Oct. 1, 2007
Insulated steam-dispersion tubes Insulated steam-dispersion tubes are a humidification-system option that can reduce wasted energy by up to 85 percent

Insulated steam-dispersion tubes

Insulated steam-dispersion tubes are a humidification-system option that can reduce wasted energy by up to 85 percent while reducing air-stream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production. These improvements are achieved by reducing the thermal conductivity of dispersion tubes with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), an insulating material approved for plenum use (with a fire/smoke index of 0/0) and rated for continuous high-temperature (300°F) operation. PVDF will not absorb water or support microbial growth because of its closed-cell construction, and it will not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet-C germicidal light. The insulation is secured to the dispersion tubes and will not loosen or shift. Available as an option for new and existing Ultra-sorb and Rapid-sorb steam-dispersion systems, PVDF-insulated dispersion tubes can provide product payback in less than one year for electric humidification systems and in about one-and-a-half years for natural-gas systems.
Dri-Steem Corp.
Circle 100

Automatic condensate pumps

With fully automatic operation, condensate pumps from F.E. Myers Pump Co. move liquid condensate from an appliance to a drain or outlet. The pumps feature a thermoplastic housing that resists high corrosion and impact and an integrated check valve that prevents liquid-condensate backflow.
F.E. Myers Pump Co.
Circle 101

Energy-recovery units

E-Z-Aire is a makeup-air unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger that brings in fresh outdoor air while exhausting stale, polluted air. Air is exchanged while heat energy is recovered from exhaust air and transferred to supply air, tempering incoming air.
Munters Corp.
Circle 102

No-water urinals

A high-performance no-water urinal, F-9000SS saves an average of 40,000 gal. of water per year. The urinal includes a patented cartridge with a biodegradable sealant that acts as a barrier, providing odor-free operation. The bowl is constructed of 304-grade, 16-gauge stainless steel.
Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Circle 103

Stainless-steel strainers

Designed for cooling-tower-water, chilled-water, and process-cooling applications, Thompson strainers are available with screen-mesh options ranging from large perforated holes to 50-µm openings. All models operate with less-than-1-psi pressure loss.
Miller-Leaman Inc.
Circle 104

Data-center enclosures

APC-MGE's new 47-in.-deep Net-Shelter SX enclosure helps manage and protect equipment in a rack-mount environment for high-density-server and networking applications. Rear cable channels offer additional room for mounting up to four vertical-rack power-distribution units.
Circle 105

Building-control systems

For retailers with facilities smaller than 25,000 sq ft, the BX-50 is a packaged building-control system that reduces energy, maintenance, and operational costs through effective control of HVAC and lighting systems. The unit's enclosure contains input/output boards and supporting components for integrated control of up to six HVAC units and eight lighting circuits.
Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 106

Tankless water heaters

Mobius T-M1 tankless water heaters are flexible in either small- or large-use applications. Up to 20 units can be installed using a single main control system. The units have a maximum flow rate of 9.6 gpm.
Circle 107

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