2010 AHR EXPO Product Preview

Jan. 1, 2010
A sneak peek inside the exhibition hall …

Uninterruptible power supply

A three-phase, general-purpose uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the MGE Galaxy 3500 is suitable for 10- to 30-kva applications, such as small data centers and industrial environments. Relying on hot-swappable batteries, the UPS results in reduced downtime and increased runtime scalability. Its double-conversion online topology, critical for process-control, industrial, electrical-room, and automation-control applications, delivers zero transfer time and perfect regulation.
APC by Schneider Electric
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Spring-return actuators

AFB, AFX, NFB, and NFX spring-return actuators feature smaller housing for tight spaces and easier handling. AFB and AFX actuators have a minimum torque of 180 in.-lb, while NFB and NFX actuators have a minimum torque of 90 in.-lb. A universal power supply (in on/off models only) can accept from 24 to 240 vac. Manual override is standard on all models.
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Heat pumps

Incorporated into a traditional heating loop, Invictus gas-absorption heat pumps are piped into hydronic heating systems along condensing or non-condensing hydronic boilers. The units have both heating and cooling capabilities. Fulton designs optimized heating systems by combining Invictus units with hydronic-boiler products and an intelligent control system. The heating systems have heating seasonal thermal efficiencies of approximately 146 percent. — The Fulton Cos.
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Differential-pressure gauges

Available with bidirectional ranges, DM-1000 Digimag differential-pressure gauges have a full-scale accuracy of 1 percent on ranges of 2 in. wc and 2 percent on ranges of 1 to 0.25 in. wc. A menu key can be used to enter four simplified menus that provide access to security levels, digital damping for smoothing erratic process applications, updates to conserve battery life, and zero and span for field calibration.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Gas-control valves

Standard on almost every Bradford White light-duty commercial product, ICON System gas-control valves feature advanced temperature control, performance software, intelligent diagnostics, pilot-on indication, millivolt-powered operation, a separate immersed thermowell, and an integrated Piezo igniter.
Bradford White Water Heaters
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Boiler-room controls

Firemaster programmable-logic-controller-based boiler-room controls feature color touchscreens with human-machine interface and are preconfigured for each boiler-room application. Communications are possible via Ethernet. Advantages include the ability to monitor remotely key boiler-room operations, such as boiler-water level, limits, alarms, or faults; pump operation; e-mail or paging of boiler-room alarms; day/night setback control; efficiency monitoring and calculation; and building-management-system interface.
Hurst Boiler Co.
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Dry coolers

Dry coolers are designed for use in the industrial refrigeration, HVAC, gas-compression, petrochemical, and power-generation markets. The units provide cooling of water, ethylene-glycol/water, and propylene-glycol/water mixtures in a variety of closed-loop applications. Closed-loop cooling eliminates the cost of makeup water and water treatment associated with the use of cooling towers.
Colmac Coil Manufacturing
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Hybrid fans

A hybrid fan composed of an aluminum supporting structure and a cladding/sleeve made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the HyBlade can be adapted to specific operational requirements for heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and climate control. The fan's optimized aerodynamic shape results in noise reduction and a significant increase in efficiency.
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Remote controllers

Navigation remote controllers feature set-point range limitation, individual button prohibition, setup/setback options, and auto changeover with cooling and heating set points for heat-pump and heat-recovery systems. Weekly scheduling can be configured for seven days, five weekdays plus two weekend days, or five weekdays plus Saturday plus Sunday. The controllers also include a backlighted liquid-crystal display, built-in room-temperature sensor, and 12/24-hr clock.
Daikin AC (Americas) Inc.
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Near-condensing boilers

Available in 400,000 to 2.4 million Btuh, ClearFire CFW near-condensing carbon-steel boilers deliver up to 88-percent efficiency and a 5-1 turndown ratio while reducing emissions to less than 20 ppm. The boilers have a compact footprint, a maintenance-friendly design, and controls that can integrate seamlessly with multiple boilers.
Cleaver-Brooks Inc.
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Combustion analyzers

Useful for field technicians, ECOM EN2 portable combustion analyzers measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide as well as temperature, stack draft/pressure, efficiency, and excess air. An internal pump and Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate drain ensure accuracy and longer sensor life. Standard features include an on-board printer, secure digital memory card, and wireless Bluetooth.
ECOM America
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Kitchen hoods

An auto-cleaning kitchen hood that handles grease extraction and filter cleaning, Grease Grabber H2O incorporates a dual-stage filtration system that combines Grease-X-Tractor and the Grease Grabber filter to remove 100 percent of grease that is 5 microns or larger from air streams. This works in conjunction with a solenoid-powered system in the hood that sends hot water mixed with detergent to spray nozzles aligned along the filter banks and plenum area. The mix is recaptured, and a high-efficiency pump recirculates it to conserve water. The system purges and rinses with fresh hot water, eliminating the need to remove and clean filters by hand. — Greenheck
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Torque wrenches

Torqtite adjustable open-end torque wrenches allow all tube and hose ends to be tightened to their correct torque requirements. Developed to compliment Flaretite's flared seals for 30-, 37-, and 45-degree flared fittings, the wrenches have a low profile and reversible spanner design. The wrenches also are supplied with torque rating tables for common fittings.
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Inline draft inducers

Able to be installed in a vertical or horizontal stack section, IPVB Power Venter inline draft inducers are available in four sizes with capacities of up to almost 6,000 cfm. Made with Type 316 stainless steel, the inducers are designed to provide proper draft for condensing and non-condensing commercial boilers and water heaters. They integrate easily with most chimney and stack systems using flanged or slip fittings.
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Dehumidification systems

Liquid-desiccant dehumidification systems deliver precise, energy-efficient temperature and humidity control to a range of industrial, commercial, and institutional applications regardless of air-inlet conditions. The dehumidifiers also provide critical bacterial control by capturing most airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold. The equipment can use waste heat efficiently and support on-site power generation and cogeneration. Able to handle airflows from 750 to 84,000 cfm, the equipment is made of fiber-reinforced plastic.
Kathabar Dehumidification Systems Inc.
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Modulating control valves

Available in ⅜ to 1 in., Exa Star modulating control valves feature high precision, low hysteresis, and custom output characteristics for desired process control.
Maxitrol Co.
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Filtration products

Used on cooling systems worldwide, Orival offers individual automatic filters, manifolded multifilters, and skid-mounted water-treatment systems to remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling water, decreasing deposition on heat-transfer surfaces, reducing sites for microorganisms to colonize, and preventing the clogging of nozzles, orifices, and valve actuators.
Orival Inc.
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Globe valves

Flowrite 599 Series two-way flanged iron-body globe valves are designed to work with pneumatic or electronic actuators with a ¾- or 1½-in. stroke. Features include a high-pressure, 200-psi close-off for all line sizes, giving these valves the ability to close against high differential pressures and meet specifications for more applications. A stainless-steel trim reinforces the durability of the metal-to-metal seats and plug.
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Induction fans

The addition of wing-draft-induction-fan capabilities to boilers and hot-water appliances complements Schebler's line of Underwriters Laboratories-listed, prefabricated chimney and grease-duct systems. An Engineered Draft Solution package provides complete system engineering and products to handle any appliance or hybrid system utilizing natural draft or draft induction.
Schebler Chimney Systems
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Microchannel evaporators

Microchannel evaporators can perform heating and cooling functions for commercial settings, helping to meet seasonal-energy-efficiency-ratio and heating-seasonal-performance-factor requirements in smaller packages. Constructed from aluminum, the evaporators are 100-percent recyclable.
Delphi Corp.
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Condensing boilers

The Triple-Flex series of high-efficiency condensing boilers includes four models that offer inputs from 1,500 to 3,000 mbh with less than 30 ppm of nitrogen oxide while utilizing a hybrid metal-fiber burner. The boilers deliver a minimum operating efficiency of 90 percent with 160°F return, 180°F supply, and a 100-percent firing load.
Bryan Steam LLC
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Low-pressure transducers

CXLdp low-pressure transducers now are available with jumper-selectable 0- to 5- or 0- to 10-vdc outputs, as well as the original 4-20 mA output configuration. Engineered to provide stable differential-pressure measurement in HVAC building-control systems, the transducers have 20 standard pressure ranges capable of withstanding 15 psi without damage or calibration change. A small housing and multiple installation options allow the transducers to be attached to a DIN rail, conduit, or wall.
Ashcroft Inc.
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Commercial fans

For commercial spaces with ceilings as low as 12 ft, Isis fans are 8 to 10 ft in diameter and feature a proprietary prime mover that allows the fans to operate silently and without electrical interference. The fans work in conjunction with HVAC systems to distribute conditioned air and reduce energy use. — Big Ass Fans
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Alternating-current drives

The E7S slim-configured alternating-current drive package (1 to 40 hp at 208 v and 1 to 100 hp at 480 v) includes as a standard feature an input disconnect, with space for several commonly used options, such as reactors, input filters, and circuit breakers. The slim package meets the space requirements of end users, yet has the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of specifying engineers and HVAC designers.
Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
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Fabric ducts

For commercial retrofits and new construction, UnderFloorSox fabric air-dispersion ducts are designed to reduce thermal decay and improve temperature consistency within an underfloor-air-distribution (UFAD) plenum. Twelve to 18 in. in diameter, the ducts are routed through a UFAD plenum to distribute even air dispersion and temperature to perimeter, remote, and other high-heat-load zones that typically suffer thermal decays of 6°F or more.
DuctSox Corp.
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