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New Products: May 2013

April 29, 2013
Products of interest to heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning engineers.

Wind-driven-rain louver

The Model EVH-660D vertical-blade louver has been tested and certified in accordance with Miami-Dade NOA 12-0418.06 and passes the Miami-Dade TAS 100A wind-driven-rain test procedure without the need for a damper. In addition to passing all relative Florida and Miami-Dade impact and structural wind test procedures, Model EVH-660D passes the new AMCA 540 large-missile-impact standard; bears the AMCA seal for water penetration, air performance, and wind-driven rain; and is AMCA-listed as a high-velocity, rain-resistant, and impact-resistant louver. Greenheck                

Boiler-reset control

The FuelMizer is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit. The microprocessor-based control is designed to regulate the supply-water temperature of a single boiler based on outdoor temperature. It is well-suited for retrofits, but also can be used for new installations. Functions include automatic reset, ratio calculation, warm weather shutdown, and minimum-boiler temperature and boiler-differential settings. It monitors both a boiler and a system’s outdoor sensors. Taco     

Flow sensor

The Series LOFM low-flow electromagnetic flow sensor uses the conductivity of fluids to measure flow. Liquid flow through its magnetic field produces a voltage that is measured and translated into a pulse-output signal. The sensor is available for either ¾-in. or 3/8-in. pipe and can accurately measure flow rates as low as 0.03 gpm. A splash-proof HDPE plastic housing makes it suitable for chemical-injection applications. It is corrosion-resistant and has no moving parts, making it compatible with a wide range of chemicals and well-suited to handle dirty-water applications. Dwyer Instruments                              

Monitoring system

HVAC Cellular Monitor is a monitoring system for HVAC and refrigeration units that texts a message to a designated cell-phone number if out-of-hours operation, excessive runtime, or imminent failure of a unit is detected. The patent-pending system is designed to optimize energy efficiency for buildings of all sizes and extend the life of HVACR units. Virtjoule                           

Custom air handlers

The Daikin McQuay custom air-handler line offers virtually unlimited configurations. The length, width, and height of units can be varied in 2-in. increments, so they can fit into critical spaces and through fixed doorways. The units’ low-leakage cabinet construction incorporates a patented splice-collar design and welded frame channels. Options include energy-recovery wheels, direct-drive plenum-fan arrays, and an extensive coil selection.Daikin McQuay

Rooftop split system

The Model RHH high-efficiency rooftop-mounted split system is up to 92-percent fuel-efficient. It is capable of handling up to 100-percent outside air. Like the other split systems in Reznor’s PreevA line, Model RHH offers the flexibility of multiple configurations. Choices include direct-expansion (DX) or chilled-water cooling, and DX cooling with dehumidification. The system allows 17 different configurations for makeup air, space-temperature control, thermostat control, and other user control inputs. Reznor          

Fixtureless UV-C system

The RLM Xtreme fixtureless ultraviolet-C (UV-C) lamp system delivers high-output ultraviolet energy to irradiate air-conditioning coils and destroy mold, bacteria, and microbes in demanding, high-volume HVAC environments. The system combines name-brand components in a simple, flexible design that is easily configurable to fit into almost any plenum. Scissor-like overlapping of lamps eliminates the need to specify and size multiples of fixtures and lamps. The system can be installed in almost any position to direct 360-degree UV-C irradiation to where it is needed most. UV Resources