Sept. 1, 2010
Variable-speed pumps Rather than constantly running at full speed, Intelligent Variable-Speed (IVS) pumps use variable-speed technology to vary flow to

Variable-speed pumps

Rather than constantly running at full speed, Intelligent Variable-Speed (IVS) pumps use variable-speed technology to vary flow to meet actual system demand. IVS Sensorless pumps match system demand without the use of sensors and are programmed with pre-defined control curves that automatically adjust speed and pressure to match system load. The control curves are site-adjustable, letting installers match installation requirements. — Armstrong Pumps Inc.
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Water-source heat pumps

Ranging in size from ½ to 6 tons, EP Series commercial water-source heat pumps can be used in geothermal applications when equipped with an extended-range option. A four-sided filter rack and foil-faced fiberglass insulation are standard. An optional heavy compressor blanket is available for units installed in mission-critical locations. — FHP
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Multistage pumps

Suited for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, e-SV stainless steel, vertical multistage pumps feature a hydraulic design and efficient motor. The mechanical seal is replaceable without the need for pump disassembly, and the “O”-ring seat is designed to allow disassembly of the outer sleeve. — Goulds Pumps, a brand of ITT Corp.
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Available in cast iron and stainless steel, Model UPS50-60 SuperBruteXL circulators feature a three-speed wet-rotor design. The rotor's shaft and bearings are constantly in contact with, and cooled by, surrounding circulating water. The wet-rotor design doesn't require a fan, so the unit operates quietly. A sealless and oilless design minimizes maintenance. — Grundfos Pumps Corp.
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High-solids-content pumps

Moyno 2000 CC pumps transfer abrasive, high-solids-content materials. They are designed for municipal and industrial applications in which close-coupled configurations are preferred, but a gear joint drive is needed. The pumps feature a sealed gear-type universal-joint drive train and optimized rotor/stator pumping-element geometry. — Moyno Inc.
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Water-to-water heat pumps

Compatible with closed-loop and ground-loop water-source-heat-pump applications, Virtual Moveable End Cap (VME) Water-to-Water Heat Pumps are modular and can be expanded to meet future building needs. Utilizing a combination of 15-, 20-, 30-, 50-, and 70-ton units, 15- to 600-ton chiller-heater systems can be created. — Multistack
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HVAC pumps

With flows of up to 2,500 gpm and heads of up to 400-ft TDH, EnviroFlo HVAC pumps are available in frame-mounted and close-coupled models. The pumps feature a back-pullout configuration for ease of access and maintenance. The bearing housing mounts directly to the pump volute to save space and provide proper alignment. — Patterson Pump Co.
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Pump-selection software

Pump-Flo Premium is a subscription-based Web version of Pump-Flo pump-selection software. Highlights include new collaborative sharing tools, the ability to save pump search lists, and the ability to search multiple manufacturers' catalogs at one time. The program searches from more than 135,000 digitized pump curves. — Pump-Flo Solutions
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In-line split-coupled pumps

Equipped with an 8-in. suction/discharge and a 16-in. bronze impeller, KS8016 Vertical In-Line Split-Coupled Pumps are available in three 50-Hz versions — 1,160, 1,450, and 1,750 rpm — and have operating capacities of up to 3,500 gpm and heads of up to 280 ft. Like all KS models, the KS8016 can be mounted on an optional ductile-iron support stand. — Taco Inc.
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