June 1, 2010
Condensing boilers For commercial hot-water applications requiring 112,000 to 399,000 Btuh, Esteem 299 wall-hung condensing boilers deliver a 3.6-1 turndown

Condensing boilers

For commercial hot-water applications requiring 112,000 to 399,000 Btuh, Esteem 299 wall-hung condensing boilers deliver a 3.6-1 turndown ratio and 95-percent efficiency. A corrosion-resistant 439 stainless-steel fire-tube heat exchanger makes the boiler well-suited for modern condensing hydronic heating systems. A premix air/fuel blower and high-grade stainless-steel burner are capable of modulating the firing rate from 28 to 100 percent, allowing the boilers to match heating needs closely without short-cycling or reducing efficiency.
AERCO International Inc.
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Water boilers

High-efficiency near-condensing WC water boilers fit through standard doorways. Gas- or propane-fired, the WC offers efficient solutions for space heating and domestic and process hot water. From 0.5- to 3.0-MBtu input, six models feature up to 86-percent thermal efficiency, less than 9-ppm nitrogen oxide, and full modulation. Sola touch-screen controls are available with the Smart Boiler Control System for remote management.
Ajax Boiler Inc.
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Portable emissions analyzer

ECOM EN2 portable combustion analyzers measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide, as well as temperature, stack draft/pressure, efficiency, and excess air. An internal pump and Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate drain ensure accuracy and longer sensor life. Standard features include an on-board printer, secure digital memory card, and wireless Bluetooth. Common applications include the setup, maintenance, and emission monitoring of natural-gas-, diesel-, and oil-fired boilers, burners, and reciprocating engines.
ECOM America
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Redundant pressure transmitter

XTP150G redundant pressure transmitters are certified for monitoring draft in conjunction with oil- or gas-fired appliances. Their design integrates a dual pressure-sensor setup that automatically monitors operation. The transmitters provide a 0- to 10-v signal to a main controller. In case of a malfunction, an alarm signal is generated and a safety interlock relay is activated.
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Condensing hydronic boilers

Pulse combustion condensing hydronic boilers feature a naturally aspirated combustion process that does not require a blower motor for operation. An assist fan is used for pre/post purge only and turns off once combustion has been established. The boilers require electricity only for purge cycles and powering fuel valves, controls, and other safety features. The combustion process itself does not require electricity.
The Fulton Cos.
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Combustion efficiency panel

The Delphi combustion efficiency panel is a single, pre-wired combustion panel that integrates flame safeguard control, fuel-air-ratio control, oxygen (O2) trim, and variable-frequency-drive and proportional-integral-derivative controls. The touchscreen display and embedded commissioning and control software reduce the time needed to configure fuel-air ratio and O2 trim.
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Condensing hydronic boilers

Expanded with sizes from 80 to 850 mbh, NeoTherm condensing hydronic boilers are fully packaged and 95-percent efficient, with a 5-1 turndown ratio. Zero clearance to combustibles and top connections (horizontal or vertical direct vent) make the boilers suitable for tight installations.
LAARS Heating Systems
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Electric steam boilers

Custom-built cabinet electric steam boilers include low and high pressure from 7.5 to 3,600 kw with 25 to 12,420 lb of steam per hour. Applications include economical space heating; humidification in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings; and supply of process steam for industrial use. Two or more units can be ganged together.
Lattner Boiler Mfg. Co.
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Boiler controls

The Smart System boiler-control interface has been equipped with several new features and is now standard on Knight XL commercial boilers and Armor commercial water heaters. Features include a larger display screen, new color-coding functionality, soft keys, and an encoder knob. The system now can control up to three individual set-point temperatures, allowing three different temperature loops to be serviced and enabling the appliance to run at the lowest required temperature to increase system efficiency.
Lochinvar Corp.
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Hot-water boilers

Available in sizes from 500,000- to 3.12-million-Btu input, 204WW direct-fired hot-water wall boilers are designed to fit through a standard 36-in. doorway without disassembly. The units are available as gas, oil, or combination gas/oil- fired with a conventional power burner.
Parker Boiler Co.
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Condensing boilers

Available in sizes from 300 to 850 MBtu, XFyre modulating condensing boilers have thermal efficiencies of up to 94 percent at full fire and 99 percent at part load. Top water connections and a 9½-sq-ft footprint minimize space requirements. The boilers include a liquid-crystal status display, full diagnostics, and fault memory.
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Horizontal fire-tube boilers

Senergy horizontal fire-tube boilers include three standard sizes: 40, 60, and 100 hp at 150-psig operating pressure. The boilers are equipped with Power Flame full-modulation natural-gas burners.
Superior Boiler Works Inc.
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