Sept. 1, 2010
Centrifugal modules With impeller diameters from 6.89 to 8.86 in., Centrifugal Modules are available in alternating-current (AC), direct-current, and

Centrifugal modules

With impeller diameters from 6.89 to 8.86 in., Centrifugal Modules are available in alternating-current (AC), direct-current, and electronically commutated technology and are suitable for refrigeration, home-ventilation, and industrial applications. The compact radial impellers with backward-curved blades feature integrated connection components for straightforward operation. A pre-set inlet nozzle guarantees flawless aerodynamic and acoustic operation, while the pre-assembled operating capacitor and plug connector on the AC units eliminate incorrect wiring. An inlet-side guard grille is available upon request.
— ebm-papst
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Evaporator-fan motors

The latest in the iMotor line of replacement evaporator-fan motors, the 9211 model is a 13-w electronically commutated, unit-bearing motor. Use of an electronically commutated design allows the motor to deliver more power with a lower amp draw. The motor is a direct replacement to Hussmann's 13-w, 115-v, 1,725-rpm, shaded-pole evaporator-fan motor.
— A.O. Smith Corp.
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Wall-mount sensors

BTL-listed, the IAQSens wall-mount sensor line includes three models with single-, dual-, and triple-sensor suites. The IAQ-300-N provides carbon-dioxide (CO2), relative-humidity (RH), and temperature sensing; the IAQ-200-N provides RH and temperature sensing; and the IAQ-100-N provides CO2 sensing only. The IAQ-300-N and IAQ-100-N feature an advanced CO2-sensing module and patented self-calibration system from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies to ensure accurate, stable, and reliable readings over the life of the sensor.
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Temperature-differential controller

A multifunctional temperature-differential controller with add-on system functions, the iSolar BX can be used for a variety of solar-thermal heating applications. Twenty-six predefined arrangements are configured for control of standard solar water-heating systems, drainback systems, supplemental space heating, multiple storage tanks, heat dump, storage-tank boost heating, etc. The integrated secure-digital (SD) memory-card slot enables data logging to another SD memory card as well as the transfer of logged system data to a computer.
— Caleffi Solar
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Continuous-monitoring system

HVAC engineers working in hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, and similarly regulated environments seeking continuous-monitoring systems specifically geared for larger enterprises can deploy viewLinc 3.5. The system provides continuous records, 24/7 alarming, and automated reporting. It can monitor temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, differential pressure, levels, and door switches.
— Veriteq, a Vaisala company
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Dual-flush toilet bowls

Sloan Valve's commercial dual-flush toilet bowls have been listed and certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). IAPMO has certified the company's standard-height and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant floor-mount dual-flush toilet bowls, as well as wall-mount models. The toilet bowls have been engineered for water-efficient operation with dual-flush Flushometers, including the solar-powered SOLIS, the battery-powered ECOS, and the manual UPPERCUT.
— Sloan Valve Co.
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Web controllers

WEB-700 controllers support multiple applications, including building automation and energy management, on the same platform. Built on the Niagara Framework, the controllers can integrate into an existing building-management system, serving data and graphical information to a Web browser through an Ethernet local-area network remotely over the Internet or using a dial-up modem. Real-time data, alarms, and other control information are integrated through the controllers. — Honeywell
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Flow-limiting valves

Low-Flow Automatic Balance Valves feature a field-adjusted cartridge that allows a user to select exact flows for specific applications. The Low-Flow Circuit Sentry and Low-Flow Wye-Strainer are designed for automatic-flow-limiting-style balancing of HVAC cooling and heating circuits and are suited for small coils that keep constant fluid flow. — Bell & Gossett
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Heat pipes

For use in new and renovated buildings, Colmac heat pipes are passive devices that transfer heat between a building's exhaust and supply-air streams. Available with capacities of up to 120,000 cfm, the pipes are manufactured with ⅝-, ⅞-, or 1-in. tubes. Typically, 65 to 75 percent of the energy in building exhaust can be cost-effectively recovered and reused. — Colmac Coil
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Register-box/stepped-collar combinations

One-piece molded-polymer register-box/stepped-collar combinations, MH Tuffboxes are designed specifically for conventional metal diffusers. Each model has a stepped collar design that offers a choice of three round-duct-diameter sizes. A beaded rim on the quick-break-away collars helps hold flexible duct in place and speed the fastening process. — Airtec Products Corp.
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CO2 compressors

In the 3- to 9-ton, 10- to 30-kw range, modular carbon-dioxide compressors have a rated motor speed of 1,750 rpm and a rated pressure of 1,820 psi. With an axial-piston configuration, the compressors have a swept displacement of 195 cu ft per hour. The units have a vertical-axis mounting configuration. — EcoThermics Corp.
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Condenser option

A Quiet Condenser option is being offered for RoofPak applied rooftop systems and RCS 15- to 140-ton condensing units. The condensers are engineered with seven-bladed fans that incorporate serrated trailing edges and special blade tips to reduce radiated noise and improve condenser-fan efficiency. When this option is employed, sound power at the unit is reduced by an average of 7 dB when compared with standard units. — McQuay International, a division of Daikin Industries Ltd.
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