Nov. 1, 2012
Low-pressure-drop fire/smoke damper Model FSD60LP has the lowest pressure drop of any fire-smoke damper on the market. With leakage-class-1-rated design,

Low-pressure-drop fire/smoke damper

Model FSD60LP has the lowest pressure drop of any fire-smoke damper on the market. With leakage-class-1-rated design, fire and smoke is kept at its point of origin for up to 1½ hr. Ruskin fire and smoke dampers are now part of the patented Ruskin Inspector monitoring and testing program. While performing code-mandated periodical tests and logging results, the PC-based Inspector continuously monitors and reports life-safety damper health and status. — Ruskin
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Dual-strobe expander plates

SpectrAlert Advance dual-strobe and dual-strobe-with-speaker expander plates for emergency-communication and mass-notification-system applications combine the functions of two to three devices on a single mounting plate and back box. The expander plates include a UL 1638-listed amber lens strobe for private mode general utility signaling. They can be used in 12- or 24-v systems and can be paired with a fire-rated SpectrAlert Advance strobe or speaker strobe. — System Sensor
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Tornado dampers

Heavy-duty tornado dampers from Greenheck are double-flanged, channel-frame-style backdraft dampers designed to protect against rapid pressure changes. The dampers allow for air movement (intake or exhaust) during normal weather conditions. If a tornado passes near the building, the negative pressure caused by the tornado causes the damper to close and prevent the collapse of ductwork. Once the tornado has passed and the pressure equalizes, the spring-loaded blades return the damper back to normal ventilation. — Greenheck
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Heavy-duty couplings

The 4000 Series of high-performance heavy-duty couplings are designed for joining no-hub cast-iron soil pipe and fittings saefly and securely. They have been engineered to withstand the physical, temporal, and chemical challenges that confront a modern building. Husky couplings are made from only the strongest and most corrosive-resistant materials, making them ideal for extreme conditions. — Husky
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Variable-refrigerant-flow heat pumps

Airstage V-II VRF variable-refrigerant-flow zoned heat-pump systems are available in capacities from 6 to 24 tons. The systems feature operational efficiencies of up to 21.7 iEER. High efficiency is achieved by using a single DC-inverter-controlled, twin rotary compressor per condenser. The heating operating range is 75°F to -5°F, while rated cooling capacity remains constant with outdoor temperatures from 115°F to 14°F. Indoor units are available in wall-mount, cassette, compact duct, floor/ceiling mounted, and high-static-pressure duct. Up to three condensing units may be linked with twinning kits. Applications include churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and schools. — Fujitsu
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Dual-drainable louver

The AMCA-certified model EDD-637 dual-drainable louver efficiently prevents water penetration in non-wind-driven rain applications by collecting water in frame and blade gutters and channeling it into downspouts and away from airflow paths. The EDD-637 louver features 57 percent free area and a beginning water penetration of 1,113 fpm with pressure loss of only 0.15 in. wg. for greater fan efficiency. — Pottorff
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Unit controller

The Prodigy unit controller is standard on Energence rooftop units. It tracks the runtime of every major system component and generates reports that can be downloaded to a USB flash drive. The controller features intuitive setup and verification. A self-test function that individually tests critical components ensures correct operation of each system in the rooftop and helps identify maintenance requirements. — Lennox
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