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Innovative Solutions

Jan. 9, 2013
Heating, cooling, and ventilation products and solutions from some of the HVAC industry's leading manufacturers.

Easy PP-R-to-PEX transition

Aquatherm’s new polypropylene-random (PP-R)-to-PEX transitions come in ½-in., ¾-in., and 1-in. sizes and are designed to make it easy to design and install Aquatherm systems that integrate PEX tubing. The transitions, which are made from PP-R and brass, are heat-fused to Aquatherm pipe on one side and crimped to PEX pipe on the other. They meet ASTM F1807 specifications, connect seamlessly to standard Imperial PEX sizes, and are designed to reduce cost and the risk of leakage by eliminating a threaded connection in the transition to PEX.Aquathermwww.aquatherm.com

Fiber-free duct liners and wraps

AP Armaflex and AP Coilflex duct liners and wraps feature a closed-cell, flexible, elastomeric-foam composition that provides an efficient thermal insulation with excellent sound-absorption properties that attenuate low-frequency airborne noise below 1,000 Hz. Fiber-free construction and built-in Microban antimicrobial protection ensure good indoor-air quality. The liners and wraps are fiber-free, non-particulating, formaldehyde-free, free of PDBE flame retardants, and have low volatile-organic-compound content.Armacellwww.armacell.com

Pressure-independent control valve

The Energy Valve is a two-way, pressure-independent control valve that optimizes, documents, and proves water-coil performance. It uses Belimo Delta T Manager algorithm to directly control air-handler-unit-coil performance. It monitors the coil performance characteristic curve and resulting energy/power output. The actuator calculates and stores all coil-performance data, such as delta-T and energy usage. Performance data, stored trends, and control functions can be sent to and from the building-automation system via the data network to optimize coil and system performance.Belimowww.belimo.us

Ultrahigh-efficiency boilers

Triple-Flex ultrahigh-efficiency condensing flexible-water-tube boilers offer guaranteed minimum thermal efficiency of 90 percent, even in worst-case condensing-boiler operating conditions, such as 160°F return water and 180°F supply water at maximum input. Efficiencies of 99 percent are achievable with lower return-water temperatures. Triple-Flex boilers fire at 1,500- to 3,000-mbh input, with sub-30-ppm NOx levels utilizing a hybrid metal-fiber 5:1-turndown burner and Honeywell SOLA hydronic safety controls and interface systems.Bryan Steam LLCwww.bryanboilers.com/boilers_condensing.html

Condensing hot-water boiler

The ClearFire-LC (CFLC) gives large facilities a condensing-hot-water-boiler option from 4,000 to 12,000 MBtu. The CFLC uses patented AluFer heat-transfer technology and a high-turndown burner with advanced controls to deliver peak efficiency and ultralow emissions in a compact footprint. The CFLC is a cost-effective alternative to installing multiple smaller boilers or less-efficient, non-condensing boilers of similar capacity. Installing a CFLC large condensing boiler can reduce a facility’s operating costs by up to 50 percent compared with a traditional steam or hot-water system.Cleaver-Brookswww.cleaverbrooks.com

Durable drives

The Danfoss VLT HVAC NEMA/UL Type 4X drive is a durable solution for installations that require protection against windblown dust and rain or splashing water and provides an additional degree of protection against corrosion. The drives are available in standard horsepowers and voltages: 1.5 to 60 hp at 208/240 vac, 1.5 to 125 hp at 480 vac, and 1.5 to 125 hp at 600 vac. The drives also are suitable for NEMA/UL types 1/12/3R and 4.Danfosswww.danfossdrives.com

Fast chiller-tube cleaning

The RAM-PRO chiller-tube cleaner is designed to handle the demanding environment of commercial contracting work like no other tube cleaner. Features include: • A roll cage that protects the unit at the job site and in the work truck. • A quick-connect shaft that attaches with a simple push. • A chain-drive system that replaces a traditional rubber belt for smooth operation. • Vibration isolators on the motor assembly to help tolerate bumps and jolts. • Compact and lightweight design that is less than half the weight of other tube cleaners.Goodwaywww.goodway.com

Housed plenum array

The housed plenum array (Model HPA) is designed for fan-array installations in air-handler applications. Model HPA features a galvanized plenum fan mounted inside a sound-attenuating housing. Integrated isolators between the fan and housing reduce vibration, eliminating the need for isolators and gaskets between modules. Available in 10 wheel sizes (15 in. to 36 in.) and three housing options (compact, standard, and large). Model HPA is licensed to bear the AMCA seal for sound and air performance.Greenheckwww.greenheck.com

Customizable IAQ touchscreen

IAQPoint2 is a customizable touchscreen monitor with the ability to control three indoor-air-quality parameters (carbon-dioxide or volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity). The unit is designed to boost energy efficiency, fresh-air comfort, and building performance through on-demand ventilation activation with relays triggering fans locally or via a building-automation system. Easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain, the unit contributes to LEED accreditation (up to three points) and green-building best practices and complies with ASHRAE 62.1, CSA-B52, and the International Building Code.Honeywell Analyticswww.iaqpoint2.com

Firetube wet-back boiler

The Euro Series three-pass firetube wet-back boiler features a full wet-back radiant heat-transfer area that promotes superior internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption. It is available in eight models from 100 to 2,000 bhp, in steam or hot water, and in oil, natural gas, or combination. Separate rear tube sheets allow each pass of tubes to expand and contract at its own rate without tube-to-sheet stress. Tubes are mechanically rolled, flared, and beaded to simplify tube service.Hurst Boilerwww.hurstboiler.com

Variable-refrigerant-flow system

The updated S-Series PUMY-P60 is a 5-ton, single-phase variable-refrigerant-flow zoning system designed for light-commercial spaces. Enhancements include longer line lengths, higher efficiencies, and expanded indoor zone capacities. Other key features include operation to -4°F, a line length of 492 ft, and the ability to connect to up to 12 indoor units. The unit is compatible with all Mitsubishi Electric indoor ducted and ductless unit styles and can be centrally controlled using Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI Controls Network.Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heatingwww.mitsubishipro.com

Insertion electromagnetic flow meter

F-3500 series insertion electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. Each F-3500 provides a single analog output for flow rate, a high-resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, a scalable-pulse output for totalization, and an empty pipe alarm signal. Optional remote displays and Btu measurement systems also are available.ONICON Inc.www.onicon.com/F3500.html

Filtration products

Orival filtration products are used on cooling systems worldwide. Orival offers individual automatic filters, manifolded multifilters, and skid-mounted water-treatment systems to remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling water. This decreases deposition on heat-transfer surfaces, reduces sites for microorganisms to colonize, and prevents clogging of nozzles, orifices, and valve actuators.Orival Inc.www.orival.com

Mechanical manufacturer’s guide

The Division 22/23 Mechanical Manufacturer’s Guide eBook makes it convenient for mechanical engineers and building specifiers to access important product information. This portfolio meets the growing industry demand for digital and mobile communication solutions. Users can easily access duct, pipe, and HVAC equipment insulation solutions, data sheets, CSI MasterFormat three-part system specifications, and green-building program guides.Owens Corninghttp://Division2223.OwensCorning.com

Two- and three-way control valves

599 Series ball valves couple with OpenAir actuators to offer a wide Cv range, high close-off, accurate sizing, long-life reliability, and economical pricing. Two trim finishes (stainless steel or chrome) are available. 599 Series ball valves provide exact control in all types of applications—even harsh environments.Siemenswww.usa.siemens.com/hvac

High-efficiency pumps

The Viridian pump line is comprised of wet-rotor pumps with electronically commutated motors that offer an 80-percent decrease in energy consumption compared with standard commercial pumps of the same size. Fully automated variable-speed operation, simple Web-style controls, and capacities of up to 375 gpm allow the line to meet a wide range of closed-loop heating and cooling applications. An ethernet connection allows remote control, monitoring and adjustment without requiring the involvement of advanced IT or commissioning personnel. The pumps feature a working pressure of 175 psi and are suitable for fluid temperatures from 14°F to 230°F.Tacohttp://Taco-hvac.com 

Fume-hood and room controllers

The 1655 Series fume-hood and room controllers enhance critical environmental control largely because of the new, patent-pending SAFETY HALO. This technology allows staff to check room status both “at a glance” and “down the hall” and is fully programmable. The 1655 line features new action icons to better indicate if a space requires immediate attention.Triatekwww.triatek.com

Commercial boilers

The Ultra Commercial condensing high-efficiency gas boiler is available in 550- and 750-mbh sizes and features efficiency levels of 94 percent. The boilers feature U-Control flexibility, which includes 11 pre-set applications for quick system setup and a fully integrated multiple-boiler control. Ultra Commercial boilers are low-NOx-certified and allow for direct-vent and direct-exhaust PVC venting.Weil-McLainwww.weil-mclain.com

Boiler and domestic-water heater

The Q Premier boiler combines an efficient heating-only boiler with a 24-gal. charged indirect storage tank. It delivers 211 gal. of domestic hot water within the first hour and requires approximately 70 percent less space than traditional floor-standing boilers and indirect tank systems.Rinnaiwww.rinnai.us/boiler