April 1, 2011
Refrigerant manifolds SMAN2 and SMAN3 refrigerant manifolds automatically calculate target superheat, letting users charge air conditioners and refrigeration

Refrigerant manifolds

SMAN2 and SMAN3 refrigerant manifolds automatically calculate target superheat, letting users charge air conditioners and refrigeration units. The manifolds measure and display dual temperatures and pressures, as well as calculate and display superheat and subcooling simultaneously. Features include dual K-type thermocouple pipe clamp inputs, a temperature- and glare-resistant backlit display viewable from 20 ft, long battery life (500 hr for SMAN2 and 135 hr for SMAN3) with constant battery status, and 39 built-in P-T charts.
— Fieldpiece Instruments
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Energy Audit IR thermometers/scanners with Star Burst Laser Targeting (IRTC50) allow users to designate a set point and determine whether subsequent readings are inside or outside selectable ranges. The laser-targeting system lets users easily determine the area being measured. Suitable for conducting energy audits, the point-and-shoot devices can perform a progressive scan over a predetermined area and check for temperature differentials.
— General Tools & Instruments
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Gas analyzers

Model 1205B handheld gas analyzers measure concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in a duct or space. The analyzers display the measurements on a two-line digital liquid-crystal display with backlight. The units' memory stores up to 255 sets of readings that are logged manually or automatically at 1- to 10-min intervals. The analyzers also can provide a summary of average and maximum levels reached during recording. Results can be printed via an optional infrared printer.
— Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Fan-array towers

For air-handling-unit (AHU) retrofits and renovations, FanMatrix fan-array towers are designed for medical, institutional, commercial, and high-tech applications ranging from 3,000 to 200,000 cfm in which the original AHU is functional, but requires new fans because of failure, age, or performance. Ideal for equipment rooms with limited access, the towers are available in 34.5-in.-wide configurations.
— ClimateCraft Inc.
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Solar heating systems

For spaces in which conventional wall-mounted solar air-heating systems are not practical because of poor orientation, insufficient wall area, local bylaws, or other obstacles, MatrixAir Delta modular roof-mounted solar fresh-air heating systems concentrate the sun's heat directly into air-handling units, reducing heating load. The systems can be installed in various configurations for unlimited fresh-air heating requirements.
— Matrix Energy Inc.
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Ball valves

Available with chrome or stainless-steel trim, 599 Series two-way ball valves couple with OpenAir spring-return and non-spring-return actuators, offering two-position, floating, and proportional control options. Designed for precise HVAC performance in facilities such as schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings, the valves feature a flow-capacity range of 0.4 to 160 Cv. Features include a blowout-proof stem, double O-ring stem packing, and a universal actuator mounting bracket with standoffs providing a thermal barrier between actuator and mounting plate.
— Siemens Industry Inc.
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Air and dirt separators

Available in standard and high-velocity models with or without a removable cover, 4900AD Series air and dirt separators lengthen the life of hydronic-system components. Available for pipe sizes from 2 to 36 in., the separators help reduce system pressure drop so smaller pumps can be used. Each unit is designed, constructed, tested, and certified to Section VIII, Division 1, of American Society of Mechanical Engineers code.
— Taco
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Dehumidification technology

Able to control temperature and humidity, ClimaStat dehumidification technology fits small and medium unitary direct-expansion packages and split systems as well as chilled-water air-handling units under 60 tons. The units deliver relatively dry air no colder than 58°F. Able to remove an average of 170 percent more moisture than similar technology at lower humidity conditions, the units are appropriate for applications such as supermarkets and archival storage. Liquid/suction heat exchangers and coil-temperature sensors eliminate freezing concerns.
— Advantek Engineering
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Cabinet controllers

ERC 102 energy-efficient electronic refrigeration controllers operate between 50 to 300 v at 50 to 60 Hz. The 0.5-w controllers use four inputs and four outputs, algorithms, and input from multiple sensors to regulate energy-consuming parts. An interface enables the individual setting of more than 500 parameters, including daylight-saving mode, compressor operating times, canopy/cabinet lighting schedules, evaporator/condenser fan control, and variable temperature control.
— Danfoss
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Available in four- and six-cylinder capacities, Copeland Discus Digital compressors are capable of continuous digital modulation from 10 to 100 percent. Enhanced with CoreSense technology, the compressors provide a precise method of capacity control, making the units suitable for temperature-sensitive applications. Refrigeration systems utilizing the compressors can match the capacity being generated specifically to the required load, allowing the systems to operate more efficiently.
— Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.
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Steam boilers

Compact Tribute steam boilers utilize fiber-mesh burners, variable-speed fans, and integrated gas trains and provide low-emissions combustion with 4-in. incoming gas pressure. The boilers operate at sub-9-ppm nitrogen oxide. Features include 4-to-1 modulation ratios, stainless-steel jackets, and Fulton SC-750 touchscreen boiler-control systems.
— Fulton Cos.
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Wireless building-automation systems

Featuring stand-alone thermostats accessible via a Web browser, StatCenter wireless building-automation systems are suited for retrofit and new-construction applications with packaged, direct-expansion, split-system, fan-coil, or unitary HVAC systems using up to three heating and two cooling stages. Scalable to hundreds of devices, the systems use advanced auto-commissioning and wireless-mesh networking technology to connect with each thermostat. The systems can be upgraded to Autani's energy-management systems, which include lighting and plug-load control.
— Autani Corp.
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