our readers, and how those impacts have changed our view of the world.

We took this publication and recreated it in an image that reflects the world we live in. With this issue, HPAC Engineering introduces its redesign — we've revolutionized the look and feel of the publication and targeted our editorial to better serve readers.

As I said in this space last month, this redesign is more than just graphics. The magazine has been restructured to draw maximum attention, readership, and involvement from mechanical engineering professionals and facility managers serving five key sectors of the marketplace:

  • Education.
  • Office buildings.
  • Health care.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Government buildings.

These are the most stable sectors that have the most growth potential.

Furthermore, we've repositioned and reorganized the magazine's departments and will be adding columnists in the next few months.

Starting at the front of the magazine, you'll notice a fresh look for the contents page, to which we've added an online component we call “Web Worthy.” There you can find out what is happening at HPAC.com, as well as in our Fastrack and Engineering Green Buildings electronic newsletters. We even list the most popular articles from HPAC.com on that page.

To make industry-related information easier to find, we've created a new section of the magazine called “From the Field.” There you'll find the latest industry news under News & Notes (which includes In Brief, Codes & Standards, and Calendar). This is followed by Design Solutions, New Products (this month is the exception with our AHR Expo Product Preview), and Free Literature.

Also within this section will be a new department that will focus on specific types of products. Called Product Spotlight, this department will bring to you the latest developments in products from air-conditioning equipment to building-automation and control systems, pumps, and more.

Our feature editorial will remain the top-notch peer-reviewed articles you have come to expect from HPAC Engineering over the past 82 years. Each month, we'll focus on several of the market sectors I outlined previously and provide the latest design and technological information available.

Yes, we've instituted change here. But change for the better. And we've also instituted some streamlined processes to help us be nimble so that if and when the markets change again, we'll be ready.

So get ready for 2010 — the revolution has arrived. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our changes. Input is always welcome.

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