Schneider Electric Unveils Hospital-Assessment Program

July 23, 2013
HealthBuildings Risk Assessment helps hospital stakeholders to increase efficiency and extend the life of infrastructure.

Energy-management specialist Schneider Electric recently introduced HealthBuildings Risk Assessment, a comprehensive program designed to help hospital stakeholders to understand and prioritize facility-associated risks so they can increase efficiency and extend the life of infrastructure.

A HealthBuildings assessment involves a team of professional engineers and experts looking at all of a facility’s critical infrastructure; providing a detailed, documented roadmap of risks; and suggesting ways to mitigate issues and associated costs.

Schneider Electric offers several programs that leverage assessment findings: HealthPower Infrastructure, HealthIT Infrastructure, HealthMechanical Infrastructure, and HealthSecurity Infrastructure.

Once an assessment is completed, a plan to address deficiencies and comply with codes and standards is put into action. Lastly, a system engineer reviews maintenance results and findings, analyzes operational issues, reviews the implemented programs, and recommends improvements.

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