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Product Spotlight

May 1, 2012

Energy and economics analysis
The Energy and Economics Analysis Program provided with Ecat32 selection software allows optimization of the design or renovation of a building and its mechanical systems by comparing alternative designs. The program’s calculations are based on the 8,760-hr DOE EnergyPlus software. —AAON

Piping flow-rate app
The ESP System Syzer is now available as a mobile app. The System Syzer application is based on the plastic-wheel calculator introduced by Bell & Gossett in 1963. It is extremely accurate at calculating flow rates and pressure drops in piping systems and allows HVAC professionals functionality while working in the field. —Bell & Gossett

Air-velocity app
The Air Velocity and Flow Calculator easily converts velocity pressure to air velocity, or air velocity to air volume. It also includes air-density factors from humidity levels. Utilizing the air-velocity-to-air-volume functionality, a user easily can convert air velocity to airflow rates from duct dimensions. It is available as a download for Apple and Android devices and also is available at www.dwyer-inst.com/flowcalc. —Dwyer Instruments

Noise-prediction software
Acoustics Information Model software is a free noise-prediction tool designed to model the amount of noise that reaches individual spaces within a building through mechanical systems. The software uses sound data projected through HVAC-system components, noise-control accessories, and architectural elements to predict background-noise levels. It includes library functionality to allow users to create and maintain databases of acoustic information. —Dynasonics

Power-analysis software
Power Xpert Reporting Version 3.0 software helps customers make sense of exhaustive power-monitoring data and identify vital statistics to improve the efficiency and reliability of facilities. New standard and custom reports help users take advantage of government incentives, avoid penalties, and reduce their carbon footprint. Version 3.0 provides 13 report templates with intuitive graphics and charts to help customers understand and manage critical building power systems. —Eaton Corp.

Building-information-modeling objects
HVAC-system designers now can integrate Energence and Landmark rooftop units into their digital plans using building-information-modeling objects downloaded from the Lennox Commercial Website. The 3D REVIT models include complete product parameters and unit-performance information on 3- to 50-ton Energence rooftop units and 2- to 25-ton Landmark rooftop units. —Lennox

Building-information-modeling content
McQuay International provides building-information-modeling content for its HVAC products. The files support designers using Autodesk Revit software. Revit is designed to speed up the design process and ensure accuracy. It offers low geometric detail to keep response times fast and allow for fast panning and zooming.—McQuay

Computer-aided product selection
The Computer-Aided Product Selection program includes product descriptions, application information, comparison tools, dimensional drawings, payback analysis, and detailed product performance for all Greenheck products. The program also provides access to full-scale Autodesk Revit models of Greenheck’s commercial ventilation products. —Greenheck

System-control app
The Total Connect Comfort app allows users to remotely monitor and manage heating and cooling systems from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Total Connect Comfort works with Honeywell’s EConnect Comfort System and Internet Gateway to allow users to view and change system settings, view and set temperature, view indoor humidity, access multiple thermostats, and access multiple locations. —Honeywell

Environmental noise prediction
Olive Tree Lab—Terrain outdoor-sound-propagation-calculation software predicts environmental noise produced by mechanical equipment. OTL Terrain-Solver (engineering level) is for engineers who want to have results without dealing with the details and features certain fixed parameters. OTL Terrain-Analyser (advanced level) is aimed at professionals who wish to have extensive information and be able to manipulate calculations. —Mediterranean Acoustics

Data-logger software
HOBOware 3.3 data-logger graphing and analysis software is designed to speed up deployment time in energy-and environmental-monitoring projects. Version 3.3 includes features that make it faster than ever to configure HOBO data loggers and weather stations in the field and analyze the collected data, including batch configuration and readout, pre-launch filtering and scaling, and bulk export. —Onset

Specification and selection software
DesignStar Professional is a proprietary, online program that enables specification, selection, and documentation of Rheem equipment for new-construction or replacement HVAC projects in commercial applications or any project requiring a submittal package. Updates planned for 2012 include energy audit tools, which will enable users to quickly assess the energy consumption of a property’s HVAC system and identify the most efficient choices for replacement. —Rheem

Project information
Master Builder (soon to become Sage 100 Contractor) provides construction companies with easy access to critical business and project information. Features include a customizable dashboard, e-mail alerts, and a project work center to provide decision-makers with access to big-picture views of the business so they can manage operations more effectively. —Sage

Valve and actuator software
The SimpleSelect desktop software tool is designed to help the user quickly and correctly size and select valves and actuators for all types of commercial building projects. The intuitive platform quickly narrows product searches and simplifies the creation of valve schedules. —Siemens Industry

Steam-system software
Steam DesignPro enables an easy, drag-and-drop method of designing and modeling HVAC steam systems. The Windows–based software allows modeling of steam-generation, steam-distribution, steam-utilization, and condensate-handling systems. The program automatically performs head-loss and static-pressure calculations, pipe and duct sizing, data recalculation, component insertion, and full psychrometric calculations. —Spirax Sarco

Variable-frequency-drive calculator
The HVAC Energy Savings Predictor demonstrates how adding variable-frequency drives to an HVAC system can save energy and reduce system operating costs. This tool can be used to calculate energy savings and the carbon footprint on fans, pumps, and cooling towers that use the new Z1000 drive. —Yaskawa