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Product Spotlight: Software and Apps (May 2013)

April 29, 2013
The lastest software and apps for HVAC engineers.

Pressure/temperature app

A saturated-pressure/temperature reference wheel designed for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices focuses on the most common refrigerants found in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The app allows users to select the refrigerants that they most commonly use and arrange them in any order. It includes an altitude adjustment for various elevations and bubble tables for refrigerants with glides. — Bitzer

Smartphone interface

The Link mobile app provides an easy-to-use interface for the JENEsys control system on AAON heating and cooling equipment. This app allows the user to view alarms, check input/output status, display a graphic of the equipment with sensors, adjust setpoints, configure controller networks, and set up and display trend logs. — AAON

Conceptual design and form creation

The FormIt mobile app allows building design professionals to conceptualize, analyze, and share early design ideas and forms. FormIt allows users to capture building-design ideas digitally and support a building-information-modeling workflow in the earliest stages of design. FormIt allows users to create designs on iPads and share them with other users through Autodesk 360 for collaboration and analysis. —Autodesk

Mobile app for refrigeration systems

A mobile application for Android and iPhones helps technicians troubleshoot mechanical and electrical problems in a refrigeration system. When a system problem is entered, the app provides possible origin scenarios to help pinpoint a solution. The app works with all refrigeration systems regardless of cooling capacity or compressor brand. —Embraco

UV-system design service

Blue-Calc is a design and analysis service that uses custom-written, automated software to ensure an ultraviolet (UV) light configuration in an HVAC application will be effective for optimum disinfection. Blue-Calc's Web-based service provides calculations of both airborne and cooling-coil-surface microbe disinfection efficiencies from UV-C light exposure and generates detailed charts and graphs for building-owner presentations. —Fresh-Aire UV

Toolbox app

The Toolbox app contains a fan-law calculator and a ductulator to help engineers make quick calculations. The fan-law calculator allows users to input a system’s existing specifications for rpm, cfm, static pressure, and horsepower, and then change any measurement and see the remaining values automatically recalculated per standard fan laws. The ductulator allows users to easily size ductwork by inputting duct shape, rounded dimension, air temperature, elevation, and roughness; sizing then is determined by airflow or dimensions. —Greenheck

Thermostat and BACnet controller

The AppStat BAC-4000 series of thermostats combine a BACnet controller and temperature/humidity/motion sensor into a single, space-mounted device. AppStat is designed to offer a cost-effective combination of integrated networking options and easy installation, configuration, and operation. —KMC Controls

Fabrication software

SysQue Revit MEP Fabrication Solutions is a cloud-based software application that enables system designers, engineers, and contractors to detail in Autodesk Revit MEP using real-world, manufacturer-specific content that is ready for fabrication. The software’s added level of detail in Revit MEP is designed to solve the problem of engineers and contractors working from different models, making collaboration easier across an entire project team. —Building Data LLC

Application and specification aid

Uponor parts are available in Autodesk Seek for use with Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya and other CAD applications, as well as Building Data/TSI for use with TSI MEP modeling software. For specifications, the Uponor Domestic Water Specification is available in current MasterFormat for MasterSpec and SpecAgent users. —Uponor

Energy-cost comparisons

The Building System Optimizer quickly compares the energy-cost performance of HVAC design alternatives in commercial buildings during the schematic phase. Multiple HVAC designs can be evaluated to identify the greatest energy-performance potential. This program is part of Carrier’s eDesign Suite, a collection of software programs for calculating peak loads, designing HVAC systems, modeling building energy use, calculating life-cycle costs, and sizing refrigerant piping. —Carrier

Design and sales tool

Right-Suite Universal (RSU) is a fully integrated, ACCA-approved HVAC design and sales solution. Whether a project includes ductwork, hydronic, radiant, or geothermal-loop-system designs, the program calculates loads while accurately designing and sizing a system. OEM customizations and expandability allow RSU to meet the needs of any system designer or installer, whether residential, commercial, new construction, or replacement. —Wrightsoft

Remote-access app

The Tracer Building-Automation System (BAS) Operator Suite mobile app allows remote access to the Tracer SC System controller. It allows users to remotely operate a building’s HVAC system and quickly respond to urgent calls and update requests. The mobile app enables users to remotely monitor equipment, make setpoint changes, view dashboard graphics, control spaces, and manage alarms. It works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices with iOS 5 or 6 and with Android devices. —Trane