Humidification & Dehumidification

March 1, 2012
Liquid-desiccant system The DuTreat Roof Top (DTRT 5000/30) rooftop air-conditioning and dehumidification system uses a salt-water-based liquid desiccant.

Liquid-desiccant system

The DuTreat Roof Top (DTRT 5000/30) rooftop air-conditioning and dehumidification system uses a salt-water-based liquid desiccant. The salt water naturally absorbs humidity, cools air, and removes most airborne microorganisms in a single pass, eliminating the need for drip pans or coils. According to the manufacturer, the technology reduces operating costs 30 to 40 percent, compared with conventional vapor-compression systems and solid-desiccant wheels. — Advantix Systems
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Gas-to-steam humidifiers

GTS gas-to-steam humidifiers provide a broad range of capacities and precise humidity control. They are compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. Features include indoor and outdoor enclosures and integral drain-water tempering. Steam capacities range from 75 to 600 lb per hour. — Dri-Steem
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Industrial dehumidifier

The VFB industrial dehumidifier is available in electric, steam, and direct- or indirect-fired gas reactivation in 13 sizes from 300 to 30,000 cfm of dehumidified air. Features include an easy-to-remove desiccant rotor and solid welded aluminum construction. — Bry-Air
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Custom air handlers

The ECO-TRON series of custom air-handling solutions features integral energy-recovery device(s), desiccant dehumidification, gas-phase filtration, electronically commutated motors, digital scroll compressors, microprocessor controls, and thermal-break construction. The air handlers are available in capacities from 500 to 120,000 cfm. — Dectron Internationale
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Outside-air systems

The TotalAire series of dehumidifiers is being expanded with the addition of the QS compact model for dedicated outside-air systems (DOAS) and high outside-air systems (HOAS). The QS is targeted for applications where a DOAS or HOAS is needed for treatment of outdoor-air ventilation. It is available in 10-, 12-, and 15-ton units for airflows of 1,150 to 4,250 cfm. HOAS versions allow for dehumidification of spaces during unoccupied times or demand-control ventilation applications. The QS features the CM3500 controller, which offers communication protocols including BACnet, MS/TP, BACnet IP/Ethernet, LonWorks, and Modbus. — Desert Aire
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Whole-building dehumidification

DryCool products use reactivated desiccant wheels to meet dehumidification requirements for an entire building, providing 100 percent makeup air at space-neutral temperature and below space humidity. The units' evaporator coil provides cooling prior to the desiccant process, and energy recovery devices, such as heat-recovery wheels and heat pipes, can be incorporated to optimize performance. Capacities range from 200 to 16,000 cfm. — Munters
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Unit for drop-ceiling installations

VapaVoid is a horizontal packaged humidification system designed for concealed drop-ceiling installations. Its low-profile cabinet includes a steam generator, a steam distributor, a low-sound fan assembly, and all necessary operation and safety controls. Installation is simplified with multiple-cabinet air inlets and outlets. For a complete installation, the user needs only a supply diffuser, a return grille, and insulated flexible duct. — Vapac
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Hot-gas-reheat units

The York MagnaDRY line of packaged rooftop air-conditioners has been expanded with 3- to 5-ton Predator MagnaDRY hot-gas-reheat units. The new units feature a design similar to that of the 6.5- to 12.5-ton Predator units and can be ordered in several configurations, including reheat only, reheat with electric heat, or reheat with gas. They achieve efficiencies of 15 SEER and 12.2 EER. The units are charged, wired, piped, and tested before shipment. Factory-installed options include a stainless-steel heat exchanger, electric heating elements, and supply- and return-air smoke detectors. Field-installed accessories, such as propane and high-altitude conversion kits, carbon-dioxide sensors, and motorized dampers, are also available. — Johnson Controls
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