July 1, 2010
Water manager For water reclamation, the AX-CTI Water Management Center processes and directs rainwater, graywater, groundwater, and condensate for use

Water manager

For water reclamation, the AX-CTI Water Management Center processes and directs rainwater, graywater, groundwater, and condensate for use in non-potable applications, such as cooling towers, toilets, and irrigation. The management center is BACnet compatible to enable easy integration with building-management systems.
Aqualine Water Treatment Products Inc.
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Humidity/temperature sensors

Using a 418-MHz transmitter, Series WHP wireless humidity/temperature sensors can transmit data up to 100 ft without the use of a repeater. When coupled with a receiver and output module, the sensors can output voltage, current, or resistance values for humidity and temperature.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Building-information modeling

Building-information modeling (BIM) is now available on Siemens' most commonly used HVAC products, making field components more easily obtainable during the design phase. BIM files can be downloaded from Autodesk Seek,, an online source for product specifications and design files, or the Siemens Website at
Siemens Industry Inc.
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Control valves

With a built-in pressure differential controller maintaining constant pressure, AB-QM pressure-independent control valves have 100-percent authority at all load conditions, eliminating overflows and underflows resulting from pressure fluctuations in a system. The valves are available with a range of actuators for all control strategies: on/off, three-point floating, and modulating.
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Fan-coil unit

Rated for up to 8-in. static pressure and available with Fanwall Technology by Huntair, 500- to 20,000-cfm air-handling units are useful for low-ceiling installations or limited-space equipment rooms. Features include removable side panels; Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute-certified heating and cooling coils; insulated and pitched drain pans; factory-wired fans; custom electrical panels; and variable-frequency-drive options.
Ventrol Air Handling Systems Inc.
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Condensing units

Celseon fractional-horsepower indoor-air-cooled condensing units have a modular construction that is built around a common base plate that accommodates an assortment of Tecumseh AE compressor models and standardized components. Shaded-pole fan motors are supplied as standard equipment, and service valves and liquid-line receivers are available as options. The units are designed for use with refrigerants R-134a, R-22, and R-404A/R-507.
Tecumseh Products Co.
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End-suction pumps

The line of CR-H horizontal multi-stage end-suction pumps now includes additional American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sized pumps in ductile-iron construction. For flows of up to 635 gpm, the pumps offer an ANSI dimensional plug-and-play solution that will fit into existing pump and piping footprints, offering optimized duty points to maximize pump efficiency and minimize internal wear.
Grundfos Pumps
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Energy-management system

The USE Controller energy-management system (EMS) is designed to provide a savings of 10 to 35 percent on oil and gas usage, as well as payback in less than two years. Fully integrated with the USE Manager online building-management system, the EMS is digital and wireless. Additionally, the EMS integrates outdoor and indoor temperatures with a proprietary mathematical function to help boilers run more efficiently and cycle off and on when specific temperature presets are achieved.
U.S. Energy Group
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Fan-coil units

Enviro-Tec floor-mounted fan-coil units include wireless networking capabilities that enable communication with a building-automation system. A programmable thermostat that uses a clock for unit setback or a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that senses occupancy to determine setback helps manage energy consumption. The units consume 30- to 50-percent less energy than comparably sized units.
Johnson Controls
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Portable air conditioners

A redesigned portable air conditioner that delivers 5 tons (60,000 Btuh) of cooling capacity, Strategic Air Center (SAC) Model 6021 features a high-tech design in a compact package that measures 24-in. wide by 52-in. long by 57.5-in. high. It has a hyper-twin-direct (HTD) drive, which uses less space than belt drives, resulting in a smaller footprint.
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Humidifier controller

Vaporstream electric humidifiers now include Vapor-logic4 Web-enabled controllers. Functions include interoperability with standard Modbus and optional BACnet or LonTalk protocols, user access via a Web browser and/or keypad, a USB port for software updates and system backup/restore, and a conformal coated board for protection from environmental elements.
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Gas vents

With diameters from 26 to 36 in., Corr/Guard II gas vents feature a flanged design that ensures liquid-tight connections. Sealant is applied to the flanges, and components are butted together and connected with a Vee band connector. Casing options include aluminized steel and 430-, 304-, or 316-grade stainless steel.
Metal-Fab Inc.
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