May 1, 2008
Data-center guide APC's Data Centers, Server Rooms, and Wiring Closets: On-Demand Architecture for Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure describes

Data-center guide

APC's “Data Centers, Server Rooms, and Wiring Closets: On-Demand Architecture for Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure” describes the company's range of InfraStruxure systems. Information on services, management, security, cooling, and power is given.

Environmental-equipment booklet

A booklet from Babcock & Wilcox summarizes the capabilities and benefits of the company's product and service offerings for aftermarket environmental equipment. The booklet features full-color photographs, graphs, diagrams, and a list of services provided.
The Babcock & Wilcox Co.

Cooling-towers brochure

A brochure from Baltimore Aircoil announces the introduction of PT2 induced-draft counterflow cooling towers, which cover a range of 100 to 2,000 nominal tons. The brochure includes a product description, custom features, options, and customer benefits.
Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Outdoor-air-system pamphlet

Desert Aire is offering a pamphlet describing its dedicated-outdoor-air systems for 100-percent outdoor-air applications. Options, such as auxiliary heating, energy-recovery wheels, and the company's Q-Pump for loop systems, are detailed. Diagrams are featured.
Desert Aire

Plate-heat-exchangers brochure

A brochure from GEA outlines the company's lines of plate-heat exchangers. Full-color photographs and basic product information are given for each line. The design, function, applications, and advantages of plate-heat exchangers are defined.
GEA PHE Systems North America

Tankless-water-heaters pamphlet

Takagi's tankless-water-heaters pamphlet lists specifications for six of the company's natural-gas and liquid-propane models. The pamphlet outlines the benefits of tankless water heaters vs. tank-type gas water heaters, including annual energy savings and scalding potential.

Laboratory-design handbook

The 29-page “Laboratory Design Handbook” from TSI focuses on the concepts needed to gain a basic understanding of laboratory ventilation. Contents include general laboratory goals, laboratory control, room controls, fume hoods, and fume-hood control.
TSI Inc.

Variable-frequency-drives brochure

A brochure from WEG outlines the company's CFW 09 variable-frequency drive. Technical data is analyzed. Options and accessories, such as a complete keypad, a remote keypad, remote keypad frame kit and cables, and a personal-computer communication kit, are detailed.
WEG Electric Motors Corp.