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New Products: August 2013

Aug. 2, 2013
Products of interest to heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning engineers.
Tankless water heater
The high-performance Therm C 1210 ESC tankless water heater achieves up to 98 percent thermal efficiency. Systems can be cascaded using up to 24 units to satisfy requirements of up to 240 gpm. The unit’s condensing heat exchanger captures heat from exhaust flue gases and uses the latent heat to preheat incoming cold water, increasing efficiency by up to 10 percent over non-condensing models. Options include direct, vertical or horizontal, and polypropylene common venting of up to four units. Natural-gas and LP models are available.  —BoschPool heater
The Mighty Therm2 pool heater is designed for the replacement market. It is available in seven sizes from 500 to 2000 MBH. The heater features a built-in automatic mixing system that allows it to handle return-water temperatures as low as 60°F without internal condensation. The Mighty Therm2 achieves 87 percent thermal efficiency and ultralow (10 ppm) NOx emissions. It is available in natural-gas or LP models, with gas and water supply on the right or left side and flexible Cat I or III venting. —Laars

Expanded rooftop line
The WeatherExpert Series of commercial rooftop units has been expanded and now includes models with capacities ranging from 6 to 23 tons. The line features integrated-energy-efficiency-ratio ratings of up to 21.0. The 6- to 23-ton units are available with three stages of capacity control utilizing scroll compressors and electronically commutated outdoor-fan motors. Additionally, the indoor-fan motor is controlled by Carrier’s staged-air-volume system, which precisely matches fan operation to the staging compressors. These units are available in gas/electric, electric/electric, and cooling only models.  —Carrier

Lead-free balancing valves
The CimCLIMA product line has been expanded to include lead-free balancing valves. The valves feature a compact, corrosion-resistant brass body. The lead-free design is based on NSF/ANSI 61-2008 Annex G in compliance with Section 116875 of the California Health and Safety Code. The valves can be configured in basic kits for simple manual on-off isolation, balanced kits for use with HVAC systems, or automated kits for applications where balancing and interfacing with a building-management system is desired. —Cimberio ValvesDesiccant dehumidification
DryCool products are designed to meet dehumidification requirements for an entire building, providing 100 percent makeup air at space-neutral temperature and below space humidity. The core of DryCool’s technology is a condenser-reactivated desiccant wheel. The evaporator coil provides cooling prior to the desiccant process, and energy-recovery devices such as heat-recovery wheels and heat pipes can be incorporated to optimize performance. Unit capacities range from 200 to 16,000 cfm. —Munters