Feb. 1, 2008
Wireless fire-alarm monitoring system A wireless tablet PC that allows users to monitor multiple fire-alarm systems in real time, FocalPoint Mobile provides

Wireless fire-alarm monitoring system

A wireless tablet PC that allows users to monitor multiple fire-alarm systems in real time, FocalPoint Mobile provides information in text or graphic detail via CAD-type drawings. The tablet enables facility managers, security personnel, and emergency responders to evaluate an emergency and make prompt, informed decisions. It connects via a wireless network connection or cellular broadband, mounts in vehicles or an indoor docking station, and can be carried by hand. The tablet works in tandem with stationary FocalPoint workstations. Useful for sizable facilities or multibuilding campuses, the systems can be used to monitor a large variety of Gamewell-FCI fire alarms installed in remote locations. Both mobile and stationary workstations feature auto-synchronization to keep screens up to date. From a single screen, users can navigate a facility map to view specific floor plans or identify the location and type of multiple fire alarms. Should a device such as a smoke detector or pull station set off an alarm, the systems can auto-navigate to the area in which the event occurred. The systems display custom site-specific graphics, featuring photographs of buildings and floor-by-floor layouts displaying locations of fire-system components (e.g., heat detectors, pull stations, etc.).

Stainless-steel venting

The T-Vent line of stainless-steel venting products consists of more than 30 parts for use with the installation of Takagi tankless water heaters. The line includes venting pipes, elbows, adaptors, firestops, roof pieces, support straps, clamps, and terminators.

Remote monitoring systems

HOBO remote monitoring systems are data-logging systems that provide facility managers and others with instant access to energy and HVACR-system data via the Internet. Users can set up alarm conditions for connected sensors and receive automatic notifications.
Onset Computer Corp.

Butterfly valves

Ideal for chemical and wastewater applications, Series PBFV thermoplastic butterfly valves feature a blowout-proof stainless-steel stem. A one-piece body design incorporates fully supported flanged bolt holes to prevent stressing of the mating pipe flanges.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Laminar-flow ceiling diffusers

Stainless-steel laminar-flow ceiling diffusers provide a continuous unidirectional flow of large volumes of highly filtered air necessary to wash contaminants from sterile work areas. They are fitting for places such as hospital surgery and isolation rooms, food-processing plants, and waste-treatment facilities.
AJ Manufacturing

Screw chillers

A 70- to 150-ton screw chiller that provides chilled water for comfort cooling or process applications, the Series R RTWD helical rotary chiller operates in a range of energy-saving applications, including low-temperature industrial processes, ice storage, and heat recovery.

R-410A air conditioners and heat pumps

The Halcyon line of R-410A inverter multizone air conditioners and heat pumps offers 41 combinations to achieve greater flexibility. Available for light-commercial applications, contractors can select a 24,000- or 36,000-Btu outdoor unit with 9,000-, 12,000-, or 18,000-Btu wall-mounted or concealed ceiling indoor units.
Fujitsu General America Inc.

Tempering valves

A line of master tempering and high/low safety valves for hot-water distribution in commercial and institutional facilities, HydroGuard XP features two new 2-in. valves with capacities in excess of 200 gpm. The valves feature single-seat design for tight shutoff in the event of cold-water failure.

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