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July 1, 2009
Recycled-fabric duct The fabrics used to make Sedona-Xm and Coronado duct are now made with 55-percent recycled content. Also available is Rx, a permeable

Recycled-fabric duct

The fabrics used to make Sedona-Xm and Coronado duct are now made with 55-percent recycled content. Also available is Rx, a permeable premium fabric using a 50-percent recycled-fabric face and a metal back pan made of 60- to 80-percent recycled metal for laboratory applications. The recycled fabrics can be laundered a minimum of 10 times without losing color or structural integrity.
— DuctSox
Circle 9

Backdraft dampers

WDR-53 and SSWDR-53 round backdraft dampers can be installed horizontally for vertical airflow or vertically for horizontal airflow. Model WDR-53 features a galvanized-steel frame with aluminum blade, while model SSWDR-53 is constructed with a 304-grade stainless-steel frame and blade. Both models are rated for velocities of up to 2,000 fpm and pressures of up to 2 in. wg.
— Greenheck
Circle 10

Ventilation-products catalog

A catalog from Fantech details the company's line of power roof ventilators, wall fans, and air circulators. The 136-page black-and-white catalog includes product photos, diagrams, charts, and graphs. Features, specifications, and accessories are discussed.
— Fantech
Circle 11

Fan-coil units

For commercial and light-commercial HVAC systems, fan-coil units from 250 to 2,000 cfm with exposed or concealed cabinets in a variety of configurations, such as horizontal/low-profile, horizontal/high-performance, vertical/low-height, vertical/high-performance, and vertical/high-rise are available.
— Johnson Controls
Circle 12

Access-floor-air-plenum guide

A guide from Tate describes how to detail and specify access-floor air plenums. The guide lists the company's recommended access-floor-air-plenum specifications, such as HVAC, electrical, and communications specifications. Underfloor-air-sealing locations, which can help ensure underfloor-air-delivery plenum integrity, are marked on basic floor plans.
— Tate ASP Access Floors Inc.
Circle 13

Air purifiers

For new-construction and retrofit air handlers, A130 air purifiers feature Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-qualifying filtration efficiency, with a minimum efficiency reporting value of 13 at an initial pressure drop of 0.2 in. wg. The purifiers kill the causes of infectious diseases and capture allergens, such as pollen, dander, and dust. Independent testing shows that the purifiers can kill more than 99 percent of airborne pathogens.
— StrionAir
Circle 14

Indoor-air-handlers pamphlet

A four-page pamphlet from AAON describes the company's H2/V2 series of horizontal and vertical indoor air handlers, which are available from 800 to 10,000 cfm in five cabinet sizes. Features, options, diagrams, and full-color photos are included. Facts, such as the air handlers' first and maintenance costs, are detailed.
— AAON Inc.
Circle 15

Industrial-fans brochure

A full-color brochure from Multi-Wing details the company's airfoil, broad-paddle, increasing-arc, and sickle-blade industrial fans. The brochure also features a description of the company's application-support services, which include short production lead times and emergency production.
— Multi-Wing
Circle 16

Flange fans

AFK flange fans are available in diameters from 12 to 42 in., with capacities of up to 34,000 cfm. Custom designs and all-aluminum construction are available.
— Continental Fan
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