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New Products: April 2013

March 27, 2013
New products of interest to heating. ventilating, and air-conditioning engineers.

HART communicator

The YHC5150X FieldMate handheld communicator allows all field devices that use the HART communications protocol to be configured, polled, and trimmed utilizing a Windows-embedded construction-experience-transfer-model- (CETM)-based system for faster processing and greater storage capacity. The YHC5150X supports universal, common-practice, and device-specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations.It reads manufacturers’ device descriptions (DDs) in their native format without the need for translations. A integral HART-compliant modem communicates with any registered or unregistered HART device. —YokogawaVentilation controls
Vari-Green controls, when used in conjunction with Greenheck’s Vari-Green motor, are designed to maximize the energy efficiency of ventilation systems in a variety of applications. For indoor-air-quality applications, a temperature/humidity or volatile-organic-compound control automatically adjusts ventilation rates to or from an area by increasing or decreasing fan speed. In demand-control-ventilation applications, a constant-pressure control monitors static pressure and maintains a constant airflow level within a duct. —GreenheckSolar chiller system
A solar cooling system combines a YORK absorption chiller and photovoltaic (PV) waste-heat recovery. The system generates hot water for the absorption chiller to air-condition a building and electricity to reduce the building’s demand on the power grid. The system converts 75 percent of the sun’s rays into energy. It integrates into any building-control system. —Johnson ControlsOutdoor condensing units
Gen III outdoor air-cooled condensing units are designed for refrigeration applications that operate under varying loads and operating conditions, such as walk-in coolers and freezers in convenience stores, restaurants, cafeterias, and fast-food outlets. Single- and dual-condenser-fan models  ranging from ½ to 71/4 hp are available. The Gen III product line is equipped with reciprocating and scroll compressors and includes models that are capable of handling high-, medium-, and low-temperature applications. —Tecumseh

Classroom heat pump
The third-generation Airedale ClassMate vertical DX cooling and heat-pump system is available in four capacities from 2 to 5 cooling tons in two cabinet sizes. It features a 15-percent EER increase over the existing ClassMate HE. Standard features of the new Class Mate units include Modine’s patented CF all-aluminum microchannel evaporator coil, modulating electronically commutated motors on all fans, and energy-recovery or economizer modules. All heat exchangers—indoor coil, hot-gas reheat coil, and hot-water coil or electric heat elements—can be factory-installed, eliminating the need for a plenum for additional heat. Optional hot-water-heating-coil and valve/piping packages allow for hydronic heating with top or bottom connections. —Modine    

Airflow-control valve
The model AVC airflow-control valve features electronic pressure independence that allows direct airflow measurement without straight-run requirements. The valve features a low-pressure-drop design and provides true closed-loop control. The AVC can be configured for single- or multi-position constant-volume control as well as tracking pair. This allows it to be applied independently for high-performance and constant-volume fume hoods, snorkels, biological safety cabinets, etc., as well as tracking pairs in operating rooms and isolation rooms. The closed-loop design provides plug-and-play operation, as it can be preprogrammed from the factory with required setpoints. —Accutrol Three-in-one transmitter
Series CDTR carbon-dioxide, relative-humidity, and temperature transmitters reduce the number of sensors mounted on a wall or in a duct. With three sensors combined in one device, system integrators are able to reduce material costs and sensor-installation time. The pluggable humidity sensor allows it or the temperature sensor to be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new carbon-dioxide transmitter.—Dwyer Instruments