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Fastrack - January 25, 2012

Jan. 26, 2012
Top States for LEED Projects; HVACR-Industry Achievements Recognized
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JANUARY 25, 2012
Innovation, AERCOs commercial size instantaneous water heater above 250,000 BTU/hr.


Single-Zone, CO2-Based Demand-Controlled Ventilation

By DAVID S. DOUGAN; Ebtron Inc.; Loris, S.C.

Reducing the amount of outdoor air entering a space when an HVAC system is mechanically cooling or heating and an air-side economizer is inactive has distinct advantages. For some spaces, demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) based on changes in occupancy may be desirable. According to one method of DCV, ventilation rate is adjusted based on carbon-dioxide (CO2) level. Unfortunately, many designers do not have a clear understanding of the relationship between CO2 and ventilation and the requirements for proper ventilation control. This article clarifies the relationship between CO2 level and ventilation rate and offers suggestions for improving traditional single-setpoint CO2 DCV through the addition of a direct outdoor-airflow-measuring device.

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USGBC Releases Annual List of Top States for LEED Projects

The District of Columbia led the nation in commercial- and institutional-building space certified under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems per person in 2011, the USGBC recently announced.

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ASHRAE Recognizes HVACR-Industry Achievements

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is recognizing 36 people for their contributions to the Society and the building industry during the Society’s 2012 Winter Conference, being held Jan. 21-25 in Chicago.

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Titus HVAC Presenting Free Webinar on Displacement Ventilation

Titus HVAC, provider of air-management products and design tools, will present a free Webinar intended to help engineers gain confidence in designing with displacement-ventilation products Jan. 31 at 2:30 p.m. CST.

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Polygon Introduces iPhone app for Psychrometric Calculations

Polygon, the North Andover, Mass.-based provider of property-damage-restoration, temporary-humidity-control, and property-performance services, recently launched PsycIt, an iPhone application allowing users to promptly and accurately calculate the properties of air on site.

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Rick Fedrizzi to Discuss the Role of People in Green Building at the 2012 Carrier Global Engineering Conference Rick Fedrizzi, president and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), has been named a keynote speaker for the 2012 Carrier Global Engineering Conference – March 18-20 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. His address will focus on sustainability and the essential role people play in implementing sustainable building design using advanced technologies. Fedrizzi will emphasize how that role affects the way we build and train for the future. Click here for more.

Emerson Climate Technologies E-book on Compressor Electronics Complete

“Understanding Compressor Electronics,” a free e-book by Emerson Climate Technologies, is now complete, with all four chapters available on the company's Website.

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Light-commercial rooftop units AAON RQ series rooftop units (2 to 6 tons) feature double-wall rigid-polyurethane-foam insulated cabinet construction and direct-drive backward-curved plenum fans allowing for quiet, energy-efficient airflow with high-static-pressure capabilities. Standard RQ series features include stainless-steel piano hinges, color-coded wiring diagrams, labeled components, and isolated controls and compressor compartments for ease of maintenance. Available options include single-zone VAV, high-efficiency variable-speed fans, variable-capacity compressors, energy-recovery wheels, and economizers. RQ series units are available with efficiencies of up to 19 SEER; as air-cooled or water-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units; air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps; 100-percent-outside-air units, and chilled-water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in high-performance hot-water, steam, electric, and gas-heating configurations. Visit http://aaon.com/product.aspx?id=1 for more information.—AAON Inc.
Insulated saddles and clevis-hanger covers New CoolDry insulated saddles and matching Wraparoos clevis-hanger covers provide water- and moisture-resistant insulation and jacketing. The chlorofluorocarbon- and hydrochlorofluorocarbon-free phenolic-foam insulation has excellent compressive strength (3.75 PCF and 5 PCF) and meets rigid 25/50 flame/smoke ratings, while the vapor-barrier jacketing with self-sealing tape is zero-permeance-rated. A unique partial-bottom ribbed saddle secures the CoolDry system, while the bright-white polyvinyl-chloride Wraparoos clevis-hanger cover protects the saddle and cleans easily with a damp cloth.—Buckaroos Inc.
Energy-efficient motor The new Eon 42 motor is an energy-efficient alternative to the standard permanent-split-capacitor motor found in many fan coils and blower-deck applications. The motor saves up to 56 percent of the electricity consumed by the motor. It is easily installed and is available in a wide range of horsepower ratings, voltages, and mechanical features. Its benefits include: • Efficiencies exceeding 78 percent. • Low-voltage AC or DC thermostat inputs allowing use of existing system controls. • Ability to be retrofitted into variable-speed applications. The motors are designed for direct-drive blower applications 120V or 208/240/277V AC single-phase input, 50/60Hz. They are available in 1/15 hp (low speed only) as well as 1/8 hp and 1/4 hp (high and low speed).—Genteq
Digital temperature interlock Greenheck's new digital temperature interlock is designed to automatically start kitchen-hood exhaust fans and keep them running while heat is being generated from cooking appliances. Acting as a backup to a manual control, the interlock will override the switch and start the fans once heat is detected, ensuring safety in the event an operator fails to manually turn on the fans. The interlock enables quick and accurate temperature adjustment via a digital controller with an LED display that can be remote mounted, allowing easy access and accurate control when making seasonal adjustments to the temperature setting. The interlock complies with International Mechanical Code 2009 section 507.2.1.1, which requires interlock between exhaust fans and cooking equipment.—Greenheck
Heat pumps The RedLINK wireless HVAC protocol in Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating split-ductless and ducted heat pumps allows users to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. Using radio-frequency communication, a single controller can manage up to 16 zones and be placed in a different room than an air handler. To learn more, visithttp://bit.ly/MitsubishiElectric_RedLINK.—Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating


Money lost or poor indoor quality, which group do you fall into? DCV systems over ventilate costing owners' money or under ventilate leading to poor indoor quality affecting human comfort. Download this Application Note for better understanding of the key to selecting a technology that will lead to higher success.—Vaisala