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2013 AHR Expo Product Preview

Jan. 8, 2013
These must-see products will be featured at the upcoming International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating (AHR) Exposition in Dallas.
Fire-alarm system design An online form enables customers to request that System Sensor design their FAAST fire-alarm-aspiration-sensing-technology projects. Customers simply fill out and submit a questionnaire located at systemsensor.com/faastq to provide FAAST design engineers with project data, detection type, room dimensions and usage, device location, and facilities drawings. System Sensor’s engineers then design a system and deliver the layout and bill of materials for the project. —System SensorHigh-performance duct liner
Soulcoustic duct liner is designed to offer the best acoustical performance of any non-fibrous liner on the market. It is bacteria- and fungi-resistant, formaldehyde-free, and low in volatile organic compounds. —Evonik Industries Remote monitoring service
The OnAER remote monitoring service continuously monitors AERCO boiler systems in real time and immediately alerts customers and reps of a fault occurrence or decline in equipment performance via e-mail. In addition to event data, it monitors data such as run cycles, exhaust temperature, flame strength, setpoints, operating modes, and safety limits. —AERCO  
Heat exchangers Air-to-air heat exchangers include plate models ranging in size from 8 in. to 95 in. with capacities to 60,000 cfm and efficiencies of up to 80 percent, as well as rotary-wheel exchangers ranging in diameter from 20 in. to 95 in. with capacities of up to 30,000 cfm and efficiencies of up to 90 percent. —Recuperator USACeiling-mount air conditioner
The CMW30 water-cooled, ceiling-mount air conditioner is designed for server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads, but where an air-cooled model cannot be used becuase of a lack of space.  The compact, self-contained CMW30 is only 20-in. high, enabling it to fit above a drop ceiling. —MovinCool  Flue-gas economizer
The EcoFlex 90+ system packaged fan-powered flue-gas economizer can be installed in any part of a chimney horizontally or vertically. It can be used in conjunction with any gas-fired heating appliance and is suitable for use with draft-hood-and draft-diverter-equipped heating appliances. It allows multiple boilers to share a single economizer. —Enervex Inc.Split-universal shaft-grounding kit
The split-universal-mounting-kit version (Split uKIT) of  the AEGIS SGR bearing-protection ring protects the bearings of variable-frequency-drive (VFD) motors from electrical damage and allows quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any AC motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment. The kit includes a split grounding ring and mounting hardware to facilitate mounting on virtually any NEMA or IEC motor faceplate. —Electro Static Technology    Duct-cleaning system
The aiR+ XP air-duct-cleaning system has been revamped to clean ductwork in commercial facilities easily and effectively. The aiR+ XP machine offers double the power compared with the original aiR+. It also features  an additional 15 ft of hose and oversized brushes for larger ductwork. —RotobrushEvaporative-cooling unit
The Hurricane portable evaporative-cooling unit utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500 sq ft and lower temperatures by up to 30°F. The unit’s design provides 67-gal. water capacity and airflow delivery of 14,500 cfm. —Port-A-Cool   Thermal-imaging cameras
The Predator Series of thermal-imaging cameras feature manual focus, optional interchangeable lenses, and high-resolution displays to provide accurate thermograms. On-camera analysis tools increase operator efficiency by allowing real-time access to and collection of all relevant data. —General Tools & Instruments Humidity and temperature meter
The HUMICAP HM40 hand-held humidity and temperature meter is available in both standard and remote-probe models. The remote probe increases the versatility of the meter by enabling convenient measurements in ducts and other difficult-to-reach or confined places. Other features include an interchangeable HMP113 probe. —Vaisala  Hydrocarbon compressors
A full range of hydrocarbon compressors includes low-temperature cooling capacities from 520 Btuh to 4,780 Btuh and high-temperature capacities from 4,700 Btuh to 10,125 Btuh. Hydrocarbon systems help reduce energy consumption compared with synthetic fluids in commercial applications and have nearly no global-warming or ozone-depletion potential. —Embraco 

Building automation and control
Lynxspring’s full portfolio of open building-automation and control solutions includes JENEsys Harmony, a NiagaraAX-based solution that reduces commissioning time, complexity, and costs on project deployments while providing owners the ability to create integration standards and enforce repeatable and consistent engineering practices. —Lynxspring  

Easily fasten PEX to wire mesh
The Smart Clip System saves both time and radiant-system installers’ backs. It adjusts to the installer’s height and allows the installer to walk along—rather than bend over—when attaching radiant-tubing clips to a radiant system’s wire mesh. —Mr. PEX SystemsClosed-circuit cooling tower
The PF2 induced-draft, counterflow cooling tower is designed for systems that benefit from dry operation in severely cold weather. The PF2 offers the flexibility to operate in evaporative-cooling mode to minimize energy usage or in dry mode for extreme winter conditions. —Baltimore Aircoil Co. Server-rack cooling
The Chilled Door system for high-density server racks has enhancements including an increased cooling capacity of up to 45 kw per standard rack using 65°F chilled water and centrifugal fans with electronically commutated motors to improve airflow while reducing power consumption and noise levels. —Motivair   VFDs with bypass option
The P-Series line of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) now features an energy-management-bypass option (EMB) that includes integrated power metering and a BACnet interface. The option ensures uninterruptible operation of HVAC systems, even if the drive is taken out of the loop, such as for reprogramming or maintenance operations. P-Series VFDs are available in a range of packages from 1 through 400 hp. —Cerus Industrial  Refrigeration pack controller
The AK-PC 781 multifunctional pack controller is designed to make it easy to set up energy-efficient capacity control of refrigeration compressors and condensers with modular hardware and flexible software. It constantly optimizes compressors and condensers and offers oil management, heat reclaim, and carbon-dioxide control. Capacity control is available for up to eight compressors, with three unloaders for each compressor. —Danfoss  

Steam-system design video
A video hosted on the Spirax Sarco YouTube Channel demonstrates Steam DesignPro software’s capabilities. The video highlights the simplicity of designing and modeling new or existing HVAC steam systems using the software’s drag-and-drop method. —Spirax Sarco Inc.    

Low-profile fans
AirElite HVLS fans provide industrial-grade performance for high-end, small-space commercial applications. The fans are customizable in diameters of 8 ft to 20 ft in 2-ft increments. —MacroAir    

Support for hydronic piping
PEX-a Pipe Support provides continuous support of Uponor PEX-a tubing in suspended piping applications, enabling hanger spacing equal to that of copper. The support is available in 9-ft lengths for 1-in., 1¼-in., 1½-in., and 2-in. PEX-a pipe sizes and can be used in hydronic distribution and commercial plumbing systems. —Uponor