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Feb. 1, 2009
Air-cooled chillers LC Series air-cooled chillers are designed to provide consistent leaving-water temperature with part-load efficiency in a compact

Air-cooled chillers

LC Series air-cooled chillers are designed to provide consistent leaving-water temperature with part-load efficiency in a compact package. Features include 10- to 100-percent modulating capacity, R-410A scroll compressors, factory-installed pumping packages, low-ambient options, shell-and-tube or brazed-plate heat exchangers, and capacities from 5 to 54 tons. Factory-assembled, piped, and wired to accept a single-point electrical connection, the chillers include access doors in areas subject to scheduled maintenance. Laminated unit-specific color-coded wiring diagrams in point-to-point and ladder form are permanently affixed inside of the control compartment. Housed inside of the compartment and protected from weather and outdoor elements are microprocessor controls compatible with BACnet, Modbus, Johnson N2, LonTalk, and Automated Logic protocols. Low-ambient control on all of the refrigeration circuits allows mechanical cooling at decreased ambient temperatures.
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Air conditioners

Measuring 15 in. high and 8 in. wide, Profile Guardian DP15 Series air conditioners are designed to cool the interiors of electronic cabinets, extending the useful life of components. Typical applications include telecommunications, kiosks, waste and water treatment, and various industrial controls.
—Kooltronic Inc.
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Probe stations

Ultraprobe airflow-measuring probe stations are useful for projects that require accurate measurement of airflow through ducts and piping. Round, rectangular, and oval configurations feature a sensor assembly that allows for duct expansion and contraction.
—Ultratech Industries Inc.
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Control boxes

Weatherproof CB Series control boxes allow users to operate Assured Automation electric or pneumatic actuators from a remote location. (Pneumatic actuators require a solenoid.) The compact control boxes are available with lamp indi - cation for feedback confirmation of actuator/valve position.
—Assured Automation
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Duct sealant

Specially formulated for job-site applications, portable Spray-Seal duct sealant features enhanced elasticity when cured, eliminating cracking. The sealant provides labor savings and enhanced performance.
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Vent-system elbows

An integral part of a positive-pressure vent system, air- and water-tight Z-Vent elbows are supplied fully welded. Made with Z-Weld technology, the elbows can withstand high temperatures and extreme corrosion. Features include fully welded seams and improved structural integrity. Available in 5- to 24-in. sizes, the elbows come in singleand double-wall models.
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Video smoke-detection systems

Video smoke-detection systems are based on the computer analysis of video images provided by closed-circuit-television cameras (bl a ck- andwhite, color, infrared, existing, or new). The systems use sophisticated software algorithms to identify the motion pattern of smoke and fire while ignoring other on-screen movement patterns on up to four cameras simultaneously.
— Notifier by Honeywell
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Exhaust fans

Suited for roof or wall-mounted applications, CDD direct-drive downblast exhaust fans provide quiet operation within a weather-resistant spun-aluminum housing. Wire conduit provides a protected channel for electrical connections. Available in single-phase, 115-v units, the fans have direct-drive capacities of up to 2,750 cfm and a maximum-temperature rating of 110˚F.
—Continental Fan
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Online monitoring system

The USE Manager 5.3 online monitoring system allows building-portfolio managers to view critical heating-system functions at a glance. The system features graphs that compare boiler runtimes for several buildings and charts that track boiler runtime and water loss to identify steam leaks.
—U.S. Energy Group
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Supply sticks

Series PCWS pressure-regulating supply sticks eliminate connections and minimize space requirements in plastic piping systems by combining a number of valves, connectors, and gauges into a single-piece design. The reduction in size and connections increases piping strength by 1,400 percent.
—Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.
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Pipe-freezing units

SF-2500 SuperFreeze pipe-freezing units isolate sections of copper or steel pipe with ice plugs, eliminating complete system shutdowns and draining. The units can form ice plugs in as little as 5 min in steel pipes with diameters of up to 2 in. and copper tubing with diameters of up to 2½ in. One or two plugs can be formed with a single unit at the same time. Flexible rubber hoses connect freeze heads to the units.
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2530 Series non-metallic fiberglass reinforced-plastic magnet-drive pumps are available in 10 sizes with capacities of up to 1,500 gpm, heads of up to 400 ft, powers of up to 100 hp, temperatures of up to 200˚F, and working pressures of up to 200 psi. The thermoset-construction design features a one-piece reinforced casing with no separate liners.
— Fybroc Division, Met-Pro Pump Group
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