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EGB, October 19 , 2011

Oct. 21, 2011
Selecting a Sustainability Professional
October 19, 2011
EGB Features
Steps to Selecting a Sustainability Professional
By PETER C. D’ANTONIO, PE, CEM, LEED AP, PCD Engineering Services Inc., Longmont, Colo.
Selecting the right design professionals and builders is an essential step in undertaking a successful sustainability project. Experienced sustainability professionals will help you realize your sustainability goals and help ensure a project is a financial and environmental success. [More]
EGB News
Poll: Majority of Americans Support Federal Investment in Green Schools
A new independent nationwide survey reveals that nearly three out of four Americans support federal investment in school-building improvements focused on creating healthier learning environments, saving tax dollars, or lowering carbon emissions. [More]
Lennox Shares Tips for Improving Indoor-Air Quality in Schools
Lennox Industries Inc., the Richardson, Texas-based provider of residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning systems, recently released a list of four tips for improving indoor-air quality (IAQ) in schools. [More]
Schneider Electric Launches University-Relations Program
Global energy-management specialist Schneider Electric has launched a program aimed at preparing university students for careers in green technology. [More]
Overview of Alternative-Energy Market Available
Sonnhalter, a Berea, Ohio-based communications firm marketing to professional tradesmen in the construction, industrial, and MRO markets, has released an overview of the alternative-energy industry. [More]
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