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Aug. 1, 2009
Air-cooled chillers Designed to exceed HVAC-industry standards for operating efficiency and low sound levels, Pathfinder air-cooled chillers are practical

Air-cooled chillers

Designed to exceed HVAC-industry standards for operating efficiency and low sound levels, Pathfinder air-cooled chillers are practical for sound-sensitive environments, such as schools. Unit capacities range from 175 to 515 tons in 50 and 60 Hz. With three levels of operating efficiency — standard, high, and premium — the chillers allow users to specify HVAC systems that meet specific requirements. Designed with low-speed fans with patented blade profiles and single-rotor compressors that minimize mechanical vibration, the chillers' sound-pressure levels are rated at 67 dBA at a distance of 30 ft per Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute Standard 370, Sound Rating of Large Outdoor Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Equipment. The chillers' compressor controls use control logic for optimum operating efficiencies at full and part load. Useful for retrofit projects, the chillers' small footprint allows maximum condenser heat transfer per foot of unit length.
Daikin McQuay
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Heating systems

For commercial and institutional applications, E-Series heating systems combine a 100-percent-efficient direct-fired burner with direct-drive, variable-frequency-drive-controlled axial fans. The systems do not require welded flues, heat-exchanger service, or belt tightening/replacement.
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Pump controllers

Technologic 502 variable-speed pump controllers can control up to four parallel pumps. The controllers have four analog inputs for a combination of zone, flow, and suction sensors and feature local and remote start/stop capability.
Bell & Gossett by ITT Corp.
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Scroll compressors

For light-commercial and commercial applications, Performer HCJ Series scroll compressors feature a hybrid scroll wrap that allows more capacity in less space. Suitable for any R-410A air-conditioning application, the compressors are available in all global voltages.
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Clamp meters

Fluke 772 and 773 Milliamp Clamp Meters measure the current (4- to 20-mA signals) that flows through control-system circuits without the need to shut down the system, break the circuit, and insert a test instrument. Instead, clamps are placed on a wire to detect and measure current.
Fluke Corp.
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Centrifugal chillers

York YK centrifugal chillers feature a heat-recovery option that allows users to capture free condenser heat to use for heating requirements. The chillers utilize a double-bundle condenser, which is a single shell-and-tube heat exchanger containing condenser and hot-water circuits.
Johnson Controls
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Exhaust systems

Demand-controlled exhaust systems, Chimney Automation Systems were designed for commercial boilers and water heaters in applications in which exhaust is powered by a chimney fan on the exterior of a building. The systems constantly adjust exhaust rate to meet changing needs.
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Software content

Autodesk Revit 3-D content is available for many of Greenheck's air-movement and control products. The software content includes intuitive building-information-modeling components and systems designed and documented with 3-D full-scale models of Greenheck products. Files can be used with Revit 2009 Architecture, Structure, or MEP programs.
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