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Product Spotlight, July 2013: Fire and Smoke Control

June 27, 2013
The latest fire and smoke control products for HVAC system engineers.

Three-position actuator

The FSAF24-BAL is a three-position, 24-v actuator that allows a combination fire/smoke or smoke damper to function as a balancing damper. The FSAF24-BAL actuator balances airflow in ducts when paired with a combination fire/smoke or smoke damper, eliminating the need for a separate balancing damper and reducing installation costs. It uses 41 percent less energy to operate than a standard modulating actuator. The FSAF24-BAL actuator is offered on Greenheck FSD series combination fire/smoke dampers and SMD series smoke dampers. —Greenheck

Fire-alarm control panels

Hochiki America Corp.’s fire-alarm control panels include the FireNET analog addressable control panel for large systems. FireNet works with smoke and heat sensors and a wide variety of system modules. It integrates with Hockhiki’s VoiceNet voice evacuation system, which includes integrated fire phone, area-of-rescue monitoring, fan-and-damper-control capability, built-in alarm and alert signals, and message repeater. —Hochiki America Corp.

Concealment systems

Soffi-Steel and Interlock concealment systems conceal fire-sprinkler systems, piping, plumbing, HVAC ductwork, and cable. The systems are Factory Mutual-approved for the protection of BlazeMaster fire-sprinkler pipe and exceed the UL Listing protection requirements of lay-in panels or tile. Applications include commercial buildings, universities, high-rise apartments, and prisons. —JG Innovations Inc.

Fire-sprinkler systems

BlazeMaster fire-sprinkler systems are designed for demanding high-rise or commercial applications. Made from Lubrizol Corp.’s chlorinated-polyvinyl-chloride compounds, BlazeMaster systems are helping keep people safe all over the world. BlazeMaster systems are backed by Lubrizol’s R&D, technical expertise, global capabilities, and customer network of industry-leading manufacturers. —Lubrizol Corp.

Watertight duct smoke detectors

NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex watertight duct smoke detectors are built to operate in the most challenging conditions without the need for bulky or costly enclosures. These detectors can operate with airflow speeds of 100 to 4,000 fpm, temperatures from -4°F to 158°F, and humidity ranges from 0 to 95 percent (non-condensing). Their watertight, UV-resistant housing provides protection against falling dirt, rain, windblown dust, splashing and hose-directed water. —System Sensor