Boiler Allows Garage Owner to Save $7,000 a Year on Heating Costs

Jan. 1, 2011
Unit recycles 10 to 15 gal. of used motor oil a day

Faced with mounting heating bills, Marc Davis, owner of Marc's Garage in Cambridge, Wis., made an important decision. In 2003, as part of the construction of a new eight-bay garage, he invested in a Clean Burn boiler to recycle the 3,500 gal. of waste motor oil generated by his business each year.

"We recycle 10 to 15 gal. of oil a day that we generate from auto-repair and maintenance work," Davis said. "That used oil is filtered through the boiler, and the heat is saved up and used through in-floor radiant-heating pipes during the winter months."

Within just four years, the energy-efficient boiler paid for itself. Davis now saves approximately $7,000 a year on heating costs and keeps his 8,500-sq-ft shop warm throughout the cold Wisconsin winter months.

"This investment in a boiler has totally eliminated my heating bills," Davis said.

A 20-ft-by-70-ft concrete slab outside of the facility receives radiant subsurface heating from oil recycled through the Clean Burn unit. This heating melts snow and ice so the exterior of the building has a clear, safe access area requiring no shoveling.

At his previous location, Davis used a furnace system that required frequent maintenance, cleaning, and adjustments to work properly. With the Clean Burn unit, he vacuums ash and debris about every 500 hr. During the same routine maintenance, he cleans the oil-delivery passageways, nozzles, and filters. He likens this to taking care of an automobile regularly.

Information courtesy of Clean Burn Inc.