July 1, 2010
Data-center-cooling paper The white paper, The Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers describes how traditional data-center

Data-center-cooling paper

The white paper, “The Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers” describes how traditional data-center room cooling was never intended to address the conditions created by modern information-technology equipment. The paper contrasts room, row, and rack architectures.
APC by Schneider Electric
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Green-codes white paper

“Greening the Codes,” a white paper from the U.S. Green Building Council, describes how awareness of hazards created by the impacts of buildings on human and environmental health has created a need for building-code changes. Codes have begun to “include human and environmental impacts of buildings into their … mission.”
U.S. Green Building Council
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Energy-recovery-components bulletin

A bulletin from Heatex describes the company's Model V modular wheel and Model Q divided rotor casing. The wheel can transport large rotating heat exchangers. The casing minimizes air leakage between wheel and casing with a brush sealant, allowing easier adjustment, longer life, and less friction.
Heatex America
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Green-building white paper

“Green Building Trends in Higher Education” discusses a campus-sustainability benchmarking study Yudelson Associates conducted for a U.S. university in 2009. The white paper investigates the green-building trend on college campuses and looks at how campuses measure green-building progress.
Yudelson Associates
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