Nov. 1, 2012
Elastomeric-foam insulation AP Armaflex closed-cell flexible elastomeric-foam insulation is available in 1-in. (R-4.2), 1 in. (R-6), and 2-in. (R-8) thickness

Elastomeric-foam insulation

AP Armaflex closed-cell flexible elastomeric-foam insulation is available in 1-in. (R-4.2), 1½ in. (R-6), and 2-in. (R-8) thickness (tubes, sheets, rolls) for chilled-water systems and as a duct liner/wrap. It meets ASTM E84 25/50 flame-spread/smoke-developed index. Built-in antimicrobial protection inhibits mold. — Armacell
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Impeller-exhaust diffuser

The AxiTop diffuser optimizes airflow at the impeller exhaust, significantly increasing fan efficiency. Performance enhancements include up to 7.2 dB(A) of noise reduction and up to 27 percent lower energy consumption at the same flow rate for refrigeration applications, or up to 9 percent more air performance with comparable energy consumption. — ebm-papst Inc.
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Bearing-protection kit

The AEGIS split universal mounting kit protects bearings in variable-frequency drives by safely channeling harmful shaft currents to ground, preventing noise, downtime, and costly repairs. The kit includes a maintenance-free AEGIS ring, brackets, and hardware for quick mounting on virtually any AC motor. — Electro Static Technology
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Fitting seals

Flaretite seals, available in stainless steel or copper, have concentric sealing rings stamped across the entire flared face. They compensate for misalignments or imperfections in the flare of a tube or fitting. Each seal is coated with Vibra-Seal coating, which stops weeps and leaks caused by scratches, gouges, pitting, and production imperfections in tube or fitting flare surfaces. — Flaretite
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Chiller-tube cleaner

The compact, lightweight RAM-PRO chiller-tube cleaner features a roll cage that protects the unit at the job site and in the work truck. The quick-connect shaft attaches with a simple push. A chain-drive system replaces the traditional rubber belt for smooth operation. — Goodway
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Indoor-air-quality touchscreen

The IAQPoint2 is a customizable touch-screen monitor capable of controlling three indoor-air-quality parameters (carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity). The unit boosts energy efficiency, fresh-air comfort, and building performance through on-demand ventilation activation with relays triggering fans locally or via a building-automation system. — Honeywell Analytics
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VRF systems

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating's variable-refrigerant-flow systems provide high performance in a compact design. The R2- and Y-Series systems feature an increased capacity range and energy efficiency. A small footprint and longer line lengths make it easier than ever to incorporate variable-refrigerant-flow systems into buildings. — Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
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Mechanical Manufacturer's Guide

The interactive Division 22/23 Mechanical Manufacturer's Guide e-book makes it convenient for mechanical engineers and building specifiers to access duct, pipe, and HVAC-equipment insulation solutions, data sheets, CSI MasterFormat three-part system specifications, and green-building program guides. — Owens Corning
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Aspiration-sensing fire alarms

FAAST fire alarm aspiration-sensing technology provides early and accurate smoke detection. Its unique combination of nuisance immunity, incipient fire detection, integral Internet communications, and e-mail notification capabilities enable the proactive protection of facilities and data, without costly downtime caused by nuisance alarms. — System Sensor
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Commercial pumps

The Viridian wet-rotor pump with ECM motor offers an 80-percent decrease in energy consumption compared with a standard commercial pump of the same size. The Viridian line features fully automated variable-speed operation, simple Web controls, and capacities up to 375 gpm. The pump's ethernet connection allows for easy remote control, monitoring, and adjustment via laptop or browser — Taco
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