May 1, 2005
Drive control panel Recently extended to 600 v, the ACH550 ac-drive line features a new control panel that is similar in look, feel, and functionality

Drive control panel

Recently extended to 600 v, the ACH550 ac-drive line features a new control panel that is similar in look, feel, and functionality to a mobile phone. The panel features two soft keys, the functions of which change according to the operating state of the panel. A built-in help button and real-time clock enable fast setup, simple configuration, and rapid fault diagnosis, while built-in Start-up Assistant software ensures quick startup and tuning. The panel asks users for motor nominal values, the I/O configuration, and application-specific parameters (acceleration and deceleration). An online information system offers additional help at every step. The real-time clock logs the date and time of faults and all important operating data. If a fault occurs, Diagnostic Assistant will suggest ways to fix it. The panel monitors energy consumption, running hours, or motor revolutions. Users can set their own limits for one of these parameters so that the drive gives an alarm whenever the limits are reached. The keypad then will indicate when the drive, motor, or driven equipment should receive preventive maintenance.
Circle 100

PTAC-sleeve repair kit

With FIXAsleeve, cracked fiber-glass PTAC sleeves can be repaired in 10 min. A 12-in.-by-½in. aluminum “C” bracket snaps onto the edge of a sleeve. A 12-in.-by¾-in. “J” bracket then snaps over the “C” bracket and is screwed into the side of the sleeve with two stainless-steel screws, providing enough strength to withstand hurricane-force winds. FIXAsleeve also is available for steel sleeves.
Rejuvinair Inc.
Circle 101

Antimicrobial fabric duct

Sedona-Xm is said to be the HVAC industry's first UL-classified antimicrobial fabric duct for commercial facilities. It can be disassembled, laundered, and reinstalled easily, with minimal reduction in effectiveness.
Circle 102

Motorized blower

Well-suited to applications requiring low noise and high efficiency, the speed-controllable TCC motorized blower combines a computer-designed, flange-mounted scroll housing with an efficient TMK motorized impeller. The rugged steel housing is coated with a corrosion-resistant epoxy to provide maintenance-free operation.
Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
Circle 103

Acoustics software

Trane Acoustics Program (TAP) Version 3.0 helps designers model sound levels. It automates ASHRAE-endorsed algorithms with a user-friendly Windows interface, updated product sound data, more sound elements, and a new report format.
Circle 104

Large-capacity industrial water chiller

Introduced during the mid-1960s, but absent from the market for six years, the reintroduced 17DA industrial water chiller provides capacity performance in the nominal 3,000-, 4,000-, and 5,000-ton range and uses HFC-134a refrigerant. A steam turbine, electric motor, or gas engine drive can be selected to match the most economical fuel available.
Carrier Corp.
Circle 105

Condensate pump

Now with a plastic casing and quick-fit mounting, Blue Diamond pumps remove condensate quickly and efficiently, reducing running times and extending pump life. The non-clog, valveless design also removes scale from air-conditioning units. The pumps are packaged for slimline or shallow installations.
Charles Austen Pumps
Circle 106

Touch-free faucets

Aerada 800, 900, 1000, and 1100 Series electronically activated faucets feature solid cast brass components, antirotational trim plates, and flexible stainless-steel supply hoses and use a reliable form of infrared activation. All are ADA-compliant.
Bradley Corp.
Circle 107

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