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New Products (February 2013)

Feb. 5, 2013
New products for HVAC system designers and engineers.
Air cleaner for VRF systems The Dynamic V8 VL Series air cleaner for variable-refrigerant-flow systems substantively reduces a wide range of particulate and gas-phase contaminants, including ultrafine particulates, volatile organic compounds, odors, and biological contaminants.
It does not emit ion or ozone. With a much greater dust-holding capacity than typical 2-in. MERV 13 filters, the Dynamic V8 VL Series air cleaner was designed to prevent degradation of airflow as the filter ages, creating a minimal air-pressure drop throughout the filter life. This also minimizes the unit’s maintenance needs and reduces its life-cycle cost. — LG ElectronicsGeothermal heat pumps SB Series vertical self-contained water-source geothermal heat pumps  are available in capacities from 3 to 18 tons.
They are designed for energy-efficient full and part-load operation. Standard features include a variable-capacity scroll compressor, variable-speed electronically-commutated-motor-driven direct-drive backward-curved plenum fans, sound-attenuating double-wall rigid polyurethane foam-insulated cabinet, and coaxial refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger. —AAONTelescoping boiler light The Magnalight WALBL-1000WMH boiler light with right-angle telescoping extension arm features a high-output metal-halide lamp paired with a wheeled tower assembly that can be adjusted for angle and arm length.
Its 110,000 lumens of flood lighting allow effective illumination for large-scale boiler maintenance and service. —Larson Electronics  Wind-driven-rain louver The 4-in model ECD-445 horizontal-blade wind-driven-rain louver is designed for high-wind areas or applications that are sensitive to wind-driven-rain penetration.
At the 29- mph-wind-velocity and 3-in.-per-hour simulated-rainfall AMCA point, the ECD-445 provides an A wind-class rating with a 99 percent effectiveness ratio. The louver’s water-penetration point exceeds the 1,250-fpm maximum measured by AMCA, and its 43-percent free area produces 0.15-in.-pressure drop for efficient ventilation. —Pottorff 

Water-cooled condensing unit
The VRV-WIII water-cooled-condensing-unit line has been expanded with a 460V model. The VRV-WIII line features a modular design and lightweight structure, with a weight of 330 to 343 lb and a height of less than 40 in. The units can control up to 32 zones, with system capacities ranging from 6 to 21 tons. Equivalent to a four-pipe chilled-water system, each VRV unit can provide heating and cooling with integrated energy-efficiency-ratio values of up to 24.1 and full-load coefficients of performance of up to 4.97. —Daikin AC (Americas)    

Closed-circuit cooling tower The PF2 closed-circuit cooling tower is an induced-draft, counterflow unit designed for systems that benefit from dry operation in severe cold weather.
The PF2 offers users the flexibility to operate in evaporative-cooling mode to minimize energy usage, or in dry mode for extreme winter conditions. Patented SmartSpray technology optimizes spray coverage to fully wet the coil. —Baltimore Aircoil    Radiant heating and cooling mat The Radiant Rollout Mat is designed to provide exceptional installation efficiencies in large, open-area commercial hydronic radiant-heating and cooling applications.
The mat consists of a custom-designed, prefabricated, pre-pressurized network of crosslinked polyethylene tubing connected with ProPEX cold-expansion engineered plastic fittings, which are safe for burial in slabs. The mats cover almost eight times more square feet in the same amount of time it takes using traditional installation methods, offering up to an 85-percent reduction in installation time. —Uponor Differential-pressure sensors The DPS629 differential-pressure sensor monitors differential pressures of air and compatible gasses and liquids.
The design uses dual sensors that convert pressure changes into a standard 4-20 mA output signal for two-wire circuits. Its small size and few moving parts make for exceptional response time and reliability. Terminal block, zero, and span adjustments are easily accessed under the top cover. The sensor is applicable for flow elements, heat exchangers, filters, pumps and coils. —Taco