Feb. 1, 2011
Product-configuration softwarePUMP-FLO Insight software integrates PUMP-FLO's pump-selection tool with customizable configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities. Pump manufacturers, distributors, and operators can use the software from the ...

Product-configuration software
PUMP-FLO Insight software integrates PUMP-FLO's pump-selection tool with customizable configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities. Pump manufacturers, distributors, and operators can use the software from the preliminary stages of pump selection to product quote, sale, and support/maintenance tracking. The Web-based software allows a user to simultaneously select and configure a pump as well as manage all of the documents associated with each quote and order generated.
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Product-selection program
Greenheck has released Version 4.5 of its Computer Aided Product Selection (CAPS) program, which allows users to download Revit files for many of the company's products. The files include specific performance-based information. The updated program features new products, such as ERCH and VER energy-recovery ventilators with digital scroll compressors; CRD-1WT ceiling radiation dampers; FSH 801 FEMA grilles; and EES-401 horizontal wall screens. To help users comply with Energy Independence and Security Act regulations, new motor efficiencies are included in the program.
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Air-velocity meters
Casella's air-velocity meters/anemometers are engineered to measure airflow volume, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure simultaneously. Applications include ventilation surveys; air conditioning, heating, and environmental monitoring; building maintenance/commissioning; and face-velocity testing in fume hoods and spray booths. For users testing ducts to reveal proper or improper airflow, the meters include a built-in airflow calculator for determining the volume of air current and a fast-response temperature sensor. The meters feature oversized backlighted liquid-crystal displays to show measurements.
—Casella USA
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Differential-pressure alarms
Series BDPA adjustable differential-pressure alarms with built-in audible and visual set-point indication are useful for filter, fan, ventilation, overpressure, vacuum, and differential-pressure applications. A scaled adjustment knob allows switching-pressure changes to be made without the need for a separate pressure gauge. When a set-point threshold is reached, a buzzer and light-emitting diode indicate periodically. The alarms can be powered by a battery or 24-vdc/vac line power.
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Hand-held tools
Kele has added AMI300 indoor-air-quality analyzers to its line of hand-held tools. The analyzers are all-in-one tools for the measurement and verification of air quality, including temperature and differential temperature, humidity, dew point, wet bulb, enthalpy, air pressure/velocity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, current, and voltage.
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Central utility solutions
Siberian Tiger packaged Central Utility Building systems are modular constant- and variable-speed chiller plants, hot-water plants, and steam-generating boiler-room systems that are factory-engineered, manufactured, and delivered to a customer's site ready to operate in a small footprint. The systems can shave as much as 15 percent off the initial capital-expenditure costs of typical site-built systems. Additionally, the systems include startup and commissioning by factory-trained personnel.
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System-level automation software
Versions 10 and 30 of Central Plant Optimization (CPO) system-level automation software enable consistent peak performance and energy savings in new and existing central chilled-water plants. The software designs and operates a facility's central plant equipment and independent components. Both versions feature technologies designed to provide system-performance improvements based on real-time building loads. CPO 10 maximizes a facility's HVAC system and equipment performance by selecting the most efficient combination of pumps, chillers, and cooling towers needed to meet building cooling load. CPO 30 incorporates a software application from Optimum Energy that optimizes plant operation continuously to achieve peak energy efficiency and performance.
—Johnson Controls
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Universal connectors
For high-pressure and superheat steam lines, IS-4 stainless-steel universal connectors enable access for the replacement of steam traps in critical-process applications without existing piping being disturbed. With an integral strainer, the connectors are rated for Class 900 service and up to 1,245 psig at 900˚F. Additional features include corrosion resistance and a recessed gasket surface.
—Armstrong International
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Fan-coil units
Available in single- or double-wall construction, Belt Drive Series fan-coil units can be configured as a two-pipe, four-pipe, or direct-expansion system with or without electric, hydronic, or steam heating. Floor- or ceiling-mounted, the blower coils are suited for a variety of ducted applications that require an airflow range of 300 to 5,000 cfm and capacities of 1 to 10 tons. The units provide comfort cooling and heating while offering a range of application flexibility between traditional fan-coil units and central air-handling units.
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