Nov. 1, 2008
Renewable-energy-alternatives module Part of Right-Suite Universal, the Right-SolarDHW module calculates the performance- and operating-cost savings of

Renewable-energy-alternatives module

Part of Right-Suite Universal, the Right-SolarDHW module calculates the performance- and operating-cost savings of solar domestic-hot-water-heating systems. By integrating solar options with additional water-heating equipment as a backup fuel source, contractors can produce operating-cost comparisons immediately, including any state or federal tax benefits and incentives. The module uses F-Chart calculations, which widely are accepted as a benchmark design method for solar systems, and high-speed computations to factor the orientation of collector types, such as slope and azimuth, so contractors can consider “what-if” scenarios in collector placement. Using a renewable-energy resource, such as solar energy, provides owners with an environmentally friendly alternative that can help offset heating and cooling costs. With a built-in library of solar and weather data, the module was based on the need for a viable energy-efficient and green alternative to meet user demands and demands dictated by market conditions.
Wrightsoft Corp.
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Rooftop air conditioners

Featuring handled access panels, built-in no-strip screws, and integrated terminal boards, the Legacy line of rooftop air conditioners with Puron refrigerant can reach a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio of 13 and an energy-efficiency ratio of up to 11.2. The units include scroll compressors, filter driers, pressure-safety switches, and control boxes.
Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems
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Pipe-support systems

Pipe Prop pipe supports elevate and secure all types of pipe and are available with 1½- or 2½-in. saddles to accommodate varying sizes. The units adjust to the necessary height and are affixed to a roof using manufacturer-recommended adhesive.
Pipe Prop
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Data-center design/analysis software

6SigmaDC 4 software establishes simulation techniques for the design and operation of data centers through a Virtual Facility (VF). A VF is an exact replica of a space, including angled walls and ventilation ducts. The software enables users to optimize space, power, and cooling.
Future Facilities
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Temperature-control valves

Series 38R self-acting temperature-control valves require no external power and are offered in ½- through 6-in. connection sizes and ⅛- through 6-in. port sizes. Valve bodies are available in single-seated direct- or reverse-acting, double-seated direct- or reverse-acting, and three-way designs.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
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Heating/cooling units

For industrial and commercial use, the Workhorse series of heating/cooling equipment includes a direct-fired heater and evaporative cooler in a single unit. FreshWater slinger-wheel technology evenly distributes atomized water across air inlets to ensure efficient cooling.
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Programmable thermostats

The FlexStat BAC-10000 series of intelligent temperature/humidity occupancy-sensing, wall-mounted, thermostats/controllers are native-BACnet advanced application controllers for connection to a BACnet system. The unit simplifies networked zone control for common packaged HVAC equipment, such as packaged rooftop units, fan-coil units, heat pumps, and similar applications.
KMC Controls
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Carbon-monoxide detectors

CO1224T carbon-monoxide (CO) detectors include RealTest technology, which can be used to test the detector's CO-sensing cell. In addition, the device has a six-year, end-of-life timer to indicate when detector replacement is necessary.
System Sensor
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