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Sept. 1, 2009
Rooftop units RN Series packaged rooftop units, outdoor air handlers, and air-source, water-source, and geothermal heat pumps can be specified for almost

Rooftop units

RN Series packaged rooftop units, outdoor air handlers, and air-source, water-source, and geothermal heat pumps can be specified for almost any application. Available from 2 to 70 tons, all models include double-wall rigid-polyurethane-foam-panel construction with a thermal resistance of R-13, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel drain pans, lockable service-access doors, and direct-drive backward-curved plenum supply fans. Options include refrigerant-to-water heat exchangers for cooling-tower or geothermal applications, load-matching 10- to 100-percent variable-capacity R-410A scroll compressors, high-performance hydronic coils, AAONAIRE energy-recovery wheels, and modulating humidity control. Visit for more information.
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Cottonwood filter screens

Cottonwood filter screens stop cottonwood seed, pollen, leaves, insects, and other airborne debris from fouling condensers, cooling towers, and other HVAC systems. With a service life of up to 15 years, the screens simplify maintenance and reduce energy cost, reduce/eliminate power-washing and coil cleaners, extend the life of internal air filters by up to 60 percent, and help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits in multiple categories. Visit for more information.
Air Solution Co.
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Uninterruptible power supply

For large data centers and facilities, the Symmetra MW II uninterruptible power supply provides power from 400 to 1,600 kw with paralleling capabilities for increased capacity or redundancy. The units deliver efficiency greater than 94 percent at 25-percent load to full-load efficiency above 97 percent.
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Duct liners

Fiber-free, mold-resistant AP Armaflex and AP Coilflex are “all-in-one” duct liners that reduce energy loss and protect indoor-air quality. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered for air ducts, the liners provide moisture resistance and noise reduction with a noise-reduction coefficient of up to 0.60. Microban antimicrobial protection is included. Visit for more information.
Armacell LLC
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Control-valve software

SelectPro software employs industry-standard sizing equations for the sizing and selection of Belimo control valves for hydronic and steam systems. Software capabilities include calculation of control-valve cost for any size of project, generation of valve/actuator submittal data for projects, and exporting of project data and selected products to Excel format.
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Control panels

Technologic constant speed pump control panels are designed for use in both open- and closed-loop applications. The microprocessor-based control panels offer a number of standard features, such as serial communication via RS-485 port and compatibility with Modicon Modbus, Johnson Controls Metasys N2, or BACnet MS/TP. Other features include parameter backup through a “save and load” menu, a log menu that recalls events and alarms, a pump-exercise feature, and pump-purge capability. Visit for more information.
Bell & Gossett
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Hybrid fan

Environmentally friendly HyBlade fans have a long service life, using 30- to 67-percent less energy than other products. The axial fans are made of an aluminum structure that incorporates plastic “winglet” blades that reduce weight and noise and increase efficiency. Adaptable to specific HVACR-application requirements, the fans utilize ebm-papst's electronically commutated motor technology. Visit for more information.
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Exhaust Systems

A 12-page brochure from Exhausto describes the company's demand-controlled exhaust systems for dryers, kitchens, and bathrooms. The brochure details energy savings for the systems' various applications, including sports arenas, apartments/condominiums, hotels, hospitals, and schools/colleges. The full-color brochure features product photographs, specifications, and descriptions. Visit for more information.
Exhausto Inc.
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Biodegradable ScaleBreak descaler safely and quickly dissolves calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate, and other types of deposits from water passages in water-cooled or heated equipment. It is safe for use on steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic, and rubber in boilers, chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, cooling towers, furnaces, and water-piping systems. Visit for more information.
Goodway Technologies Corp.
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Heat-recovery units

Model PVe heat-recovery units are designed to recover up to 60 percent of the sensible energy in exhaust air and return it to supply air. The cross-flow plate-exchanger units use an aluminum core to recover only sensible energy, with low leakage and no moving parts. Features include stainless-steel drain pans, belt-drive blowers with adjustable pulleys, a pitched roof, and integral lifting points and lift locations. Useful for applications that involve dirtier air, such as garages, welding shops/facilities, and areas with drier climates, the units' performance ranges from 1,000 to 6,000 cfm. Visit for more information.
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End-suction pump

A net-zero solution for chilled-water, condenser-water, and boiler applications in commercial buildings, the multistage CR-H end-suction pump can save up to 80 percent of energy and 50 percent of energy costs. The pump requires no piping and volute bolting modifications, and its cartridge seals can be replaced without pump removal, disassembly, or pump-to-motor alignment. For more information, Visit
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Variable-refrigerant-flow products

Sanyo's ductless split and ECO-I VRF multisplit products are energy-efficient and use environmentally friendly R-410a refrigerant, which reduces greenhouse gases and customer energy bills. Sanyo's free Web-based training program ( allows contractors to become Sanyo-certified on their own schedule.
Sanyo North America Corp.
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Ventilation-system controls

For commercial-kitchen ventilation systems, Intelli-Hood controls can save up to 50 percent of energy. Featuring optic and temperature sensors, the controls can be retrofitted to any hood. Visit for more information.
Melink Corp.
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BIM 3D CAD drawings

Building-information-modeling 3D computer-aided-design drawings for engineered piping products can be downloaded at no cost at The drawings are available for expansion joints, connectors, strainers, pipe guides, compensators, valves, etc. Various file formats are available for users' specific design software.
The Metraflex Co.
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Control valve

Available in ½- to 2-in. sizes, the AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) combines automatic flow and temperature control into one device. The valve is available with several different actuators, including three-wire floating, 0- to 10-v proportional, and self-contained thermal actuation. For more information, Visit
Nexus Valve
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Flow meters

F-2500 Series Vortex Mass Flow Meters provide accurate, direct mass-flow measurement of steam, compressed air, and gases without the need for an external flow computer. Continuous real-time density calculations are performed internally using integral flow, temperature, and pressure-sensor data. A two-stage bluff body/sensor design enhances signal sensitivity and extends meter operating range.
Onicon Inc.
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Listed by a North American testing laboratory as a complete gas-fired boiler/burner assembly in the United States and Canada, the G3120R Water Wall boiler has an input of 3,120,000 Btu. It has been tested with results of more than 86-percent efficiency. Visit for more information.
Parker Boiler
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Ventilation products

RenewAire's static-plate core is used in energy-recovery-ventilation systems ranging from small commercial to dedicated outdoor air. RenewAire products improve indoor-air quality by providing exhaust and fresh-air supply simultaneously and reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants while transferring heat and humidity without mixing air streams. For more information, Visit
RenewAire LLC
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Air-measurement dampers

EAMS060 electronic air-measurement dampers are BACnet-compatible and utilize a single mass-flow sensor to achieve Air Movement and Control Association International Inc.- (AMCA-) certified ratings of ±3 percent down to 50 fpm. The dampers save energy with AMCA Class 1 leakage and meet International Energy Conservation Code requirements. Electronic controls are temperature and altitude compensating. For more information, Visit
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Variable-speed drives

Altivar 12 variable-speed alternating-current drives deliver flexibility, performance, and energy efficiency in a compact design. The drives feature starting and stopping motor performance that eliminates the need to oversize a drive or add dynamic braking in most HVAC applications. The drives also can rapidly detect motor-current peaks.
Schneider Electric
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Solar control circulator

For the clean-energy solar-thermal market, the Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator continuously optimizes water flow through a solar collector to achieve maximum energy gain. The circulator maximizes energy gain by maintaining the proper delta-T through a solar collector over an extended period of time. The circulator continuously adjusts its speed, maximizing the output of a collector while increasing usable higher-temperature water throughout the day, eliminating short cycling and increasing performance by 20 percent. For more information, Visit
Taco Inc.
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High-intensity heaters

Sun-Twin two-stage high-intensity heaters provide energy savings of up to 75 percent and extreme-cold-weather protection. For areas near doors where quick heat-recovery times are needed, the heaters operate on natural or propane gas. For more information, Visit
Solaronics Inc.
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Spot air conditioners

MovinCool offers a range of portable and ceiling-mounted spot air conditioners. Useful for data centers, offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, the units are used for emergency-backup, supplemental, and permanent cooling. Portable models can be wheeled into place quickly when needed with almost no installation. The company's latest compact, ceiling-mounted unit allows easy installation in tight spaces.
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