Aug. 1, 2011
Indoor-air handlers Two new options are available on the Vision series of indoor-air handlers: a side-by-side arrangement with optional energy-recovery wheel (ERW), and optional dual-belt-drive plenum fans. The side-by-side arrangement with ERW provides ...

Indoor-air handlers
Two new options are available on the Vision series of indoor-air handlers: a side-by-side arrangement with optional energy-recovery wheel (ERW), and optional dual-belt-drive plenum fans. The side-by-side arrangement with ERW provides an alternative solution for height-restricted energy-recovery applications. The dual-belt-drive plenum fans provide at least 60 percent redundancy and can be selected to provide 100 percent redundancy. —McQuay

Surgical-suite optimization
Healthcare Environment Optimization integrates a hospital’s building-automation system with surgery scheduling to optimize air-exchange rates and energy use. The system translates and routes data from surgery scheduling to a building-automation system and determines which of two HVAC-system modes should be used: surgery or setback. When the system is in surgery mode, the HVAC system achieves a minimum number of air changes every hour per industry or local-authority standards. An optional user-interface display gives surgical and facility staffs control of room conditions, including temperature. Healthcare Environment Optimization can integrate with the Metasys building-management system or other building-automation systems.—Johnson Controls

Combustion analyzer
The BTU1100 portable combustion analyzer is designed to be an "all-in-one" unit that features a built-in manometer, thermometer (ambient and flue gas), leak detector, and CO sensor with built-in NOx filtration. Field-replaceable sensors allow for easy diagnostics and replacements to eliminate downtime. The unit features a built-in non-thermal printer, metal connections, and a rechargeable battery with AC charger. —E-Instruments International

Controllers and gateways
The second generation of CAN2GO controllers and gateways offer enhanced wireless range, multiprotocol support, and high processing power. Each unit is able to simultaneously control dozens of devices and handle multiple applications, such as HVAC, lighting, and metering. The Universal and VAV controllers and the GW2 gateway all feature 400-MHz processors, 64 MB of RAM, and 2 GB of flash storage. They can provide simultaneous control and BACnet IP integration of digital and analog I/O, Modbus peripherals, and EnOcean and ZigBee wireless devices. The UN2, VA2, and GW2 have embedded BACnet IP gateways for integration with third-party BACnet systems. They also have embedded Web servers hosting the CAN2GO Web BMS, a fully programmable building-management system for buildings of less than 100,000 sq. ft. —SCL Elements

Control system enhanced with open protocol
iWorx , a Web-based building management, monitoring, and control system designed for high-end residential and light-commercial markets, has been enhanced with an interface to the NiagaraAX framework that provides simple integration with other building-automation systems. With the push of a button, every iWorx controller is self-discovered on the system network and seamlessly integrates with any existing LonWorks, Modbus, or BACnet building-automation protocol. This allows for the easy upgrade of equipment control, the addition of new equipment, building HVAC expansion, or integration into an existing graphical frontend. iWorx provides a full suite of control-product applications, including boiler controls, heating and air-conditioning applications, and British-thermal-unit metering. —Taco

Valve and damper actuators
MFT valve and damper actuators are designed to allow for easy retrofits in both electronic and pneumatic systems. The actuators can be quickly installed without taking the system offline, and are compatible with all major control systems. They also can be programmed to suit the needs of a specific controller. —Belimo

Self-contained and air-handling units
SA series vertical self-contained and indoor-air-handling units are available in capacities from 23 to 70 tons (5,300 to 27,000 cfm). Configurations include air-cooled or water-cooled condenser, air-source, water-source or geothermal heat pump, and DX or hydronic air-handling unit. The series features variable-frequency-controlled, spring-isolated, direct-drive backward-curved plenum fans and 10 to 100 percent variable-capacity scroll-compressor cooling/hea- pump heating. —AAON

Backup power system testing
The latest version of the automated Square D PowerLogic Emergency Power Supply System test solution is designed to help hospitals ensure that backup power systems are always ready to perform and are compliant with all maintenance and testing regulations. The test solution automates and streamlines test procedures while electronically documenting a wide range of test-measurement data points. The test solution verifies automatic transfer-switch performance and ensures that backup generator testing occurs at or above minimum recommended manufacturer ratings for load and engine temperature. The test solution offers two optional levels of evaluation that include alarming, power-quality analysis, transient capture on generators, and breaker-status monitoring. — Schneider Electric

Stainless steel steam generators
The CU Commercial Steambath Generator line now includes six models that feature a custom-fabricated stainless-steel housing designed to resist stains and rust and to extend unit life. The stainless-steel models, which range from 9 to 36 kw, are designed for commercial steam-room environments of up to 1,400 cu ft. The generators are designed for spas, resorts, health and fitness facilities, and medical-treatment centers with dedicated steam rooms that operate for more than six hours a day. —Mr. Steam

Data measurement and verification system
The Building Optimization System is designed to meet the permanent metering, data collection/storage, and energy-use-management requirements of new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) advanced energy metering credits. The system provides the foundation for ongoing accountability of building energy consumption over time. Features include permanently installed meters with recording intervals stored in five-minute increments; measurement of consumption, demand, and power factor; the ability to transmit data to remote locations; data collection via a LAN or building-automation system; up to 11 years of data storage for metered data; remotely accessible data retrieval; and energy diagnostic reports of hourly, daily, monthly and annual energy-use data. The system measures all whole-building energy sources, as well as renewables generation, and can scale to collect and track discrete measurements for typical end uses, such as HVAC, lighting, and plug-loads. —Agilewave

Wireless communicating thermostats
The TB7200, TB7300, and TB7600 BACnet and ZigBee wireless mesh-communicating thermostats integrate with the WEBs-AX building-automation system to allow facility managers to maintain and view their thermostats from one central location. The thermostats include models for rooftop units, heat pump and zoning applications, and hotel and commercial fan-coil applications. The thermostats are menu-driven and passive-infrared-sensor-ready with the addition of an occupancy sensor cover. —Honeywell

Product-selection program
Version 4.6 of the Computer Aided Product Selection (CAPS) program includes an air-cooled packaged DX cooling available on the DGX, IGX and MSX makeup-air units; seven models of OSHPD seismic-rated spun-aluminum fans and four models of OSHPD seismic-rated blower fans; air-measuring dampers in sizes of up to 144 in. by 148 in., an expanded Vari-Green motor offering; the new SWB Series 300 backward-inclined fans; and emergency smoke-control systems on Model GB spun-aluminum downblast exhaust fans. Also included are streamlined kitchen-hood selection and a product input guide to make kitchen ventilation-product selection easier. —Greenheck

Stand-alone monitors
The HMS1650-LITE fume-hood monitor and the FMS1650-LITE room-pressure monitor are specifically designed for laboratories, hospitals, educational institutions, and correctional facilities. Both monitors provide core-monitoring capabilities, but are not intended to be integrated into a network. The monitors feature full-color, programmable touchscreens and colored backgrounds that immediately communicate whether the space being monitored is safe for use. The HMS1650-LITE fume-hood monitor is accurate to within ± 2 fpm. The FMS1650-LITE measures to 0.0001-in. WC and is accurate to within ± 0.5 percent of full span. —Triatek

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