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Innovative Solutions, June 2013

June 6, 2013
Outstanding new products for HVAC design and facilities engineers.
Track-mounted filter system
This filter system protects equipment by stopping airborne debris before it becomes a problem. The filters are resistant to ultraviolet rays, mold, and mildew. The track-mounting system reduces installation time and ensures a taut, wrinkle-free fit. The filters are designed to increase the operational efficiency of equipment and reduce the need for filter changes in air-handling units and the cost of water treatment in cooling towers. —Air Solution Co.Color-coded piping products
Aquatherm product lines are now identified using a color-coded convention: The domestic water pipe formerly known as Aquatherm Greenpipe is now Aquatherm Green Pipe, and the HVAC pipe formerly known as Climatherm is now Aquatherm Blue Pipe. Aquatherm Lilac Pipe (recycled reclaimed water) will retain its name. —AquathermCompact heat pump
The LV compact water-source heat pump is designed for use in retrofit or replacement applications. The units, which are available in sizes from ½ to 6 tons, feature one of the smallest cabinet offerings in the industry. The LV line exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards and is suitable for either water-loop or geothermal applications. —BoschBoiler/burner controls
The Universal Communication Gateway is an external high-performance gateway for integrating boiler/burner controls into building-management systems. This gateway is preprogrammed to support the BACnet, Metasys, LonWorks and Modbus protocols. It also offers bidirectional data flow between devices on selected points.  —Bryan SteamHigh-SEER wall-mount systems
RLS2H ductless systems are available in 9,000-, 12,000-, and 15,000-Btu configurations, reach 27.2 SEER, and can provide heating operation with outdoor temperatures as low as -15F°. The systems feature an energy-saving program: Motion sensors note when a room has been vacated. After 20 min, the set temperature is increased by 4°F in cooling mode and reduced by 8°F when in heating mode. — Fujitsu General AmericaLaboratory exhaust fans
Vektor-MH mixed-flow, high-plume laboratory exhaust fans are available in 10 sizes up to 60,000 cfm and 8 in. w.c. They are well-suited for medium- to high-volume laboratory applications with mid- to high-static-pressure requirements, such as those found in hospital, university, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research laboratories. —GreenheckPackaged boilers
Performance Series 500 four-pass packaged Scotch marine boilers are available in capacities from 30 to 2,000 hp; 670 to 3,348 MBtuh; and 15-psi steam, 30-psi water with a 60-psi water option available. They are available with low-Nox burners. They are factory-assembled, pre-wired, and tested and comply with ASME UL, CSD-1, and ASHRAE standards. —Hurst BoilerHigh-performance couplings
No-hub, heavy-duty, high-performance couplings from Anaco Husky are made in the United States. The molded neoprene gaskets have been field-proven to stand up to decades of challenges of harsh effluents without breaking down. The shield, clamps, and screws are made from Series 300 stainless steel and are guaranteed not to corrode in even the harshest environments. —Anaco HuskyOil-pumping skids
Simplex/Duplex oil-pumping skids are designed to deliver No.2 through No. 6 fuel oil to any type of operation that requires an oil supply. Typical applications include emergency generators, boilers, and fuel-oil transfer systems.
The fuel-oil pumping skids are fully customizable to fit a variety of customer requirements.

 —Industrial SteamCondensing boiler
The CREST condensing boiler is now available with inputs up to 5 million Btuh. A dual-fuel-gas train is available. Recent product enhancements include lower firing input derate numbers in high-altitude applications and thermal efficiencies as high as 99 percent. —LochinvarChimney-relining system
The first UL-listed factory-built chimney-relining system allows relining of older 1,700°F UL 103-rated chimneys to allow attachment of a wood-burning appliance that requires a 2,100°F UL 103 HT system. All M&G DuraVent UL 1777-listed relining systems combined with a patent-pending termination have been UL approved for use in the United States. —M&G DuraVentIncreased warranty coverage
DENSO Corp. has increased the warranty on its MovinCool portable spot air conditioners to cover parts and labor on the entire unit for three years. The new warranty applies to the Office Pro, Classic, and Classic Plus lines. Unlike supplemental third-party warranties, the MovinCool warranty is issued by the manufacturer itself. —MovinCoolTankless Made Simple
NPE Series gas condensing tankless water heaters feature advanced technology that revolutionizes installation by utilizing existing gas lines and flue chases. Features of the NPE Series include 2-in. PVC venting up to 60 ft, ½-in. gas lines up to 24 ft, dual stainless-steel heat exchangers, and ultralow-NOx emissions. —NavienWater system filter
ORIVAL Inc. was approached by a manufacturer that had a 150-ton magnetic chiller on the evaporator loop of its cooling system. The filtration system had to handle both organic and inorganic solids and provide continuous flow from the cooling tower with minimal pressure losses and steady flow rates. A fully automatic self-cleaning ORIVAL Model OR-06-PE filter with a 200-micron stainless-steel screen element was selected, and more than seven years later, it is still going strong. —ORIVALAir-intake filter screens
PreVent air-intake filter screen are designed to catch debris such as cottonwood before they foul a cooling system. The screens protect the outside-air intakes on condenser coils, air-handling units, cooling towers, and building louvers. Easy to install and clean, PreVent filter screens reduce system downtime, maintenance, and man-hour cleaning while optimizing system efficiency and airflow. —PermatronWind-driven-rain louver
The ECD-545 5-in. horizontal blade, wind-driven-rain louver has a Class A AMCA CRP rating at a core velocity of 886 fpm for the 29-mph, 3-in.-per-hour simulated AMCA wind-driven-rain test. It has a Class B rating at a core velocity of 984 fpm for the 50-mph, 8-in.-per-hour test. The ECD-545 provides this protection with only 0.15-in. wc of water-pressure loss at a free-area velocity of 980 fpm. —PottorffElectronic damper actuators
Think summer couldn’t get any hotter? Cool off with Siemens OpenAir electronic damper actuators. They feature more torque, less energy consumption, and long-lasting reliability. Siemens damper actuators are packed with powerful features to provide greater savings, comfort, and control. Featuring torques of 20 to 310 lb-in., patented self-centering shaft adapters, and brushless-motor technology, the complete line performs in all types of HVAC control applications. —SiemensGermicidal UV Emitters
Installed in new or existing HVAC systems, double-ended UVC emitters keep coils and drain pans clean for a healthier, more profitable building. Using the power of germicidal UVC energy to virtually eliminate microorganisms, Steril-Aire UVC emitters offer a rapid ROI by reducing energy consumption and chemical and maintenance costs, improving indoor-air quality, and extending HVAC-equipment life. —Steril-AireVFD savings predictor
The $avings Predictor App estimates energy savings when variable-frequency drives are used instead of conventional volume-control methods. It calculates energy savings and carbon emissions for single or multiple systems. Detailed estimation results can be e-mailed directly from the application. —Yaskawa