Dec. 1, 2007
Air-movement systems Compact and energy efficient, the Airius Thermal Equalizer is a low-wattage air-movement system. Suspended near a ceiling, the most

Air-movement systems

Compact and energy efficient, the Airius Thermal Equalizer is a low-wattage air-movement system. Suspended near a ceiling, the most commonly used model is a nearly silent air turbine that drives a column of hot air to the cooler floor below. The hot air mixes with the cooler air and generates a series of air currents that circulate the air from ceiling to floor continuously. This process creates a constant equalization of air temperature in a process called thermal destratification, or thermal equalization, allowing thermostats to be lowered during winter and raised during summer. This results in a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Within 24 hr, floor-to-ceiling temperatures are regulated and maintained within 3°F. The average-size model uses about the same amount of energy as a 35-w light bulb. When using the units in a standard 100,000-sq-ft facility that typically utilizes an electrical-energy source based on coal or natural gas, a 10-ton-per-year reduction in carbon emissions can be achieved. The air-movement systems support the efficiency and life span of HVAC systems, which do not need to run as often because temperature differentials between floor and ceiling are eliminated.
— Airius LLC
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Evaporative coolers

Low-profile industrial/commercial Kube coolers employ FreshWater slinger-wheel technology, which evenly distributes evaporative atomized water across air inlets to ensure efficient cooling. Evaporative-cooling pads are eliminated, minimizing the risk of airborne pathogens, mold spores, and odors.
— Bessamaire
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Tankless-water-heater sizing software

Intended for sizing tankless water heaters for commercial installations, EZ-Spec software ensures accuracy by incorporating specific flow rates for an array of hot-water appliances. The software requires a Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
— Rheem Manufacturing Co.
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Particulate transmitters

The PMT particulate transmitter is a dust collector, emissions monitor, and leak detector. The standard model is designed for general maintenance planning and process-protection applications, while upgrades can be made to enable low-level monitoring and early warning leak detection.
— Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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For use with a variety of refrigerants, including R-410A, Copeland scroll compressors are available in 13- and 15-hp models for commercial air-conditioning applications. Features include low height, low weight, and a smaller mounting footprint.
— Emerson Climate Technologies
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Transformer oil coolers

ForZair transformer oil coolers are designed for new transformers and for replacing existing installations that no longer are useful or are overheating, requiring additional heat removal for higher capacities. The units are available in 50 and 60 hz.
— Unifin International
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Scroll-compressor chillers

Now available in 30- to 180-ton models with R-410A refrigerant, air-cooled scroll-compressor chillers provide efficient cooling. Useful for schools, government offices, and other projects, the chillers meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for energy efficiency, with an EER of up to 10.3 at full load and up to 14.7 at part load. The units can be customized to fit specific needs in various ways, such as by adding a unit-mounted pump package and a remote evaporator.
— McQuay International
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Geothermal heat pumps

With unit sizes from ¾ to 25 tons, the Envision line of geothermal heat pumps helps building owners reduce energy costs by tapping into the energy found beneath the earth in a ground-loop application or by utilizing a building's internal heat energy by means of a boiler and a cooling-tower-water loop. Two-speed compressor technology improves indoor-air quality by allowing extended run times.
— WaterFurnace International Inc.
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Indirect evaporative-cooling systems

Best suited for hot, dry climates, EPX indirect evaporative-cooling systems use a corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger to produce dry, cool air without refrigeration. The heat-exchanger core incorporates vertical polymer tubes. Product applications include schools, casinos, hospitals, airports, and industrial processes.
— Munters
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Wet-rotor circulators

Oil-less and seal-less, the Magna wet-rotor circulator is cooled and lubricated by the water it pumps. Its integrated variable-speed drive automatically adjusts performance to meet demand and save energy. End users will see lower electricity bills because the unit's permanent magnet rotor and high-efficiency impeller save energy. The circulator is useful for heating and snow-melt applications.
— Grundfos Pumps Corp.
Circle 109

Temperature-management systems

FlowZone, an intelligent temperature-management system, boosts personal comfort in the workplace by allowing employees to tailor the temperature of their work environment to meet their individual needs. The system provides up to 35 custom, user-defined zones, each with a register that uses infrared technology to continuously monitor the environment. Using a programmable thermostat can result in energy savings of up to 25 percent.
— Innovation by Design Inc.
Circle 110

High-efficiency urinals

A new series of high-efficiency urinals utilize 1 pint of water to flush. Made of vitreous china, the urinals have either a manual or sensor-operated flushometer. The units, also known as fractional-flush urinals, provide effective, low-maintenance flushing in public restrooms while reducing water consumption by as much as 88 percent.
— Sloan Valve Co.
Circle 111

Fire-alarm control panels

The IntelliKnight Series of addressable fire-alarm control panels now supports synchronization of System Sensory audio/visual appliances and a USB programming port. The 5820XL model has an improved power-supply capacity of 6 amps and a deaf-front option that allows for reset, silence, and acknowledge functions without requiring a user code or operator's key.
— Silent Knight
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Multisplit systems

The multisplit product line now offers a two- or four-port condensing-unit platform. The systems feature an “intelligent eye” function that enables the unit to reduce the temperature automatically when no one is detected in a room. Long piping length and flare connections allow for extra installation flexibility (230 ft combined piping length). The systems are optimized for R-410A refrigerant.
— Daikin AC
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A chilled mirror hygrometer, the OptiSonde humidity indicator, transmitter, and data logger may be used to calibrate and verify a variety of humidity sensors and instruments. It is suited for documenting the environmental conditions of process and storage areas.
— GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies
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Air filters

MERV-16 extended-surface filters deliver low initial pressure drop and filtration efficiency without the diminishing performance of electrostatically charged media for commercial and industrial applications. The filters deliver a particle-capture efficiency of greater than 95 percent.
— DuPont
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Rotary-position sensors

The RS 1500-120 series of fractional-turn contactless rotary-position sensors measures the angular displacement of rotating elements, such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves, airflow dampers, and diverter gates. The units have a linearity error of less than 0.10 percent of full range output and operate at temperatures from 0 to 185°F.
— Macro Sensors
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