March 1, 2008
Commercial boilers A modulating/condensing unit, the Knight XL commercial boiler features 94.6-percent thermal efficiency, low nitrogen-oxide emissions,

Commercial boilers

A modulating/condensing unit, the Knight XL commercial boiler features 94.6-percent thermal efficiency, low nitrogen-oxide emissions, and a fully modulating burner with 5-to-1 turndown. Equipped for direct-vent installation with air-intake and exhaust runs up to 100 ft, the boiler offers flexibility for light-duty and high-demand commercial applications.
Lochinvar Corp.
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Pressure-washer systems

Designed for HVAC cleaning applications, the 1000 Pressure Washer System is suited for commercial, institutional, educational, health-care, and small industrial facilities. Features of this electrically powered unit include an adjustable pressure regulator with up to 1,000 psi and 2-gpm flow, safety-bypass hoses, ground-fault circuit breakers, and chemical-injector hoses for enhanced cleaning ability.
Conco Systems Inc.
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Building-automation drives

With power ranges up to 200 hp, Affinity building-automation drives are plenum-rated for installation flexibility. The drives have a fireman's mode for building-occupant safety and include plug-in options for LonWorks and other protocols.
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Differential-pressure controllers

Series DH3 differential-pressure controllers offer simplified programming via a menu key that enables a user to select security level; set-point and/or alarm operation; auto or manual alarm reset; English or metric engineering units; pressure, velocity, or flow operation; k-factor for use with various Pitot tubes and flow sensors; and circular or rectangular duct sizes for volumetric flow operation.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Ductwork fittings

Uni-Gasket ductwork fittings reduce installation time and eliminate joint sealing. The fittings are secured to ducts with self-tapping screws uniformly located around the circumference. Available in single- and double-wall full-bodied fittings, couplings, reducers, elbows, and taps in diameters of 3 to 24 in., the fittings are fabricated from G-60 galvanized steel.
McGill AirFlow LLC
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Infrared heaters

Approved for indoor and outdoor use, True Dual two-stage gas infrared heaters create fuel-cost savings of up to 75 percent for commercial and industrial buildings. The systems' air and gas flows provide precise air-to-gas ratios at high and low heat stages. Stainless-steel models are available.
Solaronics Inc.
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Ductless split dehumidifier

The 2.5-ton DryMAX system removes up to 14 lb of water per hour and dehumidifies in heating, cooling, and neutral air modes. Ducted or ductless mini-split-style indoor units are paired with air- or water-cooled condensing units. Supplied with coated coils, the systems are suitable for retrofit or new construction in commercial spaces in need of precise humidity control.
Vital Technologies Inc.
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Condensate-removal pumps

Blue Diamond condensate-removal pumps are designed to remove condensed water from refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in which gravity drainage is not feasible. The pumps feature a self-priming rotary diaphragm developed for continuous service in demanding industrial applications.
Charles Austen Pumps Ltd.
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Differential-pressure transducer

Useful for users who need to monitor control-pump differential pressures, chiller and boiler differential-pressure drops, and flow measurement of gases or liquids, Model 231 Multi-Sense wet-to-wet differential-pressure transducers are offered in three versions, each with four unidirectional pressure ranges and four bidirectional pressure ranges.
Setra Systems Inc.
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Noise-absorbing sound panels

All Weather Sound Panels block sound and absorb noise from the sound transmissions of HVAC units, compressors, power generators, and other industrial and man-made sources. The panels are engineered to transform sound energy into inaudible friction energy as the material flexes from sound waves. Two ft by 8 ft, the panels resist sun, water, dirt, and ultraviolet rays and are washable with soap and water, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor noise-abatement applications.
Acoustiblok Inc.
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Variable-speed combustion blowers

Nautilair Series 12.3-in. variable-speed brushless direct-current blowers are high-performance solutions for high-output gas-fired burner systems. These pre-mix blowers deliver a measured air/fuel mixture for optimal combustion and reduced nitrous-oxide and carbon-monoxide emissions. Typical applications include commercial boilers, hot-water heaters, furnaces, and fuel cells.
Ametek Technical and Industrial Products
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Gas-ignition controls

The 35-6x Series of gas-ignition controls includes the 35-60 standard direct-spark ignition control, the 35-61 direct-spark ignition control with combustion blower relay, and the 35-63 intermittent pilot ignition control for appliances requiring spark-to-pilot design. The controls are useful in radiant/infrared heaters, boilers, and furnaces.
Fenwal Controls
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MLC-FC chillers feature built-in free-cooling coils, an automatic three-way diverting valve, and variable-frequency-drive fan motors. MHR chillers are available in air- or water-cooled versions with series or parallel heat recovery from 105°F to 140°F. All models are available with integrated storage tank and pumps for a simplified installation and reduced footprint.
Motivair Corp.
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HVAC Power V-Belts are now available for small exhaust fan-drives. The belts are more flexible, have improved cords, and are made of more temperature-resistant rubber compounds. The belts can withstand temperatures up to 50°F higher than most competing products.
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Boilers/volume water heaters

With sizes from 500 to 2,000 mbh, the Mighty Therm2 line offers seven models applicable for hydronic systems and volume-water-heat applications and as commercial-sized pool heaters. The boiler/volume water heater is available for use with natural-gas or liquid-propane fuels and offers two-stage firing, stainless-steel burners, and hot-surface ignition.
Laars Heating Systems Co.
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Tankless water heaters

The T-M50 tankless water heater uses two heavy-duty heat exchangers to produce up to 380,000 Btuh. The dual system ensures that if one unit were to break down, the other would continue operating without any interruption, thus avoiding emergency situations. The exchangers utilize technically advanced copper, which makes the units resilient against erosion and leaks.
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Tube infrared heaters

Available in natural and propane gas, LTU Series tube heaters are well-suited for high-air-change environments and mounting heights of 12 to 85 ft. The line includes 21 models with heating capacities of 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh. LTS Series infrared straight-tube heaters offer more than 100 configurations with heating capacities ranging from 40,000 to 250,000 Btuh.
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Featuring double-wall construction, relay logic controls, removable panels, and hinged access doors, the Bry-PAC's standard options include indoor/outdoor use, a galvanized/stainless-steel inner liner, or a wipe-down/wash-down interior. With nine sizes ranging from 1,200 to 24,000 cfm, the dehumidifier is useful for a multitude of humidity-control applications, such as food-processing and health-care facilities.
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Harmonic-distortion filters

Engineered to mitigate harmonics to a lower level than passive and 18-pulse options from any point of installation, Active Filters virtually eliminate harmonic distortion in HVACR applications for improved grid capacity, efficiency, and reliability. Grid capacity increases because derating transformers are not necessary when harmonic distortion is mitigated.
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Adjustable-frequency drives

The newest member of Eaton's clean-power family of drives, the CFX9000 uses integrated tuned passive filters to reduce harmonics at drive terminals. The product family offers a simplified installation compared with loose harmonic filters, which can be challenging to install in HVAC bypass configurations. The drive is useful for lower horsepower requirements.
Eaton Corp.
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