Feb. 1, 2012
Seismic-qualified loop controller The YS1700 single-loop controller is now fully qualified for seismic and nuclear safety applications. The controller features dual central processing units (CPUs) with automatic failover to provide display and manual ...

Seismic-qualified loop controller
The YS1700 single-loop controller is now fully qualified for seismic and nuclear safety applications. The controller features dual central processing units (CPUs) with automatic failover to provide display and manual control capability if an abnormality occurs in one of the CPUs. Other features include a hard manual backup, battery-free memory backup, and backward compatibility with all previous YS control products. Control applications for the YS1700 in nuclear facilities include feedwater control, feedwater heater, heater-drain control, heat exchanger temperature control, and other flow, level, and pressure applications.

Console heat pumps
The Envision Series Low Sill Console is a geothermal or water-source heat pump designed for hotel rooms, classrooms, or any room without ductwork. The units’ single-speed R-410A rotary compressor is capable of extreme loop-temperature operation. An oversized coaxial heat exchanger with copper inner tube and steel outer tube is designed for maximum heat transfer at normal and low water-flow rates to minimize pressure drop. Additionally, large-face, rifled copper tubes and enhanced corrugated lanced-aluminum fins provide high efficiencies at low face velocities. Available in 0.75- to 1-ton capacities, the console features a compact footprint designed to match legacy consoles for easy retrofitting.
—WaterFurnace International

Limescale eliminator
ScaleBlaster is an innovative and environmentally friendly product that eliminates formation of limescale deposits in pipes, cooling towers, and boilers. The integrated circuitry system produces a unique modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of calcium molecules, causing them to lose their adhesive properties. Existing scale is removed and never forms again, without the need for chemicals, salt, or maintenance.
—Clearwater Enviro Tech

Thermal imager
The M12 160x120 Thermal Imager is designed for maintenance and troubleshooting applications. It features a 160-by-120-pixel, high-resolution thermal imager, a visual camera for standard pictures, and a temperature range of 14°F to 662°F. Users are able to capture a thermal and visual image with every trigger pull and toggle between the two with the push of a button. The no-wait display updates the screen image 60 times per second. The unit uses Milwaukee’s M12 battery system for quick charging and easy field replacement.
—Milwaukee Tool Corp.

Pressure transducers
A new addition to Palmer Instruments’ line of industrial pressure and temperature instrumentation, these pressure transducers are available in six different series. They feature ceramic, silicone, or piezoresistive sensing elements and electrical signal outputs in 4-20mA, 0-5V, and 1-10V with Packard, DINN, or cable-type electrical connections. Accuracies are as precise as 0.2 percent of full scale, with maximum ranges of 8,700 psi available.
—Palmer Instruments

Industrial space heaters
Blow-Thru space-heating products offer 100-percent combustion efficiency. Ratings of up to 3,400 MBtuh and five mounting options fit the needs of demanding industrial heating applications. The direct-fired units include proprietary stainless-steel burner technology and use 100-percent fresh outside air to help improve indoor-air quality.
—Cambridge Engineering

Indirect-fired portable heater
The Safe-Heat IDF-700 indirect-fired temporary heater produces 700,000 Btuh of heat. It can operate on diesel, natural gas, or propane. The recirculation design allows the heater to pull return air, and the backward-inclined blower produces up to 2 in. of static pressure and generates an airflow rating of 5,000 cfm. Ducting capability is up to 200 ft with 24-in. duct outlets.
—Topp Portable Air

Through-the-wall fans
SEF, PEF, and GEF direct-drive wall fans are designed for compact and cost-effective through-the-wall general ventilation applications. The multi-speed axial fans feature aluminum fan blades and plated-steel wire guards. The fans are available in sizes ranging from 10 in. to 30 in. in three configurations to ensure easy installation: shutter mount (SEF), panel mount (PEF), and guard mount (GEF).
—Continental Fan

Room-pressure monitor
The SCRM room pressure and condition monitor is designed to measure and evaluate positive, negative, or neutral air pressures in pharmaceutical, hospital, semiconductor, laboratory, and cleanroom environments. The monitor measures and displays true differential pressure with configurable resolution to 0.0001 in. wc. In addition to pressure, the monitoring and display capabilities include temperature, humidity, and other user-defined parameters. The BACnet protocol is available as an option or field upgrade.
—Setra Systems Inc.

Stainless-steel pipe
ECO-Pipe is the newest offering for the ProPress stainless-steel system. A thin-walled 304 stainless-steel pipe, ECO-Pipe is available in sizes from 1/2 to 4 in. and lengths of 20 ft. It is designed to offer an economical solution for stainless-steel pipe systems that require corrosion resistance and aesthetics. The ProPress system provides a fast, reliable, flameless way to make water-tight and gas-tight stainless steel connections.

Energy-management dashboard
The EC-NetAX EnerVue Web-based energy-management dashboard provides visualization of vital building metrics through an easy-to-use, browser-based application. The application converts large amounts of real-time and historical data available in the EC-NetAX Web-based multiprotocol building- management system into graphics and reports. Viewlets are available for various data, histories, and metrics, including energy trends, building comparisons, weather data, network status, consumption efficiencies, key performance indices, and more.
—Distech Controls

Variable-area flowmeter
The compact series DTFA variable-area flowmeter for gases allows accurate measurement of compatible gases. It is constructed of rugged aluminum to help withstand system pressure of up to 3,000 psig. Series DTFA flowmeters are available in a variety of ranges up to 100 scfm.
—Dwyer Instruments

Fan filter unit
The Criti-Clean fan filter unit (FFU) is a fan-powered laminar-flow high-efficiency-particulate-air filter diffuser designed for cleanrooms and hospital operating rooms. The computer-controlled unit features a variable-speed electronically commutated motor and a welded plenum. The Criti-Clean FFU is designed to provide constant airflow, automatically compensating for changes in filter load and static pressure.
—A-J Manufacturing

Dampers for high-pressure applications
The CD-94 heavy-duty control damper employs double-skin airfoil blades and a flanged frame for automatic air control and manual balancing in medium- to high-pressure applications. The damper is rated to perform at a maximum system pressure of 32 in. wc and maximum velocity of 5,000 fpm.