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Oct. 1, 2009
Building monitoring system The USE Manager 6.0 monitoring system features fully integrated real-time status and enables building control via the Web,

Building monitoring system

The USE Manager 6.0 monitoring system features fully integrated real-time status and enables building control via the Web, allowing building owners and managers to know what is happening in each building of a large portfolio and take action immediately. Integrating information from the USE Controller Energy Management System and the USE Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, the system enables building owners and managers to reduce the number of trips they make to their buildings by allowing access from any Web browser. The system allows property managers to change heating-system functions, such as desired indoor temperature; apply aquastat adjustments; program desired times in response to alerts from their Web browsers; monitor and manage boiler operations; track fuel usage and purchases; audit fuel bills and energy pricing; gain historical insight into energy consumption and needs; and track building violations.
U.S. Energy Group
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Bearing-protection rings

Baldor has announced the availability of a bearing-protection-ring option on Baldor-Reliance motors. AEGIS SGR bearing-protection rings protect motor bearings from shaft currents induced by adjustable-speed drives. The rings are specified by HVAC, pump, and conveyor manufacturers to mitigate adjustable-speed-drive circulating currents and prolong bearing life.
Baldor Electric Co.
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Air handlers

Model CAUA vertical gas-fired air handlers are available with staged heating from 75 to 400 mbh for less-than-extreme design conditions. The air handlers have multiple options for air-mixing and filter boxes and discharge arrangements.
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Heat-wheel-selection software

ThermoSelect heat-wheel-selection software simplifies the selection of an energy-recovery wheel based on size and/or performance. Enthalpy and sensible wheels from 500 to 150,000 cfm, as well as dual-wheel configurations, can be chosen. Flash movie tutorials on all aspects of operation are included.
Thermotech Enterprises Inc.
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Vertically configured ExpertAire dehumidifiers are useful for many applications, including indoor pool rooms, industrial processing plants, and warehouses. Available from 3 to 8 tons, the units' reduced footprint makes them practical for tight spaces and small mechanical rooms.
Desert Aire
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Packaged HVAC units

Available with environmentally friendly refrigerants, Series 100 single outdoor packaged HVAC units have a cooling capacity of 50 to 130 tons. The units also feature high-efficiency scroll compressors, multiple-step capacity control, and full modulating gas heat. The microprocessor control center ensures proper ventilation-air quailty, eliminating costs of conditioning excess air.
Johnson Controls
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Pump design files

Taco's commercial pump lines are available through the Autodesk Seek Web service, enabling mechanical design professionals to search for and access Taco design files directly from AutoCAD and Revit desktop design applications for building information modeling or via the Internet. The files also can be accessed using any mobile smart device.
Taco Inc.
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Sway-bracing products

For use with service pipe of up to 10 in. in diameter, Caddy sway-bracing products are beneficial during seismic and other catastrophic events. The products are fully compliant with National Fire Protection Association 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.
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