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2009 AHR EXPO Product Review

March 1, 2009
Condensing economizers e++plus condensing economizers provide peak efficiencies of up to 90 percent, depending on flow rates and the temperature of the

Condensing economizers

e++plus condensing economizers provide peak efficiencies of up to 90 percent, depending on flow rates and the temperature of the incoming water being heated. The lower section of the economizer recovers heat energy by preheating boiler feed water. The upper section preheats cool liquid steam. The control system ensures maximum condensing when firing natural gas and automatically switches to a near-condensing mode if No. 2 oil is to be burned.
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Multistory fireplace and exhaust system

Exhausto offers a certified combination fireplace and mechanical exhaust system for multiple-fireplace installations in multistory structures. The system saves energy through a modulating draft that provides fireplace efficiency and performance. Designed for natural- and liquefied-petroleum-gas fireplaces, the system is controlled with simple on and off buttons.
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Combustion air blowers

For gas-fired condensing boilers, NRG137 combustion air blowers feature a compact design, an aerodynamic impeller, and an optional integrated venturi for high heating capabilities and inputs of up to 150 kw (512,000 Btuh). Microprocessor-controlled drive electronics improve power output and reduce motor noise by 3 dba. The blowers are available in 120 or 230 vac and 50/60 hz.
ebm-papst Inc.
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Chemical filter media

GridBlok chemical filter media, housed within PuraGrid filters, consist of an extruded monolithic block containing a large number of small, parallel cells/channels. Each piece of the media is a self-supporting grid structure composed of 100-percent adsorbent materials, allowing the composite structure to serve as a gas filter. Eliminating bypass and the necessity of a final filter, the media provide energy savings with a low pressure drop and efficient gas removal with turbulent flow.
Purafil Inc.
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Heat pumps

Six Energy Star mini-split heat pumps from Fujitsu need no modifications for low-ambient operation. A 9,000-Btu model provides a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) of 26 and a heating-season performance factor (HSPF) of 12. A 12,000-Btu model offers a SEER of 25 and an HSPF of 12. Two other 9,000- and 12,000-Btu models have SEERs of 20 and HSPFs of 10. Standard features include wireless remote control, ion deodorizing filters, a sleep timer, a 24-hr timer, and dry, auto-louver, and auto modes.
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Communications module

Used in the Allen Bradley ControlLogix programmable logic controller (PLC), the SlotServer communications module gives process-control facilities the ability to link building-automation, fire-alarm-panel, and process-control networks. Process plants utilize ControlLogix PLCs to control operations and building-automation information necessary for the efficient performance of the plant and process.
FieldServer Technologies
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Control software

OptimumHVAC software allows building engineers to analyze HVAC-system performance and troubleshoot in real time over the Internet. By tracking building performance remotely, the software measures and verifies equipment operation and savings on a real-time and historical basis. The software's delivery options consist of OptimumLOOP, which targets buildings over 300,000 sq ft that have centrifugal chiller plants, and OptimumTRAV, which is designed for buildings with variable-air-volume air-handling units.
Optimum Energy LLC
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Infrared cameras

In addition to 2-percent thermal accuracy, Flir i60 infrared cameras offer scalable picture-in-picture, a 32,400-pixel infrared detector, 2.3-megapixel visual resolution, built-in illuminator lamps, sharable JPEG images, and a 5-hr battery.
Extech Instruments
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Heat packs

Add-on modules that fit onto the core of Phoenix water heaters, Phoenix Heat Packs are available in domestic-hot-water and space-heating models. The modules consist of a heat exchanger and pump to move water through the water-heater system. Warm water is drawn from the top of the storage tank, through the brazed-plate heat exchanger, and returned to the bottom of the tank for reheating. The modules are pre-plumbed and wired for ease of installation.
Heat Transfer
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Head-pressure control

Practical for supermarkets, frozen-food storage, computer rooms, and cooling-tower fans, the ICM333 head-pressure control operates as a pressure or temperature-sensitive motor-fan speed control, regulating head pressure by varying the amount of airflow through the condenser. By allowing for dual probes, the control is useful for a range of systems, including single-fan, multicoil systems.
ICM Controls Corp.
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Pressure sensors

For pressure-measurement applications in next-generation modulated furnaces, P992 and P356 low-pressure sensors assist with combustion-optimization parameters, helping furnace efficiency increase from 65 percent to 95 percent. The P992 measures airflow, while the P356 measures propane or natural-gas flow. The sensors are fully temperature-compensated and can be adapted to meet application-specific original-equipment-manufacturer requirements.
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Datalogging anemometers

Available with software, hard carrying case, and RS-232 interface cable, TMA40 datalogging anemometers provide three measurements: air velocity or volume, relative humidity, and temperature. Users can choose among single-point measurement, measurement of up to 99 points, or data logging of up to 2,400 points.
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Humidity sensors

With an operating range of up to 200°C, HygroClip 2 humidity sensors provide reproducibility and a guaranteed system accuracy of less than 0.8-percent relative humidity and 0.1°C. In addition, response time has been improved, and new filter technology provides better protection against environmental influences.
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Differential- pressure controllers

Useful for monitoring pressures in various rooms, zones, and ducts in factories, laboratories, and buildings, DH3 Series Digihelic differential pressure controllers provide 4-20 mA process output, two single-pole/double-throw relays with adjustable deadbands, and a large backlit liquid-crystal display with simplified programming via a menu key. The aluminum housing is rated National Electrical Manufacturers Association 4X on the front face.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Stainless-steel Thompson strainers are designed for cooling-tower-water, chilled-water, process-cooling, and other applications. The strainers feature a large conical screen element, offering more screen surface area than traditional Y strainers. Screen-mesh options range from large perforated holes to 50 microns. All models operate with a pressure loss of less than 1 psi when clean.
Miller-Leaman Inc.
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Suited for HVAC, utility-piping, process-piping, and mining applications, Style 177 QuickVic flexible couplings are rated up to 1,000 psi. Available in 2-, 2½-, 3-, 4-, and 6-in. sizes, the couplings are designed for joining standard roll-grooved and cut-grooved steel pipe. The couplings require no disassembly before installation.
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Air-conditioning systems

For commercial buildings and lodging and hospitality environments, Multi-V air-conditioning systems deliver high energy-efficiency ratios and low sound operation. Using variable-refrigerant-flow technology to operate cooling and heating simultaneously, the systems provide commercial businesses with greater temperature control, avoiding unnecessary energy usage in unoccupied rooms.
LG Electronics
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Boiler controller

The CC-600 master boiler controller features a touch-screen user interface, a graphical display of boiler operation and historical trending, digital communication with a linkageless burner-management system, and Siemens flame-safety integration. By reducing the number of boiler cycles, the controller extends the life of boiler tubes and refractory.
Century Controls
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Water heaters

With inputs up to 500,000 Btuh, 96-percent thermal efficiency, and up to 125-gal. storage capacity, Shield commercial heaters are designed to prevent lime scale. The water heaters offer rooftop or sidewall venting, including conventional, direct-vent, and concentric-direct-vent options, all of which use polyvinyl-chloride or chlorinated-polyvinyl-chloride pipe with vent runs of up to 100 ft.
Lochinvar Corp.
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