April 1, 2012
Water-system filters OR and ORG filters remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling-system water, decreasing deposition on heat-transfer

Water-system filters

OR and ORG filters remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling-system water, decreasing deposition on heat-transfer surfaces, reducing sites for microorganisms to colonize, and preventing the clogging of nozzles, orifices, and valve actuators. OR filters are designed to be mounted horizontally, parallel to piping; ORG filters feature a vertical-mount configuration. Both filters feature stainless-steel screens and rugged dirt collectors and do not rely on electricity for operation. A simple integrated hydraulic system manages the short (5 to 15 sec) cleaning cycle, which is triggered by a predetermined pressure loss across the dirty screen. Sizes are available from 1½ in. to 24 in., with screen openings from 3,000 microns to 10 microns.— Orival
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Fire-alarm control panels

PFC-6200 and PFC-6800 high-capacity addressable fire-alarm control panels feature systemwide synchronization, Ethernet connection, and e-mail communication capability. The PFC-6200 is a 127-point panel expandable to 254 points; the PFC-6800 is a 127-point panel expandable to 1,016 points. Both panels use the Potter/Nohmi device protocol, which has a complete line of initiating and control devices. All of the outputs are power-limited and may be programmed for Potter/AMSECO, Gentex, Cooper/Wheelock, and System Sensor, using Potter's Quadrasync multistrobe synchronization technology. — Potter Electric Signal Co.
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Vertical-bypass-panel drives

Vertical Bypass Panel Assemblies are structured around Danfoss VLT HVAC drives to deliver variable-speed performance with bypass controls and maximum geometric flexibility to meet strict installation constraints. The assemblies' vertical layout and small footprint requires half the horizontal width of traditional panels. The assemblies feature a UL Type 1/NEMA 1 design and are UL/CUL 508-listed and seismic-certified. Inherent phase-loss/imbalance and brown-out protection prevents product damage and downtime in adverse power-quality installations.— Danfoss
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Specialty maintenance products

The Specialist line consists of five products: rust-release penetrant spray, water-resistant silicone lubricant, protective white lithium grease, long-term corrosion inhibitor, and rust-remover soak. All of the Specialist products are 50-state volatile-organic-compound compliant.
— WD-40 Co.
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Multiroom monitoring

The Multi-Room Monitoring Station (MRMS) offers remote viewing and alarm capabilities for up to eight critical-care areas. The MRMS can be placed in a centralized location, such as a nurse's station or main control room. Only one BACnet-signal cable is required for the effective monitoring of up to eight rooms or critical spaces equipped with other Setra Systems pressure and condition room monitors. A built-in audible and visual alarm and high-definition color touchscreen display offers easy viewing of room status and detailed room conditions.
— Setra Systems
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Moisture indicators

Streamline sight glass/moisture indicators are designed for use in extreme operating environments. Three styles are available: hermetically sealed; hermetically sealed, copper body; and replaceable element, copper body. All handle working pressures to 700 psig at a temperature range from -40°F to 185°F and are designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop. The indicators are compatible with all chlorofluorocarbon, hydrochlorofluorocarbon, and hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants and oils. — Mueller Refrigeration
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Steam-system software

HVAC Solutions software has been rebranded Steam DesignPro. The software was created as a visual design tool using a drag-and-drop method for designing and modeling HVAC steam systems. The Windows-based software allows easy modeling of steam generation, steam distribution, steam utilization, and condensate-handling systems. The program automatically performs calculations and design tasks, such as head loss and static pressure, pipe and duct sizing, data recalculation, component insertion, full psychrometic calculations, and equipment type changes, on the fly. Additional features include the ability to select relief valves, flowmeters for steam and hydronic applications, and control valves.
— Spirax Sarco
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