Sept. 1, 2011
Humidification and Dehumidification Units

Liquid-desiccant units
The DuCool and DuTreat Narrow units use liquid desiccant technology to simultaneously cool and remove humidity from the air. DuCool and the smaller DuTreat Narrow are designed to fit through tight clearances and can be installed in a variety of compact commercial spaces. The units operate using electricity and require minimal installation. They range in weight from 495 lb to 525 lb, and their dimensions reach a maximum of 62 in. long, 40 in. wide, and 44 in. tall. The units cool spaces of 4,000 to 6,000 sq ft. —Advantix Systems
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Makeup-air dehumidifiers
The DRY-O-TRON DK/RK Series of energy-efficient makeup-air dehumidification systems for commercial, institutional and industrial applications offers a large selection of standard and optional “green” features, including electronically commutated motors, a number of energy-recovery options and digital scroll compressors. Optional gas-phase air purification can be integrated in-house from Dectron’s Circul-Aire subsidiary. —Dectron
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CO2 and night-setback dehumidifiers
TotalAire DOAS (dedicated outdoor-air systems) now feature night-setback and carbon dioxide (CO2) options. Night setback allows a DOAS unit to dehumidify a space during unoccupied times without introducing outdoor air. The CO2 option provides demand-controlled ventilation of the outdoor air. The units can accept the CO2 input from a building automation system or be equipped with CO2 sensors from the factory. DOAS units with night setback and/or the CO2 option are available in capacities from 550 to 12,450 cfm. — Desert Aire
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Packaged rooftop systems
The RV/RVE rooftop ventilation units fully condition and control any mixture of outdoor and return air. The units are easily configurable for commercial or institutional applications, including schools, offices, and government buildings. The pre-engineered system features 2 in double-wall construction, coupled with direct-drive plenum fans; heating options, including indirect gas furnace, hot water, and electric; cooling options including packaged DX, chilled water, and split DX; and an optional energy recovery wheel (Model RVE). Capacities range up to 9,500 cfm. —Greenheck
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Whole-building dehumidification
DryCool units are designed to meet dehumidification requirements for an entire building, providing 100 percent makeup air at space-neutral temperature and below-space humidity. The units use a condenser-reactivated desiccant wheel. An evaporator coil provides cooling prior to the desiccant process, and energy-recovery devices, such as heat-recovery wheels and heat pipes, can be incorporated to optimize performance. Unit capacities range from 200 to 16,000 cfm. —Munters
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Humidification in tight spaces
The Horizontal Packaged Humidification System is designed for drop-ceiling installations and other installations where wall space is limited. The units’ low-profile cabinet includes a steam generator, a steam distributor, a fan assembly, and all necessary operation and safety controls. A complete installation needs only a supply diffuser, a return grille, and insulated flexible duct. Installation is simplified with an available multiple-cabinet air inlet and outlet. —Vapac Humidification
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