Jan. 1, 2005
Boiler-chemical-feed systems Bryan Steam offers chemical-feed systems that, in combination with a water meter, automatically feed proper chemicals to

Boiler-chemical-feed systems

Bryan Steam offers chemical-feed systems that, in combination with a water meter, automatically feed proper chemicals to make-up water for steam boilers. These systems are available with 30- to 100-gal tanks and with simplex or duplex pumps operating at rates from 1.8 to 6 gph. The systems cover boiler sizes from 5 to 2,000 hp.
Bryan Steam LLC
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Mechanical insulation

Knauf KwikFlex insulation for pipes and tanks is suitable for large-diameter and irregularly shaped applications. KwikFlex is a uniquely formed fiber-glass blanket that provides flexibility, along with the compressive strength and thermal performance of rigid products. KwikFlex is available with ASJ, FSK, and PSK facings.
Knauf USA
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Motor drives for HVAC

ABB motor drives for HVAC applications are integral to helping designers and builders meet demands for increasing energy efficiency and the achievement of LEED certification. The new ACH550 family of low-voltage AC drives has a range of 1 to 500 hp and offers simplicity, convenience, field-bus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability.
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Boiler-chemical-feed systems

Greenheck's new Vektor high-plume dilution blower is a self-contained exhaust system for institutional and industrial laboratories. The result of Greenheck's advanced computational-fluid-dynamics analyses, the Vektor features a unique discharge nozzle that entrains ambient air to dilute potentially hazardous exhaust fumes.
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All-products catalog

A new 12-page brochure shows the complete line of industrial and commercial fans, blowers, and steam-heating products from New York Blower. Convenient charts present engineering specifications for all products.
New York Blower Co.
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Kitchen-ventilation design manual

The 32-page G Series design manual from Metal-Fab provides information, technical data, and product descriptions for designing and installing factory-built grease-duct systems for Type I and Type II systems.
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Shaft/coupling-alignment system

The Rotalign Ultra shaft-alignment system is designed for precision and reliability across a range of applications. Included are sensors, consoles, and software for portable-computer analysis, archiving, and reporting.
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Modbus-enabled boiler controls

Aerco International Inc. has enhanced its C-More unit controller and Aerco BMS multiple-unit boiler-management system with Modbus technology, which enables the easy integration of the company's gas-fired-boiler and water-heater units into its building energy-management systems.
Aerco International Inc.
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Pipe clamp

The Caddy Microfix easy-close pipe clamp can be used with either iron pipe or copper tubing. Its hinged design eliminates the need to disassemble the clamp prior to installation. A setscrew catches in a locking plate, eliminating the need for tools to position pipe in the clamp. Final tightening can be completed with one hand or a screwdriver.
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Pleated filter

The PerfectPleat line of pleated filters is complete, with the addition of a 4-in. model. The 4-in. PerfectPleat offers the consistent pleat spacing and durability of the 2-in. model, but is stronger. Each 4-in. PerfectPleat consists of a DuraFlex media pack inside a two-piece frame.
AAF International
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Combustible-gas-leak detector

The hand-held Leakator Jr. is used to pinpoint combustible-gas leaks in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. When combustible gases are sensed, audible and visual indications are given.
Bacharach Inc.
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Round fire/smoke damper

FSDR25 is a “true round” fire/smoke damper that can be installed in metal- or wood-stud walls and concrete floors. It is equipped with retaining “cinch” plates that make installation quick and easy. As with other Ruskin fire/smoke dampers, it can be installed with the plate on only one side of the wall.
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Direct gas-fired makeup-air heater

Designed for easy field installation and service, M-Series direct gas-fired makeup-air heaters with patented gas-burner technology and energy-efficient VFD controls provide fresh, tempered makeup air to replace building exhaust in new and existing facilities, including warehouses, factories, foundries, and food-processing plants. Rooftop, through-wall, under-roof, vertical, and horizontal pad-mount designs are available.
Cambridge Engineering
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Air-purification system

Using a six-stage process, TAPS Total Air Purification System is said to be the only air purifier capable of eliminating allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, animal dander, pollen, mites, aerosols, VOCs, ozone, carbon monoxide, and tobacco smoke. Electronic sensors continually monitor air quality.
Continental Fan
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Relative-humidity calibrator

Entirely self-sufficient, not relying on compressed air or water to operate, RH CAL is said to be the first completely portable relative-humidity calibrator. It is a microprocessor-based, programmable system, offering the highest accuracy available for both relative humidity and ambient temperature, which are controlled independently.
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Graphical chart recorder

Able to be desk- or wall-mounted, the Model RH520 chart recorder provides simultaneous numerical and graphical displays of humidity (20- to 95-percent relative humidity) and temperature (-20 to 140 F). It also calculates dew point. The displays are cursor-controlled and have adjustable X/Y-axis resolution. Sample rate is adjustable from 0.1 sec to 200 min.
Extech Instruments
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Portable air conditioner

The Office Pro 36 portable air conditioner protects computer and telecom equipment from heat-related problems, especially data loss. It provides 36,000 Btuh of cooling and operates on 230-v power, providing air conditioning down to 65 F.
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Photovoltaic panels

Semitransparent for use in skylights, windows, and facades, RWE Schott Solar's thin-film silicon solar panels generate clean energy and provide the benefits of a view of the outdoors, reduced glare, and increased shading coefficient.
RWE Schott Solar
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Differential-pressure transducer

The Model 260 “one-size-fits-all” low-differential-pressure transducer offers user-selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs, a standard LCD, and AC/DC excitation on voltage-output operation. At a standard accuracy of 1-percent FS, it is said to be the only multirange transducer to provide fixed-range performance for all selectable ranges.
Setra Systems Inc.
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Tankless water heater

The T-H1 is said to be the world's most efficient tankless water heater. Its pre-heating system employs dual heat exchangers that heat water virtually instantly. As a result, the T-H1 is capable of 10.5-gpm delivery.
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