Aug. 1, 2010
Curved-plenum-fans brochure Value in the Air: Why Direct Drive Backward Curved Plenum Fans? details the characteristics and benefits of different types

Curved-plenum-fans brochure

“Value in the Air: Why Direct Drive Backward Curved Plenum Fans?” details the characteristics and benefits of different types of HVAC fans. The brochure explains fan curves, fan laws, the basics of air movement, and the various types of fans available. It includes sections on fan selection, fan operating characteristics, fan system effects, fan efficiency, fan control schemes, and how fans relate to an HVAC system's efficiency. — AAON
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Industrial oscillating fans

Pivot 180 industrial fans are designed to be installed on a column or other vertical structure. Their oscillating function allows the air generated to radiate 100 ft outward, enveloping a 180-degree arc from side to side — a coverage area of 12,000 sq ft. For more control and optimal airflow, the fans can be pivoted up or down. — Big Ass Fans
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Axial fans

AMI motorized axial fans are suited for applications in which space is limited. With sizes from 7 to 12 in., the fans range in capacity from 300 to 1,700 cfm. Near-zero speeds can be achieved using solid-state speed controls. The fans are available in open-blade, ring, or panel designs.
Continental Fan
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Centrifugal modules

Suitable for refrigeration and industrial applications, compact centrifugal modules are available in alternating-current (AC), direct-current, and eddy-current technology. Radial motor impellers with backward-curved blades feature integrated connection elements. A pre-set inlet nozzle assists with aerodynamics and acoustic operation, while a pre-assembled operating capacitor and plug connector on AC units eliminate incorrect wiring. — ebm-papst
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Fiberglass centrifugal fans

Featuring corrosion-resistant construction, Model BCSW-FRP fiberglass-reinforced-plastic fans are suitable for use in applications with highly corrosive airstreams, including wastewater-treatment plants, pulp/paper processing, and metal finishing. With a single-width centrifugal blower and a backward-curved wheel, the fans are available in belt- and direct-drive configurations, with performance capabilities of up to 150,000 cfm and 14 in. wg. — Greenheck
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Fan array

A fan array for Vision Indoor Air Handlers offers multiple fan combinations for increased flexibility. Incorporating an array of smaller fans in place of one large fan reduces footprint size, noise, and maintenance, while providing redundancy and design airflow for critical installations. Useful for replacement projects, the fan-array section can be disassembled into smaller components.

McQuay International, a division of Daikin Industries Ltd.
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Stackable direct-current fans

Stackable, aluminum direct-current (DC) fans feature two flat sides and measure 7 by 6 by 1.5 in. The low-profile fans feature a dual ball-bearing system and a polarity-protected, auto-restart brushless DC motor. Available in 12-, 24-, and 48-v versions, the fans feature voltage ranges from 8 to 14, 15 to 28, and 28 to 63, respectively. The fans have airflow ranges from 120 to 225 cfm, with speeds from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm. — Orion Fans
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Exhaust fans

M and P Series inline duct-booster exhaust fans feature high-pressure air-handling performance with low noise and power usage. Suitable for long runs or air-supply and exhaust applications requiring exacting operation, fan applications include spot ventilation, outdoor-air supply, and warehouse exhaust. M Series models come with a standard power cord, while P Series models must be hard-wired.

Tjernlund Products Inc.
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Induced-flow exhaust fans

QIFE mixed-/induced-flow exhaust fans are Air Movement and Control Association-rated. Intended for the exhaust of laboratory fumes and hazardous chemicals, the fans prevent contaminant-laden air from being re-introduced to a building's intake or makeup air. Typical applications include laboratories, hospitals, schools, and chemical storage.
Twin City Fan Companies Ltd.
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