Dec. 1, 2010
Heat exchangers A modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat-exchanger cooling solution, the Ecobreeze can switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange, consistently and efficiently providing cooling to data ...

Heat exchangers
A modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat-exchanger cooling solution, the Ecobreeze can switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange, consistently and efficiently providing cooling to data centers. The units reduce energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between outside ambient air and information-technology return air to provide a data center’s economized cooling. The units have a proportional R-410A refrigerant system and an onboard water-treatment system that eliminates the need for chemical water treatment.
—APC by Schneider Electric
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Commercial furnaces
Offering 90-percent operating efficiency, DJX Series commercial and industrial furnaces have a burner-control turndown ratio of 15-to-1. The furnaces can save approximately 10 percent in operating costs annually. The units are available in a variety of layouts to meet specific project requirements and have a stainless-steel heat exchanger, an electronic ignition, a range of airflow and gas inputs, a variety of control options, flexible equipment-cabinetry construction, and combined mechanical-cooling and energy-recovery packages.
—Engineered Air
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Ceiling-mounted air conditioners
CM25 self-contained, ceiling-mounted air conditioners have a total cooling capacity of 25,000 Btuh and a high sensible cooling capacity of 18,900 Btuh. The air conditioners were designed for server rooms and other spaces with dense heat loads. Only 20-in. high, the unit can fit above a drop ceiling. A built-in mounting bracket, flanges, and vibration isolators allow installation using standard, off-the-shelf hardware. No refrigerant connections are required.
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Building-materials selection software
GreenWizard is a Web-based software solution building-industry professionals can use to search for, compare, buy, and document green-building materials from thousands of manufacturers. The software also can run "what-if" scenarios and optimize Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for materials as well as electronically document information for LEED-credit eligibility.
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Watertube boilers
Model FLX Flextube boilers minimize the potential for thermal-shock damage caused by water-temperature fluctuation. A serpentine tangent-tube design assists in minimizing the potential of thermal-shock damage. Designed for the commercial market, 16 sizes from 1,500 through 12,000 input mbh are available. A hinged burner design provides easier access to the fireside and tubes.
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Modulating compressor
For light-commercial and geothermal applications, the Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor enhances system efficiency, comfort, and reliability for air-conditioning and heat-pump systems. With a modulating two-step capacity design—100 percent at full load and 67 percent at part load—the compressor maintains precise temperature levels and lowers relative humidity, eliminating uneven cooling peaks and valleys and allowing improved overall cooling comfort. The compressor offers an operating envelope of 145˚F condensing.
—Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.
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MasterFit Pro motors include all-purpose, multirating MasterFit APC capacitors that cover 5-, 7.5-, 10-, 12.5-, and 15-microfarads ratings. Five condenser-fan motors have a 158˚F ambient rating and a Class F insulation system that achieves dielectric strength for long thermal life. Four direct-drive fan and blower motors also have enhanced features that include four speeds and Class B insulation.
—A.O. Smith Corp.
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Centrifugal chillers
Featuring an optimized centrifugal compressor that takes advantage of low-temperature cooling-tower water to save energy, York Magnetic Centrifugal Chillers use HFC-134a refrigerant. Proven magnetic-bearing technology is utilized to eliminate mechanical-contact losses in the driveline. Because the magnetic-bearing technology eliminates nearly all driveline vibration, the chillers operate at a maximum of 73 dba at standard full-load conditions.
—Johnson Controls
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Fire-sprinkler piping
Greenpipe F and FireStop pipes are made with polypropylene-random (PP-R), an engineered pressure pipe that has been approved by FM Global for use in light-hazard fire-sprinkler applications. The high-grade plastic, which normally is found in critical applications in laboratory acid-waste drains and hospital deionized-water systems, provides several benefits, including heat-fusion-welding connects, impact resistance, and freeze tolerance.
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Cooling-tower treatment system
HydroPlex is a synergistic, self-contained chemical-free cooling-tower treatment system. The stand-alone, side-streamed equipment includes a circulation pump separate from the tower system. The treatment system also contains a scale-control unit, a centrifugal liquid-solid separator, an automatic programmable purge valve, and a programmable copper/silver-ion generator.
—Environmental Common Sense
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Commercial variable-speed drives
Advantage commercial variable-speed drives feature fast reaction times and complete scalability to match application requirements for speed, size, and protection. With the flexibility and performance to meet the needs of a range of pumping applications, the drives allow simplified installation, configuring, and maintenance. The drives feature diagnostics, voltage ride-through capability, and seismic qualification.
—Taco Inc.
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Liquid-desiccant air-conditioning systems
Created for school facilities, DuCool liquid-desiccant air-conditioning systems can cut cooling costs by 40 percent. The systems use liquid-desiccant technology to dehumidify buildings without lowering temperatures to freezing levels. The systems also improve indoor-air quality by removing 80 to 91 percent of airborne microorganisms, allergens, odors, and particulate. The systems have no drip pans or cooling coils in which bacteria can build up, as there are no condensation points.
—Advantix Systems
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Chiller-starter option
Short-term power loss can turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission-critical facilities. A RapidRestore option allows Pathfinder Model AWS air-cooled chillers to start in as fast as 30 sec after power is restored, making it useful in data centers, health-care buildings, and manufacturing processes. The chiller-starter option helps solve power-loss concerns by returning facilities to the necessary cooling levels, keeping heat-sensitive servers online, maintaining patient comfort in critical-care areas, and eliminating downtime in manufacturing processes.
—Daikin McQuay
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