Aug. 1, 2010
Dust-collector filters Strong enough to handle such dust challenges as laser and plasma cutting and welding and thermal spray, HemiPleat Nano dust-collector

Dust-collector filters

Strong enough to handle such dust challenges as laser and plasma cutting and welding and thermal spray, HemiPleat Nano dust-collector filters withstand rigorous pulse cleaning for all types of dry-dust applications. The filters have a MERV 14 efficiency rating. Open-pleat spacing allows utilization of the media pack, resulting in better airflow through the cartridge.
— Camfil Farr APC
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Server-rack cooling system

The Chilled Door high-density rack cooling system is an active cooling system with a chilled-water coil, variable-speed fans, and microprocessor controls. It replaces the rear panel of any standard or custom server rack via an adapter frame. Designed to maximize high-density server-rack cooling while eliminating data-center hot spots, the system can reduce data-center cooling costs by up to 90 percent.
— Motivair Corp.
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Fabric ducts

Made of recyclable, inert, high-density polyethylene fabric, ChemSox fabric-duct air-dispersion systems are designed for chemically harsh environments, such as metal plating, paper/pulp, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, plastics manufacturing, petrochemical, and battery manufacturing. The ducts come in round, pliable lengths of semi-translucent fabric, using zippers to join sections. Sections of up to 50 ft in length and diameters from 6 to 56 in. are available.
— DuctSox
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Geothermal air handlers

With sizes in the 26-, 38-, 49-, and 64-mbh range, Tranquility air handlers are designed for use with Tranquility indoor and outdoor geothermal split systems, making them useful for high-efficiency retrofits. The units are convertible to upflow, downflow, or horizontal right and left downflow. Other features include condensate overflow protection and 230-v to 115-v compatibility.
— ClimateMaster
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Ball valves

Electrically actuated polypro ball valves automatically accept virtually any input power signal. Designed for pure-water and chemical applications, the valves are molded with non-pigmented, plasticizer-free homopolymer resin. Series EBVA electrical actuators are available assembled to the valve. Standard voltage is 85 through 240 alternating or direct current.
— Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.
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A quality-control unit that displays air measurements, the Traceable general-purpose hygrometer/thermometer has a relative-humidity (RH) range of 10 to 95 percent, with a resolution of 0.01 percent and an accuracy of ±1.5 percent RH. Self-contained, the humidity and temperature sensors are built in. The unit features a “data hold” switch, which allows readings to be captured and noted.
— Control Co.
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Control valves

AB-QM pressure-independent control valves provide a flow limiter and control valve in one package. The valves can be used as stand-alone automatic flow-limiter valves or as a combined flow-limiter and control valve when fitted with a range of Danfoss actuators. The valves can be used in all cooling and heating applications and are useful in controlling terminal units, such as fan coils, water-source heat pumps, chilled ceilings, and air-handling units.
— Danfoss
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Radiation shields

Series RH radiation shields protect outside-air humidity transmitters from rain and radiated heat. With the curved shape and color of the plates, airflow is able to move across the sensor to keep radiated temperatures from rooftops and surrounding surfaces from affecting humidity readings. The units have integral pipe-mounting hardware, which can be removed for surface-mounting applications.
— Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Wireless thermostat

A wireless direct-digital-control pneumatic thermostat, the Wi-Stat IIIp utilizes solid-state technology for more accurate pneumatic control and allows over-the-air programming, continuous remote monitoring, and control. Time and cost of installation are reduced because no wires, adjustment screws, or calibration are needed.
— Millennial Net
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Seismic curbs

Seismic curbs for rooftop HVAC units are designed to withstand severe wind loads or seismic activity. Each curb is custom-manufactured to the seismic design criteria required by geographic location. Options include built-in filters, extra height for the installation of sound traps beneath the unit, built-in roof pitch, and a pressure-treated wood nailer.
— Thybar Corp.
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Data-center modules

The Data Center Module for ION Enterprise adds data-center visibility to electrical monitoring systems in critical-power applications. PowerLogic ION Enterprise provides a layer of energy intelligence, collecting and storing data from key distribution points across an electrical network. The module adds specific, relevant uninterrupted-power-supply energy data, helping users gain energy savings and improve efficiency and productivity without adding hardware.
— Schneider Electric
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Condensing hybrid water heaters

The newest addition to the Eternal condensing hybrid water-heater line, the GU195M has 98-percent efficiency and allows multiple water-heating units to be linked and common vented, with a maximum of eight units per group. Useful for heavy commercial applications that need redundancy, the water heaters' controls enable a single unit to automatically shut down in case of a failure while other units continue to operate with no cold-water bleed through.
— Grand Hall
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Power and energy meters

E50C3 power and energy meters were designed to meet the needs of government and military energy-management projects. The meters have logging capabilities of 15-min intervals for up to 60 days. Kilowatts/kilowatt-hours and up to eight other parameters can be stored. On-board diagnostics speed setup and commissioning.
— Veris Industries
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