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Oct. 1, 2011
Motor soft starter The PSE soft-starter family uses two-phase torque control and features built-in class selectable electronic overload, built-in bypass, and an LCD display. It is suitable for all common applications, including centrifugal pumps, fans, ...

Motor soft starter
The PSE soft-starter family uses two-phase torque control and features built-in class selectable electronic overload, built-in bypass, and an LCD display. It is suitable for all common applications, including centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, chillers, compressors and conveyor belts. The built-in bypass reduces the number of connections necessary, making it easy to mount—decreasing both installation time and cost. Additionally, all circuit boards have a protective coating ensuring a reliable operation for environments such as wastewater plants where corrosive gases and acids may exist. ABB’s patented two-phase torque control ensures balanced control of all three phases and eliminates the DC component during the starting and stopping of the motor. —ABB

Automatic air-control dampers
Pottorff has introduced the CD-94 heavy-duty control damper, which uses double-skin airfoil blades and a rugged-flanged frame for automatic air control and manual balancing in medium-to-high-pressure applications. The CD-94 was developed to meet the demanding specifications of the new One World Trade Center in New York, and is rated to perform at a maximum-system pressure of 32.0 in. wg and maximum velocity of 5,000 fpm. For more information about the company, go to —Pottorff

Differential-pressure transmitter
The Series 646B Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed for use with clean, dry air, and other non-corrosive gases. Series 646B measures differential pressure at an accuracy of ±2.0 percent FS down to 0.5-in. wc. The transmitters are perfect for VAV systems, filter monitoring, HVAC fan control, building pressurization, and leak-detection systems. Learn more at —Dwyer Instruments

Rotary compressor line
The new lineup of high efficiency RN family rotary compressors covers a capacity range of 18,000 to 32,000 Btuh, operating with R-134a, R-407C and R-410A refrigerants. Rotary compressors offer high efficiency, light-weight, low noise, and increased reliability compared with their reciprocating counterparts. The RN R-134a large frame rotary is specifically designed for cooling applications in the telecommunications, process, and electronic markets, as well as mobile transport segments. The R-410A models offer Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) manufacturers a quiet and efficient solution to more expensive scroll compressors. The R-407C models offer a cost-competitive alternative to scroll technology within the process and electronic cooling segments. Additional dual voltage and three-phase compressor models are slated for future release. For more information on Tecumseh rotary technology, log on to —Tecumseh Products Co.

Rooftop-unit control system
Standard on every Lennox Energence rooftop unit, the Prodigy unit controller provides intelligent operation of the rooftop unit to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency, and comfort. The Prodigy Control System tracks the run time of every major component, allowing for a detailed system performance evaluation as well as operational optimization. Service reports generated by the unit can be downloaded at any time to a USB flash drive, helping to provide service verification with an encrypted time and date stamp, unit serial number, alarm code log and critical run time information. A self-test function individually tests critical components to ensure correct operation of each system on a rooftop and helps technicians quickly identify maintenance requirements. The patent-pending SmartWire™ System helps increase job-site productivity by simplifying field sensor or thermostat installation. Advanced, removable keyed and color-coded connectors help prevent miswiring and ensure the unit and its components are working properly. —Lennox Commercial

Fully packaged rooftop ventilator system
Greenheck's new rooftop ventilation unit, Model RV/RVE, fully conditions and controls any mixture of outdoor and return air. Designed for rooftop installations, Model RV/RVE is for use in HVAC systems in commercial or institutional applications, including schools, offices, and government buildings. The pre-engineered system features 2-in. double-wall construction, coupled with direct-drive plenum fans, heating options (indirect gas furnace, hot water, or electric), cooling options (packaged DX, chilled water, or split DX), and an optional energy wheel (Model RVE). Performance capabilities of up to 9,500 cfm make this equipment flexible for virtually any heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation requirements. —Greenheck

Replacement motors
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Co. added four new of HeatCraft replacement iMotors as an expansion of the iMotor line of electronically commutated motor (ECM) products. For use in walk-in coolers these evaporator fan motors use less wattage to achieve the same airflow as a shaded pole motor, producing less heat, and cooler operation, resulting in fewer failures. These four new walk-in cooler evaporator fan motors (9215L, 9215H, 9216L, 9216H) are ECM direct drop-in HeatCraft replacement motors with 12-in. leads, Lyall plug, and four mounting studs on each end. They are direct OEM HeatCraft replacements for Bohn, Chandler, Climate Control, and Larkin with the choice of 120 V or 230 V in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. They also replace 1/15, 1/20, and 1/25 horsepower PSC (permanent split capacitor) and low-efficiency shaded-pole designs. For more, visit and download Bulletin 6032. —A.O. Smith

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