April 1, 2008
Fabric-faced diffuser A fabric-faced diffuser, the D-Fuser is part of the LabSox Series of fabric HVAC duct and air-distribution accessories designed

Fabric-faced diffuser

A fabric-faced diffuser, the D-Fuser is part of the LabSox Series of fabric HVAC duct and air-distribution accessories designed for research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other critical-environment applications. The diffuser includes an environmentally friendly 50-percent-recycled polyester fabric face with an antimicrobial treatment, an aluminum face frame, and a 2-by-4-ft or 2-by-2-ft, 22-gauge-steel, powder-coated back pan that fits all standard suspended-ceiling T-bar grids. Lightweight, the diffuser offers even air dispersion through its porous face and available venting. Various airflow models, including the Lami-Flow, Radial Flow, and Select Flow, are available. The Lami-Flow creates a consistent low-velocity dispersion pattern. For environments requiring radial-flow patterns, the Radial Flow's custom linear vents offer dispersion in up to four directions. The Select Flow allows users to customize the choice of fabric, as well as vent quantity, size, and location.

HVAC-equipment panel systems

Uni-Housing HVAC-equipment panels are engineered for minimal leakage while providing thermal and acoustical control and on-site assembly for pressurized and nonpressurized applications indoors or outdoors. Typical HVAC applications include pressurized plenums, fan housings, enclosures for air-conditioning equipment, and large insulated double-wall rectangular ductwork.
McGill AirSilence LLC

Fan-replacement motors

For the commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration markets, JuggerNaut inverter-duty condenser-fan replacement motors are built to withstand the extreme temperature conditions found in commercial rooftop applications.
A.O. Smith Corp.

Data-logging kits

Typical applications for Low-Pressure Differential Data-Logging Kits include monitoring differential pressure across an air-filter bank, building pressure, and air-duct velocity and volume. The kit features a SmartReader Plus 4 LPD data logger, TrendReader 2 data-logger software, and a universal-serial-bus communications cable.
ACR Systems Inc.

Air curtains

For building entryways that require insect, dust, or climate control, JetStream air curtains provide precise, continual, and uniform air distribution with adjustable air velocity through a directional plenum, reducing infiltration of outside air into heated or air-conditioned areas.


A descaler that eliminates the formation of limescale deposits in cooling towers without water-softening equipment, salts, chemicals, or maintenance, ScaleBlaster's integrated circuitry produces a modulating-frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of calcium-carbonate molecules, causing them to lose their adhesive properties.
Clearwater Enviro Technologies

Refrigeration pressure sensors

The P528 family of ceramic capacitive refrigeration pressure sensors are suited for high-volume applications in refrigeration compressors, rooftop chillers, and refrigerant-recovery systems. The compact sensors feature a brass housing with a 3/4-in. external hex and are based on 16-mm ceramic technology.
Kavlico Corp.

Liquid-flow switches

Series FS250 liquid-flow switches have a measured-flow-rate-sensing capability of 5.8 gpm in 1-in. horizontal-pipe installations. The switches have 1-, 2-, 3-, and 6-in. stainless-steel paddles. The switches were subjected to lab and field-testing for a number of applications, including copper-tube boilers, chillers, and commercial pools.

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