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Free Online Natatorium-Design Video Available

March 26, 2013
The 52-minute streaming video from Seresco Technologies is intended as a quick and convenient tutorial on key and state-of-the-art natatorium-design considerations.
Ralph Kittler, PE

A free online natatorium-design instructional video satisfying most states' requirements for engineering professional-development hours is available from Seresco Technologies Inc., manufacturer of indoor-swimming-pool dehumidifiers and other indoor-air-quality equipment.

Presented by Ralph Kittler, PE, Seresco Technologies co-founder and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, the 52-minute streaming video is intended as a quick and convenient tutorial on key and state-of-the-art design considerations.

"The presentation combines summarizations of the ASHRAE handbooks, manufacturers' design manuals, and my knowledge as a participant in thousands of natatorium designs," Kittler said.

The video, which complies with ASHRAE's non-commercialism requirements, can be viewed at http://serescodehumidifiers.com/engineers/intro.php.